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  • 1.Changes to the EITI Standard EITI International Secretariat Astana, 9 October 2013 http://eiti.org/document/standard

2. Evolution of the EITI 2003 EITI Principles 2005 EITI Criteria and Sourcebook (non binding guidance) 2008 EITI Validation Guide (binding requirements) 2011 EITI Rules and Validation Guide 2013 EITI Standard 3. A revised EITI Standard now ensures transparency and accountability in more areas of the natural resource value chain. A national multi-stakeholder group (government, companies and civil society) decides how their EITI process should work. This group publishes an EITI Report where government revenues and other data are disclosed and independently assessed. The findings are communicated to create public awareness and debate about how the country should better manage their resources. Production data Transfers to local government Transit payments (encouraged) State Owned Enterprises Government publish receipts Companies publish payments Licensing information State ownership Production contracts (encouraged) Beneficial ownership (encouraged) Company social and infrastructure investments 4. Key changes 1. Emphasis on workplans and objectives for EITI implementation 2. Presenting the context 3. Strengthening EITI reporting 4. Impact and Validation 5. Restructuring and clarifying the requirements 5. Improved Validation procedures EITI Candidate countries are required to undertake Validation 2.5 years after obtaining Candidate status. EITI Compliant countries are required to be revalidated every three years. Validation to be procured and financed by the International Secretariat. Kazakhstans revalidation will depend on outcomes of the current Validation. EITI Requirement 7 6. Validation scenarios: Compliant : new Validation deadline in three years. Meaningful progress: suspension. 12 months to address corrective actions, followed by a Secretariat Review. No progress: delisted 7. 1. Clarifying existing requirements EITI Rules (2011) 21 Requirements EITI Standard (2013) 7 Requirements 8. Transition procedures Next steps for Kazakhstan: Agree priorities for implementation and update the workplan by 31 December 2013. produce the 2012 EITI Report in accordance with the EITI Standard by 31 December 2014. Publish the 2013 activity report by 1 July 2014. New Validation deadline: TBA. 9. Further information EITI Standard: http://eiti.org/document/standard Guidance notes: http://eiti.org/ Contact: Dyveke Rogan, Regional Director, EITI International Secretariat drogan@eiti.org Sam Bartlett Technical Director, EITI International Secretariat sbartlett@eiti.org