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Out of the Silence; A Sketch on Alchemical Theory; Pages From the Past: Our Rosicrucian Heritage; After the War— What?; A New Ontology; The Impelling Urge; That Fearful Word— Karma; Time and Change; Experiencing Initiation; and many more...



    A c c o m m o d a te s a year's m onographs. Is durable and a tt r a c t i v e . H a s a handy r e f e r e n c e index.

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    The eciet ejj Success

    T h e fundamental law ol success is order. Systematic arrangement of your thoughts, your plans and your acts, assures you against lost time. I he greatest genius is at a disadvantage if he is compelled to search lor his implements, pen. or brush when inspired. The student is equally striving against odds if his monographs or lessons cire haphazardly filed, requiring a shuffling of pages, a sorting of manuscripts, each time a point, principle, law, or fact is sought. There is no greater torment than the tantalizing thought that you possess f/ie needed information, bu t just cannot locate it. I here is no wisdom so useless as that just beyond recall. W h y not begin today to file your monographs methodically? W e have prepared a specially made, serviceable and attractive lesson binder for this purpose. I his special binder will accommodate a years monographs. It is very attractive, and stamped in gold with the symbol and name of the Order. It contains an index form for indexing the subjects of your monographs for quick reference, and is made ol durable material. (II beyond eighth degree order top fastening binders. II in lower degrees order side fastening, as per this illustration.)

    R O S I C R U C I A N S U P P L Y B U R E A USA N JO SE, C A L IF O R N IA , U . S. A.

    THE I N S T I T U T I O N B E H I N D T H I S A N N O U N C E M E N T

  • C R O S S E D T H E T H R E S H O L DKendal I. Brower, C u ra to r of the R osicrucian E gyptian . O riental M useum, passed through transition, to

    experience the G rea t Initiation, on W ed n esd ay . A ugust 26th a t 10:09 P .M . in San Jose. P ra ter B row er had been in declining health for some time. T h e loss of his services to the R osicrucian O rder as C urato r will be considerable, but still g reater will be the void created on the A M O R C staff by the absence of his immediate personality . H is fidelity and devotion to his duties w ere adm irable qualities of his character. He w as know n to thousands of R osicrucians throughout the world. M any heard him lecture in the Rosicrucian M useum during Conventions, on the exhibits he loved and w hich he so d ram atically and efficiently displayed.

    As a form er member of the C ourier C ar staff, he visited assem blies of R osicrucians in dozens of cities in the United S tates of A m erica. H e also served as motion picture cam eram an on expeditions for A M O R C to E urope, E g y p t, and the countries of the L evant. H e w as personally known to the high d ignitaries of the Rosicrucian O rd er in Europe. H e w as Regional Suprem e T reasu re r of the M artin ist O rd er of the United States, receiving his in itiations in Brussels, Belgium, with the p resent Im perator. f ie w as likewise a member of the A m erican A ssociation of Museums.

  • The Mechanism of Mind

    WHY YOU ARE A S YOU A R E -and lA /kat Ifou &an V o -f)It ou t D t!

    DID you ever stop to think why you do the things you do? Have you often when alone censured yourself for impulsive urges, for things said or done that did not truly repre- sent your real thoughts, and which placed you at a disadvantage? Most persons are creatures of sensation they react to instinctive, impelling influences which surge up within them and which they do not understand or \n o w how to control. Just as simple living things involuntarily withdraw from irritations, so likewise thousands of men and women are content to he motivated by their undirected thoughts which haphazardly rise up in their consciousness. To day you must sell yourself to othersbring forth your best abilities, manifest your personality, if you wish to hold a

    position, make friends, or impress others with your capabilities. You must learn how to draw upon your latent talents and powers, not be bent like a reed in the wind. There are simple, natural laws and principles whichif you understand themmake all this possible.

    For centuries the Rosicrucians (n u t a religious organizatio n ), a worldwide movement of men and women devoted to the study of life and its hidden processes, have shown thousands how to probe these mysteries of self. Renowned philosophers and scientists have been Rosicrucians today men and women in every walk of life owe their confidence and ability to solve personal problems to the Rosicrucian private, s ensib le method of self-development. Use the coupon below for a copy of the book, "T he M astery of Life." which will be sent to you w ithout obligation, and will tell you of the Rosicrucians and what th e y cun do f o r you.

    A c c e p t Thi s FREE Book

    SCRIBE S. P. C .: T he Rosiervscians (A M O R C ), San Jose, Calif. Please send me your free book, T he M astery of Life," which I shall read as directed. This does not obligate me in any way.

    Name..........................................................................................A ddress ........................................................................................................................

    T H E R O S I C R U C I A N S ( A M O R C ) . S A N J O S E , C A L I F O R N I A . U. S. A.

  • R O S I C R U C I A N D I G E S TC O V E R S T H E W O R L D

    O C T O B E R , 1942

    Crossed the Threshold (Frontispiece)Thought of the M onth: W h a t o f Tom orrow?O u t of the SilenceThe M icrocosm in C re a t iv e PaintingA Sketch on A lchem ical TheoryPages From the Past: O u r Rosicrucian H eritageA fte r the W a r W h a t ?A N ew O nto logyThe Impelling UrgeThat Fearful W o rd Karm aC athed ra l C on tacts : Time and ChangeThe Law of BalanceExperiencing InitiationSanctum Musings: Youth and O ld A g eA M ystic 's Sanctum (Illustration) ..

    Subscription to the Rosicrucian Digest, Three Dollars per year. Single copies twenty-five cents.

    Entered as Second Class M atter at the Post O ffice at San Jose, C a lifornia, under Section I 103 of the U .S . Postal A ct o f O ct. 3, 1917.

    Changes of address must reach us by the tenth of the month preceding date of issue.

    Statements made in this publication are not the official expressions of the organization or its officers unless stated to be official communications.

    Published Monthly by the Supreme Council ofT H E R O S IC R U C IA N O R D E R A M O R C


  • T H E


    By T H E IM P E R A T O R

    T h e fo llo w in g is th e fif th in a b r ie f s e r ie s o f a r t ic le s b y R a lp h M. L e w is , F . R . C .. on th e c h a n g e s to d a y 's in te rn a t io n a l in v o lv e m e n t w ill p ro d u c e in th e w o rld in th e near fu ture. H e w ill p ro je c t a n o u t l in e o f th e e ffe c ts c u r r e n t e v e n ts w ill hav e o n n a t io n s a n d o n th e m in d s , lives, a n d c u s to m s o f th e p eo p le w h o liv e in th e m . I n p re s a g in g th e s e e v e n ts , he is u s in g n o th in g m o re m y s te r io u s a s a n a id th a n a p en c il, a w o r ld m ap . th e im m a n e n t fa c u lt ie s o f o b s e r v a t io n a n d a b s t r a c t io n , a n d a n a n a ly s is o f w h a t he p e rc e iv e s to be I he p re s e n t tre n d s .

    E D IT O R .

    T h eRosicrucianD igestO c to b e r1942

    O R E intimate than a l l o t h e r effects upon th e peoples of the world will be the new social p h i l o s o p h y t h a t will em erge from the p r e s e n t war. D u r i n g th e l a s t fifty years in p a rticular. for an example. t h e w o r d

    w o r k h a s b e c o m e an o p p r o

    brium. In other words, it has become stigmatized by the multitudes. T h e av erage man or woman has come to think of it as a social affliction, which man should learn to remedy or am putate from his w ay of living. Since he has not quite been able to accomplish this, he endures work, but often under great protest. Since the dawn of history there have a lw ays been indolent people. N e v er. however, has the a ttitude toward work which now prevails among a great number of the masses of the people of the great democracies existed in any other era.

    T h is a ttitude is due in part to two contributing causes. First, that period of reform ation when it w as sought to lift the yoke of serfdom from the industrial and farm workers in the great nations of the world. For years, too much w as exacted from such workers

    for w hat they received in exchange for their labors. T h e w orkers long hours of labor were rew arded with nothing more than sustenance. T rue . he w as paid in the coin of the realm, but when it was converted into buying power. into purchases, all it provided was bare necessities. T h e re was no room in such a w orker 's life for cultural enjoyments, for those functions and activities that we like to think of as being the products of civilization of a process of refinement of living. M oreover, imagination and idealism w ere being crushed in such individuals. T h is had the consequent result of dam pening their enthusiasm for life itself. T h is is easily understood, for certainly it avails a man nothing to think of a tom orrow that can only be exactly like today, no matter how distant that tomorrow be in his life. It is also futile for a man to embrace an ideal that t ranscends his present kind of living. if no time is afforded him between sunrise and sunset to pursue and to realize it. It is one thing to think of g randeur: it is still another to have the time to crea