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<ol><li> 1. Chessney Rice, Jaejin Lee, Jordan Noe SAY CHEESE </li><li> 2. NET REVENUES </li><li> 3. EARNINGS PER SHARE </li><li> 4. RETURN ON EQUITY </li><li> 5. STOCK PRICE </li><li> 6. CREDIT RATING </li><li> 7. IMAGE RATING </li><li> 8. The vision at Say Cheese is to become a global leader by standing by the quality of our cameras. Here at Say Cheese, we provide every customer with a standard three year warranty, the highest in the industry. The plan is to stand by our product in order to have a lasting relationship with every customer. Strategic Vision </li><li> 9. Performance Targets EPS Target for year 15 8.75 EPS Target for year 16 9.00 ROE Target for year 15 100%+ ROE Target for year 16 100%+ Credit Rating Target for 15 is A Credit Rating Target for 16 is A+ </li><li> 10. Performance Targets Image Rating Target for year 15 85 Image Rating Target for year 16 90 Stock Price Target for year 15 145 Stock Price Target for year 16 150 </li><li> 11. Entry Level Strategy In the beginning we chose a low cost strategy with a wide variety of models Later, we focused more on quality cameras with a three year warranty. We hoped the prolonged warranty would be a more attractive option compared to other warranties in the industry. </li><li> 12. Multi Level Strategy Our multi featured strategy in the beginning was best cost strategy. Later, we decided to add features and offer a higher priced, quality camera. We now offer one multi-featured model with high quality but an affordable price. </li><li> 13. Financial Strategy In the early years we issued stock and tried to refrain from taking out loans in order pay for things. This kept us financially stable and at an A+ credit rating throughout most of the game. The last two decisions we decided to buy back as much of our company as we could by repurchasing stocks. This led to a very high return on equity. </li><li> 14. Competition We feel the biggest competition were groups F, C, and E for both entry level and multi-featured cameras. </li><li> 15. Areas to improve Increase incentives for each camera to reduce the amount of warranties claimed. Increase the amount spent on tech support. Increase the amount spent on advertising. Introduce another multi-featured model. </li><li> 16. Lessons Learned Offering a three year warranty on an entry level camera is costly.. Be more charitable. Competitors make decisions in the same room as youeavesdrop. </li><li> 17. Questions??? </li></ol>