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<ol><li> 1. MORE THAN 50 MILLION IN THE WORLD INTERNATIONAL HOMELESSNESS </li><li> 2. INTRODUCTION Name Saru Rai From Jhapa of Nepal I came to United States in 2011, and I've lived in here 3 years I speak Nepali, Hindi, and English </li><li> 3. THESIS STATEMENT International community should help refugees by given them Opportunities, Shelter, and Resettlement </li><li> 4. Opportunities International community should help refugees by giving them opportunities </li><li> 5. Evidence The international rescue committee help for refugees by volunteer in community offering the variety For example mentoring refugees families and individual and assisting refugees develop effective job seeking </li><li> 6. Evidence The international rescue committee, or IRC, conducted research on giving cash to refugees The AID agencies can help refugees by giving them ATM cards with a cash account </li><li> 7. SHELTER International committee should help refugees by given them shelter </li><li> 8. Evidence The international AID agencies have come up with creative solution to address the Lebanese situation The AID agencies are placing the refugees in pre- existing shelters </li><li> 9. Evidence For example, Lebanon has many unfinished homes as a result of the recession Aid agencies are making these homes liveable for the refugees Also, aid agencies converted 7,000 unfinished home into temporary shelter for the refugees </li><li> 10. RESETTLEMENT The international committee should help refugees by Resettling them </li><li> 11. Evidence the number of refugees considered at risk by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR)was 19.8 million the united nation high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) agencies also, help refugees to resettle in host countries </li><li> 12. Evidence Over 70% of the current 12 million refugees are women and children The more countries that are willing to cooperate in resettlement efforts, the stronger the network of international protection becomes </li><li> 13. this video about the number of syrian refugees display their homes by conflict created catastrophic watch this video this video about why bhutanese refugees resettle to the host countries </li><li> 14. CONCLUSION The refugees resettle in their neighboring countries which are often some of poorest nation in the world The International committee should help refugees provide them with Opportunities, Shelter, and Resettlement </li><li> 15. POLL MAKER Take a look poll vote poll result </li><li> 16. Quiz click here Quiz </li><li> 17. survey international homeless survey </li><li> 18. forum Click here to join the discussion </li></ol>