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<ol><li> 1. Riding the Digital Wave Next Generation Media Regulator Michael Yap, Dy CEO Media Development Authority </li><li> 2. NGRegulator </li><li> 3. Next Generation Media RegulatorEnables Industry GrowthEmbodies Social AspirationsEmbraces Industry </li><li> 4. 2008 Achievements 1.7mil 6870%OverImported publicationsPublic Satisfaction new TV &amp;335 New local publications withradio channelscontent standards 187 M18 900 FilmsAge Advisory &amp; 16,000 VideosVideo GamesConsultations 600 GamesClassification launchedWith public840% and industry Commercial 7thReduction in Number ofLicences for Film &amp;and trialFTA TV Channel - OKTOVideo industry Digital TV Players </li><li> 5. Emphasising Developmental Policy Enable Growth 1. Maximise Use of Broadcast Capacity2. Facilitate Entry of Convergent Services3. Promote Healthy Competition FY09 Workplan Highlights: Spectrum Policy Digital Broadcasting Convergence Policy </li><li> 6. Embodying Social Aspirations Co-Regulation, Classification 1. Enable Informed Choice and Co-Regulation 2. Engage with public and industryFY09 Workplan Highlights: Harmonise Content Codes and Classification Community EngagementRebrandingIndustry Co-regulationof BFC F11 Showcase A day Informative &amp;Advisory withInteractiveCommittees BFCMediaWebsiteFiesta Classification Video Public Consultation &amp; DialogueTalks to Schools &amp; Parents </li><li> 7. Engaging Seamlessly with You Quality Customer Service 1. One-Stop Seamless Service2. Wow-ing YOU - towards 100% Service Standard Delivery3. Full consideration of industry feedback &amp; ensuring timely responses FY09 Workplan Highlights: One-Stop Customised Services Project Care/100% - efficientcommunication with YOU </li><li> 8. Things to look out for in 2009 Request for Concept on new digital servicesAddressing business needs - Review of TV/NC16 ADsM18 Radio Advertising &amp; Sponsorship Codes$$Engagement with YOUNC16 &gt;Project CareM18 &gt;A Day with the BFC &gt;F11 showcase New integrated website for faster business transactions </li></ol>