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Selling Your School. Using Media to Inform and Persuade. School Web Site Announcements. Utilize the Announcements page of your school web site to inform parents of upcoming events and to showcase the great learning taking place in your building. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • SELLING YOUR SCHOOLUsing Media to Inform and Persuade

  • SCHOOL WEB SITE ANNOUNCEMENTSUtilize the Announcements page of your school web site to inform parents of upcoming events and to showcase the great learning taking place in your building.Keep the calendar updated so parents always know when special events are on the horizon.Include photos and videos that visually show the learning.Take a look at your school web site analytics.


    SchoolVisits this weekVisits this monthFt. Loudoun2,65711,243Greenback3,55117,329Highland Park1,3876,770Loudon Elem.1,6665,389Loudon High5,05938,130North Middle22,21298,491Philadelphia3,63816,339Steekee9073,526Eaton11,56745,667LCBOE28,548108,856

  • TEACHER WEB SITESMake sure ALL the teachers in your building keep their class web sites current and include important information for parents includingAssignmentsVocabulary and Spelling ListsArchive of Notes HomeLesson PlansLinks to helpful web sitesLinks to tutorial web sites

  • PRINCIPAL PAGEMuch like Eric Sheninger of New Millford High School, publish a monthly newsletter online with all your accomplishments

    Utilize social networking (ie. Twitter, etc.) to keep parents informed. You can create a controlled account for your school that will carry your message.

  • BE VISIBLETake every opportunity to be the visible person in your building. This includes sidewalks in mornings and afternoons, bus halls, hallways, athletic events (hang in the lobby near the concession stand). Show parents that you are accessible and available to listen to them and get to know them.Quick turnaround on email and voicemail to parents. Even if you do not have an answer, reply and tell them you are working on it.

  • HOST PARENT EVENTSMorning coffee time to chatEvening information sessions on relevant topicsLunch opportunitiesShowcase student accomplishments/talentsEducational Classes for parentsMovie NightsGuest Speakers of interest to parents

  • UTILIZE LOCAL MEDIAPut the News-Herald on your email list and regularly send them news and photos from your schoolGet to know the reporters and establish a relationship of trustSubmit information to run on TV3 channelAssign a staff member to write news stories about learning projects to submit to the paper.

  • UTILIZE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONSVolunteer to speak at local club meetingsBecome involved in civic organizations and spread the word about your schoolInvite them to participate in your schoolPartner on a project

  • GET THEE TO CHURCHPartner with churches forBackpack feeding programsClothes ClosetsHoliday AssistanceTutoringMentoringFacilities

  • WRITE!

    NewslettersSummer Letter Home to parents ( ( asking for help (Clayton example)Teacher letters to studentsLetters to local businesses

  • PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONSJoin professional organizations and become active in networking and learning from colleaguesTrade out expertiseFind innovative strategies for family engagement

  • OTHER IDEAS?What are some successful events/ideas from your schools?