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Minutes from the RPAC Chili Cook off meeting


  • Realtors PAC Down Home Chili Night Committee Minutes of February 13, 2014

    Meeting was held at RACC after membership meeting and started at 1:16 PM. Those in attendance were Marvia Korol, Tony Moudis, Tony & Carol Pauelsen, Bonnie Rosenberger, Debbie Scott, Melissa Seney-King.

    Committee had discussion on a theme and decided to just keep with Down Home Chili Night and cookers can decorate however they would like. Melonie will get the flyers out by and start advertising for cooks to sign up. Already handed out flyers at Membership meeting this morning. The date is April 10th, 2013.

    Committee decided on most of the same awards as last year. They will be - ONE award for Best Overall and a 1st and 2nd place for Best Soup / Chowder; Most Original; & Hottest. There will also be a 1st & 2nd place for Best Table. That will be a total of 9 awards.

    The committee talked about the Judges and using - FAR President Sherri Meadows & First Dude Burt Meadows; FAR PAC Trustee, District 7 Bill Deese; 2012 FAR District 7 VP Cheryl Lambert; Political Representative Florida Realtors Courtney Barnard. Bonnie R. has the tally sheets, cups, etc. for the Judges. We will need a couple runners for the judges chili.

    Live Auction - Auctioneer will be again - Greg Lord, who so graciously does this every year for us. Committee decided to keep about the same number of items to around 20. We will use the small NCR forms again. We will need 3 people on this at least & people to show off items

    Silent Auction Using the same NCR Bid sheets as last year and the same set up as last year with closing one section about a hour before the other section. Committee decided we needed to get in the donations and baskets from Business Partners, etc. by April 4th. Melissa had agreed to notify the Business Partners and help head this up. We will need 3 people for getting items to the bidders after they have paid.

    Check out -- Cash, Check and write down numbers for Credit Cards. Linda Cridland is going to work with Bonnie to see how we can make this happen. We will need 3 people to help with check out also.

    Registration Had problems last year and need to set up better. This years business partners is Wollinka-Wikle and Rodriguez, Attorney.

    Liquor Cooler Melissa & Marvia will head this up. Melonie will print up the 2-part tickets so we will have names for those buying the tickets and can sell ahead of time. They plan to sell tickets ahead of time and at the March Million Dollar Breakfast.

    Everyone was asked to bring someone with them and ideas of items they would like to purchase to the next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned at 1:45 and Minutes submitted by Chair - Debbie Scott


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