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Download Science 9 Electricity Static Electric Charge. Static Electric Charge (9-2) Static electric charge- Static electric charge- A charge on a substance that

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  • Science 9ElectricityStatic Electric Charge

  • Static Electric Charge (9-2)

    Static electric charge- A charge on a substance that stays in the same place

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  • Examples of Static ChargeLightning-(9-10)

    Static cling-

  • Examples of Static ChargeStatic shock-

  • Producing Static ElectricityCharge by Friction- (9-3)Electric charge is transferred by rubbing object together

  • Producing Static ElectricityWe know which object will cause which charge when caused by friction using the Electrostatic Series(9-3)(Items above become negatives) Rubber Ebonite Polyethylene cotton silk wool glass acetate fur/hair (Items below become positives)

  • Producing Static ElectricityCharge by conduction (contact)- (9-5)Charge is transferred by touching a charged object to an uncharged object

  • Producing Static ElectricityCharge by induction- (9-8)Neutral object becomes charged when a charged object is brought near it.Induced charge can become more permanent if a ground wire is attached to it.

  • Laws of Electric Charge (9-2)Unlike charges attract one anotherLike charges repel one another

  • Removing Static Electricity (9-7)Discharge (neutralize)-When excess electric charge is removed from an object.Discharge can be quick and explosive (lightning)Discharge can be unnoticed (fabric softener sheet)

  • Removing Static ElectricityGroundingConnecting the object to the earthThe charge is shared with the entire earthDischarge at a pointObjects made into a point have electrons pushed off the end.

  • Detecting Static ChargeElectroscope -a device used to detect the presence of charge.(9-4) usually constructed with a metal plate or sphere at the top of a metal post with thin foil leaves hanging from the bottom of the post

  • Dangers of Static ElectricityCause fires Can wreck electronics (need grounding wire)Can hurt (shock) or cause death (10-9)

  • Uses of Static Electricity (9-8)Electrostatic air cleanersRemoves dust and other particles by the attraction of unlike chargesElectrostatic spray paintingThe paint and the object to be painted are given opposite charges

  • Uses of Static Electricity (9-11)Fabric softener sheetsAllows electric charge to move in between clothes instead of building up.PhotocopiersCell phones and car radios


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