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Security Electronics & Networks is a monthly magazine comprising product reviews and case studies of video surveillance systems and cameras, intrusion systems and sensors, access controllers and readers, monitoring solutions, electronic locking systems, and identification technologies, with an accent on networked and cloud solutions.


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    February 2016 Issue 373


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    In moving from SD to HD production, the impact on capacity and performance of contribution and production networks is significant. Increasing the amount of native HD content for FOX SPORTS subscribers meant the existing FOX SPORTS delivery and contribution solutions needed a major review and critical assessment. For program contribution, FOX SPORTS typically used a combination of one-way-satellite and telco digital video network (DVN) services. However, these solutions are generally bandwidth restricted, requiring heavy video compression and encoding, which can severely impact the overall broadcast quality delivered to subscribers.

    FOX SPORTS desire was to secure high-capacity services in key sporting locations, removing costly satellite capacity and eliminating the need for heavy video compression. In addition, FOX SPORTS also wished to deploy a converged video, data and communications solution to enable full two-way communications between the various venues and the TV station. The net result would be a huge increase in its HD capability and quality, while streamlining back-end HD broadcasting production processes. To achieve this, FOX SPORTS decided to deploy its own private network infrastructure over fiber carrier services and upgrade its existing network environment. This solution enables FOX SPORTS to transmit multiple streams of HD and SD video, and voice and data content from multiple locations over a single, homogenous network. It is a huge amount of data with a requirement for very high levels of quality of service (QoS) and reliability. To build its new virtual private network, FOX SPORTS required a new Ethernet switching and routing layer on the existing fiber network.


    The FOX SPORTS solution comprised two elementsportable outside broadcast (OB) equipment and a fixed-service router deployment. FOX SPORTS deployed two Juniper EX4200 Ethernet switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration to each of its 12 OB units. The OB units travel with the main broadcast production vehicles, allowing interconnection of the venue media and data services to the FOX SPORTS TV center.

    The OB units remain parked in the sports venue for the duration of the match with the Juniper EX4200 switches connecting to the FOX SPORTS network using especially rugged optical interface cable and connectors. FOX SPORTS deployed two MX240 routers in its Sydney TV center as well as the Juniper Networks Network and Security Manager solution. According to Tomkins, the EX4200 switches were the ideal solution for FOX SPORTS, offering the high availability and carrier-class reliability of modular systems with the economics and flexibility of stackable platforms.

    Unlike most deployments, our switches are installed in cases that move around the country, so we needed a solution thats very reliablebomb proof, said Tomkins. When youre in the business of live broadcasting, the availability of your network and the reliability of your network infrastructure is critical.

    The EX4200 is robust and very fault-tolerant hardware, Tomkins continued. It offers a redundant power supply to ensure we remain operational even during a power outage. Its scalability was also a draw card. It comes with 24 ports, so it can support our future requirements as we grow.

    Juniper Networks and FOX Sports.FOX SPORTS is Australias leading sports producer and broadcaster, broadcasting an average of 23 hours of LIVE sport per day into 2.3 million homes around Australia with over seven million potential viewers through FOXTEL, AUSTAR and OPTUS TV.

    FOX SPORTS also provides the FOX SPORTS NEWS channel via IPTV through FetchTV, produces a dedicated FOX SPORTS NEWS TV mobile phone channel and provides mobile content to all three major Australian telcos.

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    ECHNOLOGICAL development of security electronics and networks

    has become tectonic, with everything in a state of motion. Its a paradigm that demands more from everyone more development, more education, more technical training, more standards. And behind it were seeing more investment in infrastructure, facilitating expansion of the capabilities of solutions - demanding a living and breathing comprehension of multiple layers of networking.Everywhere in the market theres

    change. You see it in management software, in control panels, in devices whether cameras or intrusion alarm sensors, or access control readers and expanders. And much of this change swirls around the governing imperative of networkability. From a business and an operational

    perspective, there are some challenges ahead and the commoditisation of surveillance cameras is just one area to watch. Just as CCTV manufacturers have developed the capacity to give users brilliant video solutions, price has become the overriding factor in decision making. If theres a benefit to the price pinch in the surveillance market, its the likelihood manufacturers will be pushed to deliver higher resolutions with comparable bit rates and low light performance to current 1080p cameras. The optical solution to more resolution and better low light performance is not rocket science it demands larger BSI sensors and

    More Anything? More everything!

    s e c u r i t y e l e c t r o n i c s & n e t w o r k s f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 6 i s s u e 3 7 3


    Just as CCTV manufacturers have developed the capacity to give users brilliant video solutions,

    price has become the overriding factor in decision making.

    appropriately well-designed lenses. In CCTV, compression is another area of interest Vivotek has just announced full H.265 integration with Genetec and we should see additional developments there.Access control has been largely

    insulated from the commodisation weve seen in CCTV. Incumbent manufacturers have worked hard on development and backwards-compatibility with their existing installed bases, while services like cloud-based access control have been slow to take off. Something to consider is the likelihood huge IT infrastructure providers might start looking at access control as an entry to IP-based global automation solutions. Another possibility is the filtering down of controller functionality to devices. Instinct suggests, however, that the nature of access control is not going to be overturned any time soon. When it comes to intrusion

    detection systems, its impossible to ignore the tilt towards wireless in residential and small business applications. Some of this shift is good, some less so. Many home automation systems from outside the industry are decidedly weak in terms of detector technology but these devices drag down overall quality and R&D as prices fall. For larger applications, the best intrusion detection technology is probably thermal cameras and while prices are falling in this area, market penetration remains relatively shallow. Battery powered wireless CCTV cameras for video verification in domestic applications will continue to grow though quality really needs some work.A challenge to be faced is the

    diffusion of comms technologies and standards in security and home automation. Its an area that needs addressing before more widespread penetration of smart home technology can take place. One of the worries about generic comms tech is that it opens up the market. One of the worries about proprietary comms tech is that it creates an opportunity for one dominant proprietary technology to become a de facto standard and crack the market wide open something like Z-Wave. Remote management of

    electronic security solutions is something else were going to see expanding at all levels of the market residential, small commercial and at the enterprise level. Users are comfortable with remote access now and they expect it. But a fundamental that needs work from suppliers in this area is latency, which can make real time operation of systems using mobile devices more laborious than just using an old school keypad or wireless remote. An expansion of remote access will come hand in hand with the need for paying attention to the security levels of mobile devices and data networks that means more talking with IT people and a willingness to stay on top of threats and solutions. One thing that is certain about 2016

    the elevated threat profile faced by many commercial and government organisations, the need for sales and useful RMR, the demand for solutions that offer superior operational performance all these imperatives make staying on top of fast-changing technology more compelling than its ever been. n

    By John Adams


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