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Zales Jewelersrebranding package

S. Dionne Brown


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shine exclusively


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ResearchResearch PaperSWOT Analysis 18Target Audience 20Brand Attributes 22

ProcessMood Boards 26Print Media 28Website 30Motion Graphics 32Logo Development 34

Style GuideFont Usage 39Color Palette 41Photography 40Logo Standards 42Logo Usage 44Website 46Packaging 50

Final DesignsPrint Ads 56

Closing 60

Table of Contents

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Zales Jewelers, like many organizations has a visual personality that exemplifies the its values and mission.

This visual guideline will assist you in producing efficient and effective communication materials that is consistent throughout this brand.

These details will provide elements that should be used collectively, which should inspire you in developing our brand and establish useful parameters without restricting creativity.

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“Shine Exclusively.” Our purpose is to make ev-ery customer feel uniquely glamorous. Our qual-ity and well design jewelry at unbelievable prices

is now captured our visual branding.

Elegance. Glamour. Tradition. Shine. The core of what Zales is about, is represented in these four descriptions. We find it necessary for our cus-tomers to experience the richness of our brand

and the superb quality of our jewelry.

The essence of our identity has been enriched and redefined in our rebravnding efforts. Here the focus is on giving every customer the op-

portunity to feel the spirit of love, spirit of shine, and spirit of Zales. This defines brand’s morals by promising consistency and credibility for all

our key customers and stakeholders and be-ing the foundation for all communication and

activities around the brand.

Zales Brand

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make me

Zales Brand

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inherit the


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Research Paper ABSTRACT“I love you,” this short and simple phrase is currently important to the branding of Zales Jewelry. Zales has been helping couples say “I love you” since 1924 with the vision to “provide customers with quality jewelry at the lowest possible price” ( Although Zales Corp. is a major, hard-hitting brand with a foundational history; many major players are also in the same industry. Kay Jewelers, Jared’s (The Galleria of Jewelry), Wal-Mart, and of course any town’s local jewelry store are in the same competitive market. Although, there are many competitors Zales has been able to stay afloat by cutting cost and appealing many high-end jewelry buyers. Jewelry is in high demand for someone seeking to by an engagement ring for his or her significant other, a gift, or a personal treasure for oneself. As this jewelry industry is crowded the project has developed a strategic plan to make Zales Jewelry to standout amongst competitors.

What is going to make Zales “pop” or standout from everyone else with similar products, prices, target audi-ence, location and many other similarities?” The design. The design and the presentation in which Zales is presented to its target audience and consumers who plan on purchasing some type of jewelry is what it is going to take for Zales to “pop”. This new design plan will include creating a tagline that will create a reaction in consumers to compel them to purchase Zales. Revamping the black and white packing and make it unique. Revitalizing the bland website, existing logo, print and commercial advertisements will all propel Zales to the highest sales performance, increase its distribution, and expand its target audience.

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IntroductionJewelry, a distinguishable fashion statement to accent any attire, is used to glamorize a personal image, a status symbol, or as a representation of love and affection. Zales is a well-known brand that provides diamonds, gold, rings, earrings and other fine jewelry, to many consumers. With the vision to “provide customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible price,” Zales has been able to maintain its position.

GoalAlthough, Zales has a solid foundation and history, and has remained strong during company economic difficulties, Zales needs to improve in many areas. The goal of this project is maintain company strengths and strengthen its weaknesses by expanding Zales’ target audience, evolving the existing logo, creating a new tagline/campaign slogan, and by completing a website reconstruction. While critiquing weaknesses and threats, then by providing solid design, campaign, new product solutions, and branding strategy, this Zales project will capitalize on the opportunity to make Zales the leading jewelry retailer.

The Foundation & StrengthsWhat makes a company like Zales survive and thrive? It’s foundation. Zales firm foundation of strengths holds the company to valuable standards; even in economic downturns this

company is able to survive and thrive in an unstable economy. Zales keeps in mind the consumer market: what the customers’ needs and wants are. While keeping in mind these needs and wants, one of the strengths can be found in the vision. Zales is committed to “providing customers with quality merchandise at the lowest possible price (Zales History:” This vision is translated into Zales other evident strengths such as: financing/credit, quality jewelry, and reasonable prices. Zales also prides itself on having a strong history in developing various products and other brands. Consumers and competitors notice that Zales has a wide selection of merchandise. With an exclusive jewelry replacement program, Zales is a strong competitor.

Weaknesses Some weakness could ruin a company, but by examining these pitfalls, Zales can be propelled to the level were it’s dominating the jewelry industry. One of the major weaknesses Zales exhibits are its stale marketing and advertising concepts. Television watchers are accustomed to watching commercials with the normal man and wife or fiancés; advertising engagement rings or anniversary gifts. While, magazine readers and web surfers are hit with the usual black and white ad- but where is the finesse? The black, and white cold color scheme is continued to the company’s website. Although, black and white is very attractive, many viewers want to be attracted by other exiting elements.

“Shine Exclusively”

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There are little to no commercial campaigns by Zales, although older Zales television spots were popular; updated commercials have been depleted. Currently, Zales is not able to compete with other strong jewelry store campaigns.

Brand NeedsZales is in obvious need of creating innovative, exciting, and attention grabbing commercials. Even though Zales is known worldwide and is a historic brand, there is a large gap in the Zales brand awareness. Do many people know that Zales offers “quality merchandise at the best possible price ( Are ads showing people all of the financial benefits that the

brand has to offer to purchase jewelry? The answer to all of these questions is, no. The lack of brand awareness is a major pitfall, but as the issue is addressed, the new resolution could propel this company higher.

OpportunitiesThe windows of opportunity are open for Zales. The jewelry industry is extremely competitive and plays a major role in fashion retailing. High-end jewelry is always wanted for anniversary’s, gifts, engagements, or simply just because. But, what does Zales have to offer? In this window of opportunity, Zales has a large chance to take the consumers by storm by enlarging its target market through creative, out-of-the box advertising.

1313 Research

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When the company logo is revamped with a classic, yet fresh touch, Zales will gain a an even larger retail audience. Zales usually stays safe with emotional campaigns, helping couples say “I love you.” To compete with others Zales can offer a more humorous and emotional advertising campaigns. Next, in addition to other customer loyalty programs that are revolving, Zales has the opportunity to create a more progressive customer program. This program has the opportunity to gain and include first time Zales shoppers to benefit from shopping Zales Jewelers.

Key ThreatsOne of the key threats has always been competition. But, particularly, there is the advancement of competitive advertising such as Kay Jeweler’s and Jared. Kay Jewelers has the recognizable catchphrase: “Every kiss begins with K.” Jared- The Galleria of Jewelry has that famous line in commercials: “He went to Jared (” By the use catchy and memorable catchphrases, customers are more apt to think of these places whenever he or she needs to purchase jewelry. Other jewelry store prices are also competitive, causing Zales sales to be threatened by these low pricing strategies.

The PurposeAny strong company has weaknesses and the point of this project is to magnify those strengths, to decrease and eliminate those weaknesses in order for Zales to expand into larger markets and increase sales.

The SolutionThe first order of business is to escalate brand awareness and brand messaging. Many people are familiar with Zales and what type of products and services that Zales offers, yet are not aware that Zales has excellent financing options. The classic Zales print/web and commercial advertising are very predictable, stark, and

one-dimensional, appealing to one target market (the engagement ring buying group).

The PlanPlan one: create a brand message/advertising campaign that will appeal to a mass audience. With previous campaigns, Zales is known for its formality and for helping couples say “I love you” ( This new campaign will evoke an emotional connection, with an informal, light-hearted and more personal brand message. Brand messaging will include a total redo of the tagline/slogan, more creative copy for print ads, and more energetic commercials. Not only will consumers be familiar with the Zales brand, but also he or she will feel an actual connection with the Zales “family” brand.

Another crucial segment in eliminating weaknesses is to examine the company’s design aspects such as: website, logo, packaging, store signs, and prints and determine what element or elements could be added or subtracted to make the website stand out from any other jewelry company. Overhauling the premier advertisements and logo that people introduced to before visiting the website or store is extremely important to capture consumers’ attention.

ReconstructionRevamping the typical jewelry website will change online shopping into an in-store like shopping experience. A site that is not only a “website” but is online “jewelry store,” giving customers a simulation of the real shopping experience. The idea for the “online shopping store” is to be interactive including shopping musing, real people, and to actually look like a Zales’ store. Some of the elements will include a digital jewelry counter. The main point of the website is to be exciting, unique, simple, and chic to make the customer feel as if they had walked into a Zales’ store or kiosk.

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Secondly, the current Zales’ logo is black, clean, and streamline. Although the new logo will have its own identity it will still hold to the integrity of its old logo but add a pop of color. “Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions ( The pop of color will be burgundy, navy blue, or a gold. The new logo will say that we are bright, sophisticated, and modern.

Thirdly, the current Zales’ package is silver. But, what is going to make this little silver packet even more sleek? This project will explore possible signature package

that could compete on the same level as the Tiffany & Co. blue box with the white tie. The project presentation will include various packaging choices for Zales to choose from. Some of the choices will include: sleek black jewelry boxes, shiny black bags, and glossy black engagement ring/gift boxes that included a lock and are opened by a key and boxes engraved with the new logo. The main packaging that will be pushed are the glossy black bags and boxes with lock and key, which could be signature and exclusive to Zales.

15 Research

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Revamping AdvertisingUsually Zales has the expected to have the regular black and white ad but this project wants to evoke a more exciting emotion. The project will take the formal store signs and print ads and transform them into something people want to read and reread; something that has memorable nature. The ad is something that is worth bragging about. Print ads will use bold typeface, action words, punchy lines, and creative wording.

The design of Zales print ads will be totally fashionable which is intended to show consumers how the piece of jewelry will look with their clothing apparel. By showing fashionable jewelry in a trendy light. The total look of the Zales print ad will be fashionable as well as worded creatively.

New Product lineAnother way to propel this company forward is by creating a new product line. A rejuvenated product line will make the brand more competitive in its market. The target market for the new product line is for ladies and males ages fifteen to twenty-three. This age group is also looking for quality jewelry to accessorize everyday school outfits, prom wear, as well as other special occasion attire. The product line will be youthful keeping in with the values of quality, an expensive look, and the use of real materials.

This product line differentiates itself from other company’s jewelry by its youthful style without being cheap, unoriginal, or for short-term wearing purpose. The purpose of the new

product line is to gain an audience that has not found a need or desire in Zale’s product and to meet those needs of the teen to young adult age range. Now Zales will represent the target age group of twenty-three to sixty-five.

Visual Mission StatementLastly, what Zales needs is to create a visible Mission Statement for consumers to see upon viewing the website or entering stores. People want to know what the company can and will do for them, but by providing customers with a tangible Brand mission Statement, Zales will be taken more seriously as company that is committed to providing exceptional customer service, quality jewelry, and an original jewelry buying experience.

ConclusionRevamping a historic and well-known jewelry company like Zales is important to the company’s reputation. Zales is one of the a leading retailers for high-end jewelry committed to providing quality merchandise at the lowest possible price and helping couples say “I love you.” What this project will do is keep all of the philosophies that Zales has and transform them into a design package that is creative which will include: redesigning the logo, website, package, developing a new tagline, and developing a new product line for a younger target audience. Jewelry is a competitive industry with many major and local jewelry stores. The project will make Zales more competitive and more recognizable amongst consumers to standout from competitors in the same field.

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“We have a long history of community and charitable

involvement. Public service was as much a part of our founder’s vision as providing quality merchandise at

an affordable price. It still is.”~ Zales

17 Research

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>Jewelry selection>Strong History

>Replacement programs


>New customer programs>Signature packaging

Threats>Stronger campaigns>Competitive prices

>Competition entering market> Competitive prices


>Website design>Lack of commercials

>Lack of brand awareness

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SWOT Action PlanIn continence of the SWOT analy-sis it has been planned that Zales will continue with its strengths and strengthen its weaknesses. This Campaign Project will include:

new brandingimproved brand awareness,

positioning and visual identity marketing campaign

logo, tagline, website, marketing,

advertising, & promotional materials.

Print ads, TV spots

To increase customer satisfac-tion and increase overall com-pany sales, raise awareness and overall key features & benefits.

swot analysis

19 Research

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The target Audience consist of a broad range of people for different backgrounds, upbringing, social status, and pay-scale. Zales bring a wide array of people together, and target these individuals through different advertising mediums.

DemograhicsEngaged couples

Prom GoersAccessory Lovers

High-end ClientalGift givers

Male & femaleWorking ClassAges 22 & up

Brand PositioningZales is a strong retailer of jewelry and is well known for having a multitude of financing options. Despite economic downturns, Zales has managed to stay afloat and to excel.

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Zales is committed to providing more than just well made merchandise, but is also deeply rooted to providing community service. Zales also focuses on providing education assistance to its employees, treats all equally, giving them every opportunity to excel, and provides assistance to employees during difficult times.

21 Research

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BRAND ATTRIBUTESBrand NeedsTo recreate and introduce a innovate campaign, packaging and website design that will that will revive the creativity of the brand.To develop an out-of-the box slogan/tagline that will grab the atten-tion of a wide audience.

Areas of ImprovementCreating distinctive logo for company website, packaging, and store signs and prints.Developing a catch tagline instead of “The diamond store.”

Growth EffortsCreate a new product line that is made with quality and excellent design for a younger audience.

MissionTo remain the number one provider of fine jewelry for all special oc-casions, for those who enjoy quality and good taste at a great price.

To meet the needs of customers by creating an emotional and memorable connection with our extensive jewelry and gift selection.

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23 Research

“With an exceptional assort-ment of jewelry and gifts, our brands are famous for helping turn important mile-stones and celebrations into priceless, life-long memories.”


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my inner

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Changing the face, expanding the cliental, and revamping the imaging of Zales has been the main goal of the moodboard exploration. You, as the viewer will see how there is a wide array of new and old Zales customers. The mood boards show how Zales is for every customer: blue collar, white collar, married, single, fashionable, young and trendy, or seasoned and classic. The campaign “Shine Exclusive” invites every customer and imagery to evoke a glamours attitude through his or her personal jewelry style.



Page 28: zales project book

preliminary moodboard


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29 Process

This preliminary mood-board, created to repre-sent the revamped Zales brand, shows warmth, the expanded target audience, emotion, and laughter. Here there are elements and people that are un-expectedly placed on the moodboard to convey the expanded message for the new expanded audience. An expanded audience of hardworking men, prissy teenagers, families, and even new born babies.

Page 30: zales project book

secondary moodboard


Page 31: zales project book

This secondary moodboard answers the question who is the nontraditional target audience (glamours, trendy, and jewelry lovers of all ages). It also tells a story of what will campaign images will look like, what emotion images will evoke, and the tone and feel of the overall campaign.

The essence of this moodboard is like city glamour, motivated by love, and exposes certain elements of shine and exclusivity- this is what the new campaign is all about.

31 Process

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customer personas

Julia Long, 26

Julia Long, 26 year old Asian American girl and Magazine writer and successful internet blogger, loves shopping, reading fashion magazines, and cooking. She is a socialite, in constant need of jewelry to make the most impressionable fashion statement.

Julia’s parents are loyal customers of Zales and recommends that she should purchase and build jewelry collection with Zales. Long story short: Julia falls in love with Zales and her Socialite friends fall in love with Julia’s collection of earring, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.


Page 33: zales project book

Jackson Wright, 32

Jackson Wright, 32 old Black male and a fashion stylist, loves music, sports, reading, and working out. Jackson is preparing to propose to his girl friend, Caroline Brown, of two years.

He feels it is time to take that next step in their relationship and propose. As Jackson searches for the right ring he comes across Zales. He knows that Zales would be a great option because of its many styles, pricing, and financing options.

33 Process

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CHARACTERISTIC Each collection of jewelry has its own personal character that distinctively fits the style of the customer.

EXPRESSIVEZales strives to spark an emotional connection with persons, their jewelry, and the people that give it to them.

SOPHISTICATEDZales designs every piece with the customer in mind, to bring in sophistication and richness.


key tenets

Page 35: zales project book

The target Audience consist of a broad range of people for different backgrounds, upbringing, social status, and pay-scale. Zales bring a wide array of people together, and target these individuals through different advertising mediums.

demographics Engaged couplesProm Accessory Lovers High-end ClientalGift giversMale & femaleWorking ClassAges 22 & up

35 Process

Page 36: zales project book


website development

Page 37: zales project book

The process of creating the website began with this simple sight map and wire frame options which was motivated by one goal. The goal was to make this website easy to navigate, efficient and effective, as well as ensuring that every customer would be able to understand the website and find his or her items easily.

37 Process

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motion graphic

Page 39: zales project book

This concept is encompasses the idea of the romantic exclusivity of time. The setting is in a historic downtown surrounded with rustic brick buildings to add warmth and comfort.

He stands anxiously waiting with excitement, taking a glance at the engagement ring only to reminisce on his future fiancée; knowing that “Its time”.

The lady unexpected dresses for a usual out on the town to meet up with her love as she is surprised with a sudden engagement (Time to Shine).

39 Process

the concept

Page 40: zales project book


Page 41: zales project book

“shine exclusively”

jewe er sshine exclusively

41 Process

logo developmentAs the logo exploration and development process began a decision had to be made: go in a brand new direction or keep in the context of the old logo. As you can see, the logos constantly transformed and evolved dramatically with many different forms.

Page 42: zales project book


Page 43: zales project book

43 Process

graphic toolbox

Page 44: zales project book


Page 45: zales project book


Style Guide

Page 46: zales project book


Gabriola Used for body copy for website, ads, and other

printed material. Headlines should be large and easy to read. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Q X Y Z

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q u r s t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Baroque ScriptUsed for Headlines and/or sub-headlines

AB C D E F G H I J K L MN O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q u r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

ChopinScriptUsed for Headlines and/or sub-headlines.

Used primarily in lowercase form.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Q X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q u r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

A Yummy ApologyUsed for Headlines and/or sub-headlines.

Used mostly in lowercase

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Q X Y Za b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q u r s t u v w x y z

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Page 47: zales project book

47 Style Guide

COPY TONEThe copy tone for Zales should be elegant, with

movement, and a unspo-ken loveliness. Overall the

tone should convey the rich elegance of the jewelry and

the message of the cam-paign. The font when used in conjunction with images and photography the campaigns

story will be told with the overall design.

font usage

Page 48: zales project book


COLOR INSPIRATION Warm, inviting, loving, elegant, and rich would all describe the new Zales color palette. We would like consumers to feel comfort and wealth when purchasing Zales and viewing Zales website, stores, and kiosk. The gold tones were inspired descriptors such as shine, glamour and richness. While the tan, brown, nudes, and earth tones were inspired by the warmth of a love.

color inspiration

rich & radiant

warm & inviting

Page 49: zales project book

49 Style Guide

color palette

c=39 m=83 y=92 k=42 c=22 m=57 y=86 k=23 1 c=0 m=52 y=86 k=29 c=0 m=15 y=36 k=9 1 c=0 m=39 y=74 k=22 1

c=25 m=40 y=65 k =0 c=30 m=50y75k10 c=35 m=60 y=80 k=25 c=40 m=65 y=90 k=35 c=40 m=70 y=100 k=50

c=21 m=49 y=100 k=7 c=16 m=38 y=79 k=6 c=0 m19 y=54 k=8 c=0 m=5 y=15 k=4 c=1 m=12 y=50 k=6

c=3 m=45 y=90 k=0 c=3 m=63 y=91 k=o c=11 m=80 y=96 k=2 c=18 m=77 y=87 k=15 c=29 m=71 y=73 k=36

c=2 m=32 y=10 0 k=0 c=3 m=27 y=88 k=0 c=12 m=38 y=99 k=0 Gold 2Gold 1 Gold 3

Page 50: zales project book


Page 51: zales project book

51 Style Guide

Powerful, Exciting, Captivating, & Allur-ing.

All of these adverbs should de-scribe every photo used to attract the view and keep them interested in the visual as well as effectively translate message of the brand. The images are supposed to have an innate attraction to the viewers’ eyes. Photos chosen should focus on the campaign message and tell a story of the target audience.

The campaign message (Shine Exclusively) should be clearly communicated with vibrant, up-beat, thought-provoking photos. Using images that reflect glamour, elegance, and loving lifestyle.

Stylistically, photos need to be rich in color, warm, and high quality. All images should convey the story of all target audience members.Photos will create a consistent look and pull together a cohesive campaign and glamorous jewelry message. Its important to make sure the images are in alignment with the brand message.



Page 52: zales project book


The new logo serves Zales Jewelers exceptionally well. It presents vibrant golds, warm neutral hues and distinct “shine” symbol exude

the brilliance of Zales mission, values, and merchandise.

Page 53: zales project book

53 Style Guide

As the Zales brand was reevaluated, several elements determined that it was the appropriate time to take the look and feel of the company to another level.

Zales strives to provide consumers with their prized collection of jewelry and create lasting impressions for themselves and the people they love. The brand’s strong heritage and quality merchandise has paved the way for a new look and feel for both the logo and the overall essence of the company. Zales seeks the attention from an attractive, vibrant, and glamorous. This brightly colored logo with rich, warm colors capture the brand’s exclusivity rather than the original static logo.

Although the original logo was very clean and timeless, it used a generic color and lifeless typeface. We are refocusing the new logo personify elegance and glamour.

logo standards

shine exclusively

old logo

new logo

Page 54: zales project book


shine exclusively

Don’t Do This

Do not use the logo without Jewelers. Do not alter the shine symbol, enlarge or re-arrange one element, use a different color or font or re-create it in anyway.

Page 55: zales project book

55 Style Guide

shine exclusively

Do ThisHere the logo is used mainly with the signature graphic and the tagline. The logo graphic may be used alone on occasion.

You may enlarge or re-duce the logo as a whole but do not alter the re-lationship between the elements. You may opt to use the logo without the graphic and the tagline.

The full color logo must always appear on a white background unless in-dicated otherwise in the cas of a situration where no white background is available.

logo usage

Logo Placement& SpacingPosition the logo so it is prominent in the space and contextually relevant. Make practical use of white and negative space and be attentive of positioning and scale.

1/2 in

1 in

1/2 in


1 inch when used alone

Page 56: zales project book


Men’s Jewelry PageThis men’s page is well organized with the consumer in mind. Here everything is clearly marked for ease of access, weather someone is shopping for him or he is shopping for himself.

Zales History PageThis page is simple and elegant to shed light on the rich history and heritige of Zales Jewelry. This page is not over design so that attention isn’t drawn for the customer obtaining information.

Page 57: zales project book

57 Style Guide

The web is one of the premier places for consumers to find information on Zales and Zales Product, so the design of the website has been very important.

Here the gold, glamorous, and shine them has been carried out throughout the sight and on this home page.Attention to detail has been placed in the font, color choices, graphics, and other elements,

The website is responsible for giving tone of information in an interesting and efficient manner.

Large photos with color and vibrance capture the custom-ers eye. Viewers automatically gravitate to promotions and the overall organization of the site.


Home Page

zales website

Page 58: zales project book


Page 59: zales project book

59 Style Guide

Women’s Jewelry PageThe Zales women jewelry page is specially laid out to fit the needs of and for the female consumer. On this page we have an en-dorsement by a celebrity ( Jennifer Hudson.

Personal Account PageThe Zales credit and cus-tomer account page is not c and list the information that the customer needs to see and makes logging on simple and quick.

Customer Service PageEvery customer wants to find and report informa-tion in the most efficient, quick, and effective way possible. This Customer service/Contact page di-rects the customer in the exact location where he or she needs to be.

“Its easy to standout under bright stage lights,but what takes me from a 10 to a Million is Zales. I shine because I am Zales. ~Jennifer Hudson


My Account Order Status Credit Store LocatorShopping Bag (0 Items)


shine exclusivelyjewe e rs For Her



Desig� Your Own






Page 60: zales project book


With our new packaging, we have decided to go with a classic, chic and modern approach with a simple black bag with the company logo in a variation of styles. This new packaging approach most represents our new “shine” campaign as the logo is the star of the show as it stands out on our bags and various shapes and sizes of boxes.

Page 61: zales project book

61 Style Guide

brand packaging

Page 62: zales project book


Page 63: zales project book


Final Designs

Page 64: zales project book


Page 65: zales project book


Zales understands how jewelry represents more than just a trendy statement, but it is the visual representation of love, confidence, glamour, and “Shine.” This font personifies the elegance and tradition that Zales Jewelers holds dear to its rich history. The shine icon is a symbol of our unique ability to make our customers, their friends and family feel totally glamorous. Zales is committed to brightening up moments and lives with not only this refined, redesigned, and redefined logo but with our quality merchandise.


shine exclusively

Page 66: zales project book



Page 67: zales project book




Page 68: zales project book



Page 69: zales project book


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Page 70: zales project book


Page 71: zales project book


shine exclusively

Page 72: zales project book


The End

Page 73: zales project book