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  • The new IBM Services Delivery Centre, Nova Scotia opened its doors in Bedford in 2012. Since then, theyve been busy attracting new employees and building their business in the region.

    But it wasnt always a done deal, shares Calvin Gosse, Senior Location Executive at IBM Canada. We were looking at other jurisdictions in Canada, as well as some locations in the US, recalls Calvin. But the decision-making team was impressed with the business environment here. The openness of the business community and the level of comfort we felt here told us that this would be an environment we could be successful in.

    Halifax is simply a great place to establish a business, says Calvin. I think if youre from here you sometimes forget that its an incredibly attractive place to be. The quality of life in our province is appealing. Halifax is a university town and it has major sporting events and concerts. Its culturally rich and multicultural. Building a business here makes sense.

    Halifax is simply a great place to establish a business. Building a business here makes sense.

    And its not just the organization that will see success. Nova Scotias flourishing ICT sector will see positive impacts of IBMs expansion in this market. What Im particularly excited about, and what really tipped the scales in Halifaxs favour, are the partnerships were building with universities and programs, says Calvin. IBM worked diligently with local agencies and organizations to build connections with Nova Scotias diverse post-secondary education institutions when they began the process to move the centre to Halifax.

    Our work with the academic world will be incredibly important as we continue to develop here, particularly in the area of analytics, says Calvin, Weve been working with programs to develop curriculum and prepare for future needs, and its been amazing to see the cooperation, willingness and interest on behalf of the universities and other institutions to build the skills of Nova Scotias students.

    Halifax just gets it, says Calvin. The city has the right elements in place to attract new businesses, and is continuing to build the necessary skills and resources. And IBM is impressed with whats being accomplished here. Im very excited about the strategic direction IBM is taking and over time well be able to show our innovation in areas that people dont necessarily associate us with today, he says.

    In Nova Scotia, IBM continues to grow its global presence, and from Calvins perspective the business community and economic climate in lends confidence to anyone considering the East Coast.

    Business Environment Impresses IBM

    Since opening the new IBM Services Delivery Centre in Bedford in 2012, IBM continues to grow its global presence.

    Looking to locate or expand your business?The Greater Halifax Partnership is the lead economic development organization for Halifax. We bring together industry, post-secondary and community partners, as well as all three levels of government, to create and nurture the relationships needed for business development. Contact us for help with your site selection process and relocation to Halifax.


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