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A few of the projects I worked on while employed by Classmates from 2001-2005.


  • 1. Jodene Eikenberry Information Architect/UX Designer Microsoft Ideo Hornall Anderson Design Works Vulcan Classmates Online HomeGrocer
  • 2. Designing a content policing/reporting process for a social networking website Project Goals: Create a mechanism to monitor site content utilizing members as reporters Build a simple process to track reported content Programatically hide reported content from site community (after specific criteria is reached) Design notification, editing and appeal process for members with reported content
  • 3. Community Policing Tool: Flow Chart of reporting process
  • 4. Community Policing Tool: Link Placement Managing Business Owner Feature Request Business Owner (a legal team member) requested that each UG content item (photo, bios and announcements) have a report link appended to it My recommendation was a single link at the top of the page UX concern driving my recommendation was maintaining the primary purpose of the page (viewing a profile, reconnecting). Adding a slew of report links would clutter the page and create an unfavorable experience that content was there to be reported on.
  • 5. Community Policing Tool: Report Page Design Strategy Single page aggregates all user- generated content items User initiated reporting task is thus met by a page designed specifically for this purpose Page provides user with a one stop shop for reporting multiple content types from one screen (if necessary) Reporters may report an item only once, so page provides feedback regarding items previously reported
  • 6. Community Policing Tool: Final Page of reporting process
  • 7. Community Policing Tool: Reported Users Action page Tagged Content Items Users profile clearly shows that specific items have been hidden from the community User can choose to remove or replace the reported content item, or click the learn more button to file an appeal with member care.
  • 8. Community Policing Tool: Reported Users Appeal Form
  • 9. Redesigning the Classmates Profile page: Improving a core site page while working with some challenging UX business drivers Profile page, a primary page for gathering and displaying UGC had not been updated in several years. New profile page would act as a teaser to gather more UGC as well as drive paid subscriptions. Unpaid members would be forced to build their own profile before viewing a limited version of another members content. Only subscribers would be able to view a full profile
  • 10. My Profile Page Redesign: Profile Page Business Drivers Business Drivers = UX concerns the profile page would act as a teaser to both generate more UGC and drive paid subscriptions. non-subscribing members would be forced to build their own profile before viewing a limited version of another members content this pages purpose was to communicate to the user why they were beginning a process they didnt know theyd initiated I was unable to persuade the product manager to add a back button or link
  • 11. My Profile Page Redesign: More UX concerns Profile building process Q&A divided into 4 pages, to maintain maximum white space and prevent excessive scrolling Headers defined each pages Q&A focus Choose not to include a process timeline, believing that users might be scared off if they knew there were 5 pages in the process
  • 12. My Profile Page Redesign: Paid and unpaid final views design incorporated extensive conditionality around member status and user-generated content; page layout conditionally shrinks or expands depending on content types
  • 13. My Profile Page Redesign: Phase 2 Redesign Design Drivers this design needed to incorporate new categories of profile information the tab system was used to allow the user access to all profile categories above the fold page designed to keep the first line of bio content above the fold page again designed to incorporate layers of conditionality depending on profiles content types Page contributed to a 188% increase in user-generated content and $772,412 in additional revenue in the first 60 da