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1. As you can see on the print screeni have edited the audio in mymusic video to improve the soundquality. I experimented with thethreshold, ratio, attack andrelease until i thought the qualityof sound was improved. I alsochanged the limiter to -6 so theaudio wasnt distorted.Here you can see the changes to the audio before and afteri have edited it. The bottom sound audio has been evenedout and has been made less dense then the uneditedversion of the sound audio clip. The unedited version youcan see the distortion of the audio as there are a lot ofpeaks so you can tell the difference between the two clips. 2. On this print screen you can seethat i have edited the commentaryi did talking about my short musicvideo. I changed the limiter to -4 sothe audio wasnt distorted. iplayed around with the ratio,threshold, attack and release bydoing this it improved the qualityof my commentary. You can see the difference between the two audio clips. The edited version of my commentary is less distorted, less dense and louder.