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<ul><li><p>SPECIAL EDITION: THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2015 | WWW.SDNEWS.COM</p><p>2016 SPECIAL EDITION</p><p>REHEARSAL ROOMS | RECORDING LESSONS | RENTALS | REPAIRS</p><p>FREE $35 LESSONor REHEARSAL ROOM</p><p>FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS. WITH THIS COUPON.619.255.9594 | 3360 SPORTS ARENA BLVD. | SUITE A | SAN DIEGO | ROCKANDROLLSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>BEAUTIFUL CITY &amp; BAY VIEWS!</p><p>LANZ CORREIA 619-564-6355CA BRE#01883404</p></li><li><p>37TH ANNUAL OCEAN BEACH STREET FAIR &amp; CHILI COOK-OFF FESTIVALSATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 10AM - 8PM OBSTREETFAIR.COM OCEANBEACHSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>PAGE 2 | THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016 | THE PENINSULA BEACON</p><p>Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off set for June 25Thousands will flock to Ocean Beach</p><p>to enjoy food, drinks, chili, live music, artand great people watching at the 37thannual Ocean Beach Street Fair and ChiliCook-Off Festival on Saturday, June 25.</p><p>The free festival will include an ocean-front chili cook-off, vendor and foodbooths, Artists Alley, a beachside beer gar-den, live music and entertainment, fam-ily friendly activities, carnival rides andgames, art, the Community Mural Pro-ject and more.</p><p>The street fair will take place from 10a.m. to 8 p.m. in the 4800 to 5000 blocksof Newport Avenue, along the waterfrontand in the pier parking lot, and along thecross streets of Newport Avenue at BaconStreet and Cable Street.</p><p>Free trolley services will run for peopleparking near Robb Field (every 30 min-utes) and on Sea World Drive at PacificCoast Highway (every hour) from 9:30a.m.to 9 p.m. There will also be a free bikevalet at the intersection of Bacon Streetand Newport Avenue, courtesy of theSan Diego County Bicycle Coalition.</p><p>The highlight of this year's fest will bethe 50th anniversary celebration of theOB Pier, which opened on July 2, 1966.Ocean Beach MainStreet Association willcommemorate the pier with photos dat-ing back to its inception in 1966, andinformation about the OB Piers rich his-tory in partnership with the Ocean BeachHistorical Society.</p><p>Other pier activities will include a kidsfishing game, photo kiosk with a lifesizephoto backdrop of the piers opening cel-</p><p>ebration in 1966, Living Coast DiscoveryCenters interactive crab display and theopportunity to sign up for the San DiegoJunior Lifeguard Foundations annualpier jump.</p><p>The Kiss tribute band will be back torally the crowd. This time they'll supportthe Year of the Pier by donning their 60s</p><p>surfer best and rocking out to the BeachBoys. Attendees can stop by Rock andRoll San Diegos booth to get a free 15-minute music lesson alongside the wildand zany Kiss tribute band, as theyredressed in full face painting with long hairand Hawaiian shirts. The booth will alsohave drawings, giveaways and loads of</p><p>cool stuff.The chili competition will feature more</p><p>than 20 tastings from amateur entrantscompeting for the titles of Hottest Chili,Judges Award and the grand prize win-ner: Peoples Choice Award. Chili tastingswill begin at 11 a.m. and will end whencontestants run out of samples. Tastings</p><p>can be purchased for $2 per chili entry, orattendees can buy a master ticket for $20to try every recipe and vote for the best.</p><p>The Hodads Burger-Eating Competi-tion is back by popular demand offeringcontestants a chance to be featured onthe Hodads Wall of Fame at its OceanBeach site.</p><p>The Bloody Mary competition will alsomake a return with 15 local restaurantsand bars competing for the title of BestBloody Mary in Ocean Beach. Tickets canbe purchased for $20 to sample eachentry and vote for your favorites.</p><p>Children and adults of all ages are wel-come to purchase a $10 square to con-tribute to this years Community MuralProject. Visit the mural area on BaconStreet just south of Newport to reserveand then paint your square. After theStreet Fair, the murals are sealed andinstalled in the community. On CableStreet, Artists Alley will feature accom-plished artists and their handcrafteditems.</p><p>Family-friendly attractions include theWonderland Fun Zone in the parking lotadjacent to US Bank near Sunset CliffsBoulevard and Newport Avenue. TheZone will have a 20-foot slide, OB ExpressTrain Ride for the little ones, Zip Line,Zorb balls, Hop n Rock, laser tag, kidsgames and more.</p><p>There will be five stages of nonstopmusic throughout the day. Music genresinclude acoustic, rock, blues, alternative,Americana and more.</p><p>For more information, visitwww.oceanbeachsandiego.com.</p><p>BY BART MENDOZA | THE BEACON</p><p>Voted#1 Auto Repair</p><p>Enjoy the OB STREET FAIR</p><p>619-224-29291946 Bacon St. Ocean Beach</p><p>Visit us at www.sunsetgarageob.com</p><p>READERSCHOICEAWARDS2 0 1 4</p><p>And a Readers Choice 8 years in a row</p><p>10% OFFour already low, low prices</p><p>(with coupon - expires 8-15-16)</p><p>The annual Ocean Beach Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off Festival offers tons of fun, chili and music for everyone. PHOTO BY JIM GRANT</p></li><li><p>37TH ANNUAL OCEAN BEACH STREET FAIR &amp; CHILI COOK-OFF FESTIVALSATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 10AM - 8PM OBSTREETFAIR.COM OCEANBEACHSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>PAGE 3 | THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016 | THE PENINSULA BEACON</p><p>Bad Science Fiction plays the Main Stage at this years O.B. Street Fair PHOTO CONTRIBUTED</p><p>PIZZA BY THE SLICE + FREE DELIVERY IN OB WWW.OBPIZZASHOP.COM</p><p>...and come back in July for TAP TAKEOVERS</p><p>Sat July 2nd - Societe Sat July 9th - Bear Republic Fri Jul 15th - Nor CalFri July 22nd - Lagunitas Keep the Pint Fri July 29th Coronado Brewing</p><p>24 CRAFT BEERS ON TAP 100 BOTTLED BEERS</p><p>5050 NEWPORT AVE. OCEAN BEACH 619.224.4540</p><p>Voted BEST BEER SELECTION &amp; PIZZAA Consistent Award Winner </p><p>READERSCHOICEAWARDSBEST RESTAURANTS</p><p>NEWPORTPIZZA &amp; ALE HOUSE</p><p>OB Street Fair &amp; 4th of July</p><p>Join</p><p>Us Fo</p><p>r</p><p>Chuck Schiele comes back to play Bad Science FictionLongtime Ocean Beach res-</p><p>ident Chuck Schiele relocatedto the East Coast in 2010, buthe returns this summer to per-form with his band, Bad Sci-ence Fiction, on the StreetFairs Main Stage at 12:30p.m. </p><p>Were retro hard rock witha hip hop attitude, Schielesaid good-naturedly. Wethrew the idea of attemptingcool right out the window.Cool is boring. We're just hav-ing fun. </p><p>Before heading east, Schielehad been a mainstay of thelocal music community andan integral part of the OBMA,including much of the musicprogramming. I still considerOB home, he said. Justbecause I have to take care ofsome things on the East Coastdoesn't mean I've left OB.Believe me. I'm still there.</p><p>Though the band, whichincludes Schiele on vocals andguitar, lead guitarist MichaelHead, bassist Tony Sandoval,keyboardist John Miller anddrummer Don Wiseman,rarely performs, according toSchiele, ramping things up, isnot hard at all. It takes oneemail and everybody's onboard, enthusiastic and readyto rock. We don't feel rusty,whatsoever. </p><p>Rehearsal is set for the</p><p>Thursday prior to the show.We have a blast, Schielesaid. These are terrific musi-cians with no excuses for theirmusic. We make some minornudges and introduce newmaterial, sharpen it up, blowthe dust off it, put it on 11 andhit it. </p><p>We're all very tight friends,so tequila and barbecue fol-lows our rehearsal by tradi-tion. We probably get ourgroove tighter more by hang-ing out and having a fewlaughs as bros than we dowailing through the set.</p><p>He looks forward to playingthe main stage, with a minorreservation. I guess I miss thelight show aspect, but, I preferto look at gigs in the sunshineon the bright side. I can seethe audience on outdoor gigs.In OB, that's good, helaughed.</p><p>Schiele hopes to return toOB full time eventually andcontinue his life immersed inmusic on the West Coast. </p><p>It's not a hobby, not just ajob, not at all a casual endeav-or, for me, he said. Its myway of life. I still wake up inthe key of D, every day andengage with other bohemian,thinker, creative types doingcreative stuff and renderingsolutions, because, well...that's just what I do, he said</p><p>BY BART MENDOZA | THE BEACON</p></li><li><p>There is no shortage of things todo at the Ocean Beach Street Fair,but the one essential stop is at itssignature event, the Chili Cook-Off.Located at the foot of VeteransAvenue, right on the water with thebest view of the whole event, thecook off is a lot of fun with boister-ous chefs and their crew doing whatthey can to garner votes for theirchili in a friendly competition.</p><p>Youll want to get there early.While the tasting doesnt start until11 a.m. the line can start formingup to an hour earlier. Tickets for tast-ing and judging the variousentrants chili is the same as lastyear: $2 for two servings or you canget a peoples choice ticket for $20allowing you to sample chili fromall the competitors. </p><p>There are two categories withalmost two dozen cooks represent-ed. Contestants are judged in twocategories, restaurant and amateur,with criteria set to include consis-tency, smell, color and taste. Bothmeat and vegetarian chili will beavailable, but even with all thosecompetitors the food goes fast.Another 60 gallons of chili will beprovided by area restaurant ShadesOceanfront Bistro and Craves Caf.Even set alongside the 10 gallonsfrom each of the contestants, its allgone by 2 p.m. </p><p>The Chili Cook-Off is now in its32nd year, founded in 1984 by MikeAkey, a member of the OBMA board</p><p>of directors, with money raised bythe event going to help fund OceanBeachs annual fireworks display. </p><p>According to Akey, while ingre-dients vary and some can includeingredients as diverse as rattlesnakeand alligator, the biggest differencein competitors is the heat, he said. </p><p>Some booths try to ramp updemand up demand for their waresby having themed booths and cos-tumes. Bedsides the awards for thechili, we also have an award for themost enthusiastic entrant. You canalways tell who has the most popu-lar by the lines at their booths.Other prizes are awarded for Peo-ples Choice and Hottest Chili</p><p>For his part, after more than 30years of Chili Cook Offs, Akey is justas enthusiastic as ever about theevent. I was born and raised here,so Its great fun for a good cause, hesaid. But does he still enjoy eating itas much as he used to? Once a yeardoes me just fine now, he joked. </p><p>37TH ANNUAL OCEAN BEACH STREET FAIR &amp; CHILI COOK-OFF FESTIVALSATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 10AM - 8PM OBSTREETFAIR.COM OCEANBEACHSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>PAGE 4 | THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016 | THE PENINSULA BEACON</p><p>Chili Cook-Off raises funds for Ocean Beachs annual fireworks showBY BART MENDOZA | THE BEACON</p><p>Be sure and stop by at the Street Fair and vote for your</p><p>favorite photo in the Beacons Annual Photo Contest</p><p>Beacon Booth #264(4900 Block of Newport, near Cable)</p><p>Proud to be a 2016Sponsor.</p><p>Enjoy the Fair!</p><p>STOP&amp;VOTE!</p><p>VOTE FOR YOURFAVORITE PHOTOAT OUR BOOTH!</p><p>#1 Agent in Point Loma &amp; Ocean Beach in 2015</p><p>PHOTO BY JIM GRANT</p></li><li><p>Dog Beach Dog WashDo-It-Yourself</p><p>Services and Accessories4933 Voltaire Street, San Diego, Ca 92107</p><p>619-523-1700Open 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week</p><p>www.dogwash.comSince 1993</p><p>INCORPORATED</p><p>4856 VOLTAIRE STREETSAN DIEGO, CA 92107</p><p>(619) 223-1232FAX 223-0820</p><p>obab1@sbcglobal.net</p><p>We Specialize in all auto bodywork &amp; insurance work</p><p>READERSCHOICEAWARDS</p><p>Over 35 Years in OB!</p><p>Formerly at 1955 Bacon St.Randy Green</p><p>V O T E D # 1 A U T O B O D Y S H O P !</p><p>Have a great time at theOB Street Fair!</p><p>The Readers Choice for more than 25 years on the Peninsula. </p><p>Thank you for your continued support.</p><p>Morethan 90% of residentsread the PeninsulaBeacon on a regularbasis.</p><p>*Audit performed by CVC (2010) shows over 90% of the residents read thePeninsula Beacon on a regular basis.</p><p>READERSCHOICEAWARDS</p><p>0 1 1RE TA I L / S</p><p>E R V I C E S</p><p>37TH ANNUAL OCEAN BEACH STREET FAIR &amp; CHILI COOK-OFF FESTIVALSATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 10AM - 8PM OBSTREETFAIR.COM OCEANBEACHSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>PAGE 5 | THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016 | THE PENINSULA BEACON</p><p>Wonderland fun zone for kids at Street Fair The Ocean Beach Street Fair is fun for all ages,</p><p>but there is a special area specifically designed toinclude younger fairgoers, Wonderland. Locatedat the 4800 block of Newport Avenue, the funzone is named for an amusement park that stoodin Ocean Beach exactly a century ago. </p><p>The area is all new this year, with EMS Attrac-tions providing 11 of their best rides and interac-tive games. While the fun zone focus of the areais on the younger set, there is plenty for thosewho are only young at heart to enjoy. </p><p>We try to match attractions to the area,noted Tracy Ring, co-ordinator of the days activ-ities for EMS Attractions. Ocean Beach has sucha funky, beachy vibe that is so unique, she said.</p><p>The centerpiece of the whole area will be TheSwashbuckler Zip Line, a giant inflatable pirate</p><p>ship from which riders can propel down. At morethan three stories tall, this attraction will alsooffer the best view of the whole street fair. </p><p>Meanwhile, there will also be a trackless kiddietrain, the OB Express, roaming Wonderland,which parents and children can ride together.We will have things like toddler jumps that arespecifically for younger children, said Ring.</p><p>With chairs and tables available for a mid-streetfair pause, Wonderland is the perfect spot for par-ents to rest while their children play. The familyfriendly nature of the area extends to the ven-dors, which will include all the kids favorites, fromice cream to cotton candy, but there will also beplenty of healthier options. </p><p>The Wonderland area will also spotlight aneclectic group of entertainers, with mimes,clowns, face painting, magicians, carnival boothsand more to keep kids occupied. Meanwhile, the</p><p>areas stage will feature performances from acous-tic acts, such as harmony based trio Sirens Lure&amp; Pirate John and bands like the Santana Broth-ers, a combo made up of Point Loma High stu-dents who excel at covers of everyone from ChuckBerry to Bruno Mars.</p><p>New this year, the activity will extend beyondthe Wonderland borders, into Veterans Plaza atthe foot of Newport. A new game will take placeright after the chili cook-off, said Ring. BodyBubble Soccer, will find players wearing largeinflatable plastic bubbles as they try to score agoal, its a lot of fun to play and to watch.</p><p>Whether you are into the interactive challengesor simply want to enjoy some quality time withyour youngster, a visit to Wonderland is an essen-tial part of your Street Fair day. </p><p>BY BART MENDOZA | THE BEACON</p><p>PHOTO BY JIM GRANT</p><p>Sunset ClippsWild Frontier ChiliStill Smokin'OBeeyah ChiliSurf n' ChiliOcean Dental CareWhite Boy John'sOBWC - Our Best Wicked Chili</p><p>Wild WesWonderland Ocean PubTeam Noodle House 1502Texas TornadoRaglan Public HouseDue Bros SolarBill &amp; Ted's Excellent Adventure</p><p>Chili Cookers - 2016</p></li><li><p>37TH ANNUAL OCEAN BEACH STREET FAIR &amp; CHILI COOK-OFF FESTIVALSATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 10AM - 8PM OBSTREETFAIR.COM OCEANBEACHSANDIEGO.COM</p><p>PAGE 6 | THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2016 | THE PENINSULA BEACON</p><p>Find unique and locallymade goods at Artists Alley </p><p>Since Ocean Beachs has a repu-tation as an artists community, itsonly natural that the Street FairsArtists Alley would be a majorattraction. </p><p>Located on two blocks of CableStreet at Newport Avenue, fairgoerswill find an impressive variety ofhandmade arts and crafts, with a lit-tle bit of everything, from body jew-elry to paintings of local scenery, t...</p></li></ul>