section a how to make a good impression what’s your first impression on your english...

Download Section A How to Make a Good Impression What’s your first impression on your English teacher/classmates? I am impressed by... Her/his... impresses me

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  • Section AHow to Make a Good Impression

  • Whats your first impression on your English teacher/classmates?I am impressed by...Her/his... impresses me greatly.

  • People judge other people within__________________ of meeting them. You can have a positive effect on other people through ____________________________ in unspoken communication. What you say needs to ______ what you do. When you enter a room full of people, you can ______________________. You have the power to have a good effect on others because you are the only one who can be you. The key is to be your best by being relaxed and ___________________________________.the first 7 secondsusing your eyes, face, and bodymatchlook at them and smile of yourselfWarm-up Listeningthinking of others instead

  • Text analysisPart I (Para 1-2.) Research shows that we make up our minds about people through unspoken communication within seven seconds of meeting them.

  • 1) research (evidence/facts) show(s) (proves/suggests/indicates) that... (L1)

    TranslationKeyA large body of facts show that most top students have good study habits.

  • 2) consciously (L2) conscious adj. : aware, realizing sth. self-conscious adj. : shy or nervous unconscious adj. : unaware consciousness n. :,

    TranslationKeyHe was badly hurt, but he remained conscious.

  • 3) range from... to... (L4) reach from (one limit) to (another)

    TranslationDVDKeyThe prices of DVD players range from500 or600 to more than 1,000.

  • Part II (para.3-14): Four suggestions on making a good impression on others: You are the message. (Para.3) Be yourself. (Para. 6) Use your eyes. (Para.10) Lighten up. (Para. 12)

  • 1. You are the message. (Para.3)How to understand?

    Reference Words:to have a positive effect, unspoken languages, eye contacts, facial expressions, body movements, gestureby doing so, to communicate with, to be sincere

  • I think I can have a positive effect on other people by using unspoken languages, such as eye contacts, facial expressions and body movements. When I talk with others, I always look at them through the eye instead of looking at the ceiling or somewhere else. By doing so, they can tell that I am communicating with them and that I am sincere. Sometimes, a nod, a smile, or a gesture (e.g. thumb up, which means praise) can also make other people feel comfortable.

  • 1) You were committed to what you were talking about and so absorbed in the moment, you lost all self-consciousness. (L19)Because you paid so much attention to what you were talking about, you almost forget everything outside and you didn't feel shy any more.that

  • Rewrite sentences with so/such... that... Because he is an honest businessman, people like to buy things in his shop. His presentation was very interesting and everyone listened carefully. He is such an honest businessman (that) people like to buy things in his shop. His presentation was so interesting (that) everyone listened carefully.

  • 10. to be committed to (L. 20) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. committed all his life to the civil rights movement in the US.

  • 2) be absorbed in (L21) give all ones attention toTranslationKeyThe professor was so absorbed in her work that she didnt hear her visitor enter the room.

  • 2. Be yourself. (Para. 6)Too much is as bad as too little.We should show our good qualitiesin a natural way.

  • 1) The trick is to be consistently you, at your best. (L26)the best wayalways be yourself and have your same good qualities all the timedo as well as you can

  • Your understanding

    Reference Words:in ones opinion, the key to being the best person, in perspective,strong and weak points, to grow more and more into a fullness of ones own, to create a peaceful climate, mutual learning, cooperate with

  • keyIn my opinion, the key to being the best person is try to be oneself. In order to do that, I tend to see myself in perspective. In other words, I am so clear about my strong and weak points as to grow more and more into a fullness of my own. At the same time, I try to think as much of others as of myself. Only in this way can I have much chance to create a peaceful climate of campus living around me; only in this climate can I stand better chances of learning from others; and only through such a mutual learning will I enjoy more love and support from the people I cooperate with in society.

  • 3. Use your eyes. (Para.10)

    If you lose proper eye contact, you are at risk of losing the happiness of your whole life.

  • 1) Whether... or..., always remember to do sth. , , (L36)

    TranslationKeyWhether things go right or wrong, always remember to keep cool.

  • 4. Lighten up. (Para. 12)

    To make others comfortable, you have to appear comfortable yourself.

  • Part III (para. 15) We all have within ourselves the power to make a good impression. Just be ourselves and well make it.

  • Scientific research _____ that within the first seven seconds of meeting others we can make __ our minds about them through a chain of ________; because ___________ or unconsciously, we show our ____ feelings with our eyes, faces, bodies and _________. If we want to leave a good impression on others and get their ___________ , we should make full ____ of our good qualities, such as physical __________, energy, rate of speech, pitch and tone of voice and ________. We should be ____________ ourselves, at our best whenshowsupreactionsconsciouslytrueattitudescooperationuseappearancegesturesconsistently

  • communicating with others. _____ others believe what they see ____ what they hear, we must use our eyes to look directly at them and _____ to convey the ___________ that we are sincere and _______. Sometimes, ______ can work for us in a _________ situation. All we have to do is to _______ up and be our true selves. Once we have done the above, we already have within us the _____ to lead ourselves to _______ in social life.smileinformationrelaxedhumorstressinglightenpowersuccessSinceover

  • True or False?Follow all the advice in how-to books.Change according to different situations.Match tones of voice and gestures with words.Its true to the audience that Seeing is believing. Keep eye contact while talking to others.Take yourself too seriously.Often say I.


    Matchingto make/give a presentationwith ones whole beinga staff meetingentertainment industryan uncomfortable sceneto address a cluba job interviewto roar with laughter,

  • Assignments1. Finish post-reading exercises of section A.2. Listening online- WeatherDeadline: 9:00 pm, Wednesday