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  1. 1. Riding the Digital Wave Next Generation Media Regulator Michael Yap, Dy CEO Media Development Authority
  2. 2. NGRegulator
  3. 3. Next Generation Media RegulatorEnables Industry GrowthEmbodies Social AspirationsEmbraces Industry
  4. 4. 2008 Achievements 1.7mil 6870%OverImported publicationsPublic Satisfaction new TV &335 New local publications withradio channelscontent standards 187 M18 900 FilmsAge Advisory & 16,000 VideosVideo GamesConsultations 600 GamesClassification launchedWith public840% and industry Commercial 7thReduction in Number ofLicences for Film &and trialFTA TV Channel - OKTOVideo industry Digital TV Players
  5. 5. Emphasising Developmental Policy Enable Growth 1. Maximise Use of Broadcast Capacity2. Facilitate Entry of Convergent Services3. Promote Healthy Competition FY09 Workplan Highlights: Spectrum Policy Digital Broadcasting Convergence Policy
  6. 6. Embodying Social Aspirations Co-Regulation, Classification 1. Enable Informed Choice and Co-Regulation 2. Engage with public and industryFY09 Workplan Highlights: Harmonise Content Codes and Classification Community EngagementRebrandingIndustry Co-regulationof BFC F11 Showcase A day Informative &Advisory withInteractiveCommittees BFCMediaWebsiteFiesta Classification Video Public Consultation & DialogueTalks to Schools & Parents
  7. 7. Engaging Seamlessly with You Quality Customer Service 1. One-Stop Seamless Service2. Wow-ing YOU - towards 100% Service Standard Delivery3. Full consideration of industry feedback & ensuring timely responses FY09 Workplan Highlights: One-Stop Customised Services Project Care/100% - efficientcommunication with YOU
  8. 8. Things to look out for in 2009 Request for Concept on new digital servicesAddressing business needs - Review of TV/NC16 ADsM18 Radio Advertising & Sponsorship Codes$$Engagement with YOUNC16 >Project CareM18 >A Day with the BFC >F11 showcase New integrated website for faster business transactions