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In this issue: Law and Order; Mind Concept; The Pleasure Principle; Intimate Forces of Attraction;The Holy Grail (filler); Visit to a Mystery School Thoughts Into Realities Strange Powers of Honey; and many more...


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    APRIL30c per copy

    Strange P o w e r s of Honey[[s place In food and helling.

    V A V

    Visit to a Mystery Sch o o lK'hon pagan priesthood ruled.

    V A V

    Invisible ForcevS of A ttract io nStudy of the human ran.

    V A V

    t f p M t W l i H j -

    Mysticism Science

    I The A rts

    I v vJ t e x t J f f o K t / t :

    |The Brain and /Eart hquakes

    V A V

    Out of the East


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    \ . T I IT R 1 I 1 1 r e n o w n ed as the mosl beau t i fu l q u e en of 1 ^ He r very n a m e means . Meanly s Arr i va l . S h e wa s I lie \\i[c

    l P h a r a o h A m e n h o l e p IV a n d over years ago posed

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    Z2 & S f f i S R P r i

    P O R T A L O F T H E F A M O U ST he above is the m ain portal to G orham bury, once the hom e of the celebrated Sir Francis Bacon,

    (1561-1626). It is situated n ea r the little city of St. A lbans, E ngland, w hich was o rig inally founded by the Romans and known as V erulam Across th is threshold , in the la ter days of Bacons life, entered Queen Elizabeth and o ther Court notables. Conferences of State w ere held w ith in the w alls of this once stately edifice now in ruins. U ndoubtedly here, too, S ir F rancis Bacon as Im pera to r of the Rosicrucian O rder conferred w ith prom inent m em bers on its affairs.

    (Photo by AMORC)

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    . - S O g & o t v

    IS MAN A SMALL UNIVERSE?IT HAS BEEN SAID that everything in the universe has its counterpart in man. W hat o f your solar plexus? D oes it link you with the world beyond . . . the vast cosmos o f which earth is bu t a speck? Centuries ago, man observed that som ething in the center of his torso responded to his emotional excitements joy, fear, elation, fright, sudden experiences A search for an explanation resulted in many m ote amazing discoveries. W hat did these ancient seekers for truth uncover? Did they learn how to draw energy to their emotional centers for performing miracles and accomplishing feats tha t seemed impossible to the uninitiated?

    W H A T A B O U T Y O U ?Ate you perfectly satisfied with your position in life? Are you e n jo y in g life to i ts fu l le s t ex ten t? ttu ly abundantly? If obstacles seem to prevent you from attaining the heights and enjoying the better things in life, you are not using the powers that reside within you.

    ACC EP T TH IS FREE B O O KLet the Rosicrucians (N O T a religious organization), a progressive, practical brotherhood, explain to you the simple, demonstrable laws governing your inner powers. W rite for your FREE copy of The Mastery of Life, which tells how easily you can come to possess tested methods for understanding the powers of personal accomplishment. Send coupon today!

    S cr ibe S. P C.T h e Rosicrucians (AMORC)San Jo se . Ca l ifo rn ia

    J am a s in c e r e seeker . P lea se send m e a c o p y o f T he M astery o f L ife , w h ic h I shall re ad care fu lly .

    Name-------------------------------------------------------------------------f \ u d t s s_

    Z o n e N u m b e r , _S ia ie_

    The ROSICRUCIANS (amorc] San J o s e , Ca l i forn ia


    T H E O F F I C I A L M A G A Z I N E O F T H E W O R L D - W I D E R O S I C R U C I A N O R D E R

    Vol. X X X V A P R IL , 1957 No. 4

    Portal of the Famous (Frontispiece) 121Thought of the M onth: Law and O rd er 124M ind C oncep t 127The Children of Hungary 130Experiencing Fellowship 132C athed ra l C on tacts : The Pleasure Principle 134

    Intim ate Forces of A ttrac tion 136Can You Explain Thfs? 138The H o ly G ra il (filler) 139Visit to a M ystery School 140Thoughts Into Realities 145Strange Powers of Honey 148Temple Echoes 151The G leam of G o ld 153A frican W itch Doctor (Illustration) 157

    Subscrip tion to Rosicrucian D igest, $3.00 (1 /2/- ste rling ] per year. S in g le copies30 cents (2/3 s te r lin g ].

    En tered as Second-C lass M a t te r a t the Post O ffic e o f San Jo se , C a lifo rn ia , under Section 1103 o f the U . S. Postal A c t o f O c t . 3, 1917.

    Changes o f address must reach us by the first o f the month p re ced in g d a le o f issue.S ta tem en ts m ade in this p u b licatio n are not the o ffic ia l expression o f the o rgan ization o r

    its o fficers unless sta ted to be o ffic ia l com m unications.

    Published M on th ly by the Su p rem e C o u n c il of

    Rosicrucian Park T H E R O S IC R U C IA N O R D E R A M O R C San Jo se , C a lifo rn ia

    ED IT O R : Frances Vejfasa

    T h e Purpose of the Rosicrucian OrderThe Rosicruclan Order, ex is t ing in all civilized lands, is a nonsectarian f ra te rna l body of men

    and women devoted to the investigation , s tudy, and practical applica tion of n a tu ra l and sp ir i tual laws. The purpose of the organization is to enable all to live in harm ony with the creative, construc tive Cosmic forces for the a t ta inm en t of health , happiness, and peace. T he O rde r is in te r nationally known as AMORC" (an abbrevia t ion), and the A.M.O.R.C. in America and all o ther lands cons titu tes the only form of Rosicrucian ac tiv i t ies un i ted in one body. The A.M.O.R.C, does not sell i ts teachings. I t gives them freely to affi liated m em bers to g e th e r w ith m any o the r benefits. F o r complete inform ation about the benefits and advan tages of Rosicrucian association, w r i te a le t te r to the add ress below, and ask for the frep book. The Mastery of I J fe . Address Scribe S. P . C , Rosicrucian Order, AMQRC, San Jose , California . U . S . A . (Cable A ddress : AMORCO")

    C opyrigh t, 1957, by the Suprem e G rand Lodge of A M O R C . Inc. A ll rights reserved.

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    T h eRosicrucianDigestApril1 9 5 7

    h e r e is a logical correspondence between law and order. W hatever appears as orderly to the human mind has such recurrence and persistence of nature as to constitute what tnen call law. Nat ural law is that phenom

    enon whirh has such a consistent nature as to appear orderly. Laws which men establish are intended to apply uniformly certain powers for the direction of human affairs. They seek to establish order in society, that is, a state or condition which will equali/e the privileges and obligations of its members. An orderly society, then, is one that regulates the individual initiative to conform to the society's specific oh jectives.

    If each individual were a law unto himself, there would be no orderno persistent and recurring activities of men collectively. There is no orderly movement, for analogy, in a group of men moving at different speeds in van ous directions simultaneously. Only where there is order can one learn of the causes of various phenomena or events. In chaos the forces or powers the lawsat work are not discernible. Consequently, chaos, though such is really but a state of mind and not an actuality, is wasted effort so far as man is concerned. Tie is unable to direct or employ its forces for he cannot comprehend its motivating agencies.

    A true society is a voluntary one. It is the contribution of the wills and efforts of the individuals of which it is composed. There is no real society

    where the individual will is completely subordinated to a power that does not stem in part from all individuals. Such an organization of mankind is slavery. It is a mass action by compulsion. Therefore, the true society must con sist of the expressed or implied desires of the majority of its members. Men enter into society as a collective effort. It is the wish to accomplish by the unity of their powers what they cannot at tain singly.

    Society is the admission of individual insufficiency. The laws of society constitute the regulation of the powers of the individual so that such shall contribute to and not obstruct the collective effort. These laws, then, enhance the powers of some individuals and restrict others. There are those in society who might be able to achieve the same advantages working as individuals hut. in doing so, they might trespass upon iho powers of others. They must be pre vented from the free exercise of their individual powei'S to preserve the common level of the other members of society.

    Any restraint of individual initiative or curtailment of motive is inclined to provoke resentment. The instinctive drive of self-preservation causes one to want to promote every activity relative to self. Our ideals or plans are as much a pari of our being as is our body. They are a product of our intellect and of our emotional and psychic selves. We are as ready to combat opposition to them as we are ready to combat a threat to the security of our physical person.

    It is quite natural that men will rebel against legal or social restraints that

  • stand in the way of their personal a ttainment. Consequently, a society will fall if it cannot make its objectives very evident and perspicuous to the greater majority of its members. It must disclose a consideration, a compensation, for what it exacts from the individual in the way of lawful restraint. W hen the ideal of the