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The photobooth proposal.


<ul><li><p>"Say Cheese"</p><p>byMax Page</p><p>Zales30TVC</p><p>(949) 230-7950 COPYRIGHT 2012</p></li><li><p>EXT. CITY CENTER - DAY</p><p>ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYS OVER:</p><p>A MAN and WOMAN (20s), walk hand in hand. He points at a nearby photo booth.</p><p>MANHey, what do you say?</p><p>They exchange smiles and walk inside.</p><p>INT. PHOTO BOOTH - CONTINUOUS</p><p>Its cramped. They giggle as they try to get comfortable.</p><p>WOMANWhere do you put the money?</p><p>MANOh, here.</p><p>He kneels to put in a few quarters and clicks the Prepare for Picture button. She gets herself ready.</p><p>Meanwhile, he pulls a ring from his pocket and turns to face her.</p><p>She turns--</p><p>CUT TO:</p><p>EXT. PHOTO BOOTH - CONTINUOUS</p><p>A photo strip of four pictures comes out of the machine, each with a progressive expression.</p><p>1. The surprise on her face.</p><p>2. Her tearful smile.</p><p>3. They hug in joy.</p><p>4. Theyre beaming. She holds up her ringed finger.</p><p>Cut to black slate and ZALES logo. Underneath reads THE DIAMOND STORE, beneath that:</p></li></ul>