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Long Forestry Consultants, LLC

Long Forestry Consultants, LLCTimber, Wildlife, and Land Management

Forest Management From Seedling to Sale

Professional Management Pays! Good management is the key to achieving the long-term goals of any forest landowner. Professional resource managers can help landowners increase timber production and profits by providing up to date inventories and growth projections, information on current market conditions and trends, and the use of current technologies applied to a viable management plan tailored to meet the goals of the landowner.

Pine plantations have the highest productivity rates of all forest types in the southeastern US. Intensive management results in growth rates and income potentials unmatched in natural stands.

Marked for THIRD thinning in March 2012 note: POLES marked in front right Leave trees: nelson blue

TIMBER SALES Selling timber is an opportunity which occurs only two or three times in the life of a stand of timber. The timing, method of harvest, and method of sale can have a tremendous impact on the price a landowner is offered. Professional Forestry Consultants can provide all the services required to maximize profits from your timber sales

Professional foresters provide inventory cruises, market data, and appraisals for sales, as well as all pre-harvest activities such as marking sales boundaries and Streamside Management Zones, and planning road construction and access.

We perform regular inspections of all harvest operations to insure our clients interests are protected. We have the experience and expertise to help you make the most of your timber resources.

Things To Be Considered When Selling Timber

1 Ownership: Individual, Partnerships, Estate, Corporate 2 Property Lines and Sales Boundaries:Plats, Maps, Surveys, Deeds 3 Sales Type: Lump Sum or Per UnitAdvances and Accounting 4 Markets: Highs, Lows, and Averages 5 Professional Assistance : Worth the price

OwnershipWhat type of ownership?Do you have the right to sell?Who has legal title or control of timber?Liens? Does someone owe money against the timber?Is the Title clear?

Property Lines and Sales Boundaries


Descriptive Deeds

Monuments: Pins, Pipes, Posts, Concrete markers

Maps: Satellite Photos, Tax Maps

Do you know your property lines?

How much of the tract is to be sold? All or Part?

Satellite Photographs

Topographic Maps

InventoriesTimber Cruise

Statistical SamplingRecording Timber DataDiameter at Breast Height DBHHeights: Total or MerchantableProduct Class: Pulp, CNS, Sawtimber, PolesPlot vs. Prism% Inventory Degrees of Accuracy

Sales TypesLump Sum

Timber sold as a whole: potential buyers bid for timberRequires inventory cruise: know what youre sellingCash paid at closingContract length fixed: 1-2 yearsMarket risk BuyersLocal taxes paid at closing

Per Unit

Timber sold by weight (tons) as it is carried to mills by the loadCash paid 1-2 weeks after timber removedNeed to understand product types and millsPaid for what is cut, and how it is sortedMarket risk shared by SellerTaxes billed afterwardDo you need Advances?

MarketsWhen is a good time to sell my Timber?Highs, Lows, AveragesWhere are we now?Historical DataWhat affects markets? Demand, weather, fuel, distance to millsWho are potential buyers?

Professional AssistancePublic ResourcesGeorgia Forestry Commission

Assistance limited to providing printed information regarding BMP compliance and timber buyers list .Private ResourcesForestry Consultants

Provide completed range of services including: appraisals, inventories, marking sales boundaries and property lines, BMP compliance, marketing and sales, contract development, and over sight of harvest operations to ensure contractual obligations are being met

AdvantagesRegistered and Licensed In field dailyIn markets dailyUnderstand local market conditionsMultiple outletsYour eyes and ears on the ground

Continued support after harvest: reforestation

Comparisons of Sales BidsTelfair County, Ga. Jan.2013 46 acresHigh Bid $ 104,581 $ 98,400 $ 92,871 $ 88,900Low Bid $ 88,109

Range $ 16,472 % 15.75

Dodge County, Ga. 2014 50 acresHigh Bid $ 42,430 $ 39,100 $ 36,941 $ 34,125Low Bid $ 32,323

Range $ 10,107 % 23.82

Bleckley County, Ga. 2013 35 acresHigh Bid $ 36,799 $ 29,552 $ 27,036Low Bid $ 24,092

Range $ 12,707 % 34.53Lee County, Ga. 2013 65 acresHigh Bid $ 57,500 $ 56,300 $ 55,495 $ 53,100Low Bid $ 51,700

Range $ 5,800 % 10.08

Things affecting Stumpage Prices

Market conditions the general economyProduct volume and qualityLocal or regional weatherDistance to millsAccess to and within tractKnowledge of the business

Consultant FeesSales CommissionsPercentage of saleVary by size and type of saleRange from 3% - 15%+Generally, larger sale the lower the commissionAverage 5-7%Includes inventory cruise, appraisal, boundary and SMZ groundwork, contract development, and harvest oversightTimber Inventories & MarkingInventories tell you what you haveAre forms of statistical samplingRequire measuring timberMarking is the painting of trees selected for harvest or to be leftFees by acre/plot or day