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Retaining & Motivating Retaining & Motivating Employees Employees

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  • 1. Retaining & MotivatingRetaining & Motivating EmployeesEmployees
  • 2. 22 Why Retention MattersWhy Retention Matters Costs:Costs: 1 - 2 times salary & benefits1 - 2 times salary & benefits Staffing costs costs to hireStaffing costs costs to hire Vacancy costs lost productivityVacancy costs lost productivity Training costs to prepare new employeeTraining costs to prepare new employee Acting payActing pay Loss of knowledgeLoss of knowledge Work not done, priorities not metWork not done, priorities not met Impact on colleaguesImpact on colleagues
  • 3. 33 Obstacles to RetentionObstacles to Retention Competition for the tech savvy, interpersonally skilled Declining supply of library & information science professionals More choices for both degreed and non- degreed personnel Low compensation Retirements Freezes
  • 4. 44 Population DeclinePopulation Decline 0.0% 0.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0% 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015
  • 5. 55 The ChangedThe Changed Employer-Employee RelationshipEmployer-Employee Relationship The contract is broken Life Long Employment vs. Mutuality of Purpose Free agents Flexibility to meet diverse needs Work/life considerations
  • 6. Think about yourselfThink about yourself and your staff.and your staff. Why do you stay?
  • 7. 77 Why Employees StayWhy Employees Stay A feeling of connection Feeling valued Personal and professional growth Continuous learning Making a difference Good management Cant afford to leave Fair pay and benefits
  • 8. 88 Compensation isCompensation is More than a SalaryMore than a Salary Salary Benefits - the other paycheck Work environment A three legged stool!
  • 9. 99 Retention Begins withRetention Begins with OrientationOrientation
  • 10. 1010 OrientationOrientation Relationship beginsRelationship begins before the hirebefore the hire Employees value a personal connectionEmployees value a personal connection Accommodate different learning stylesAccommodate different learning styles Make it interactive and funMake it interactive and fun Complete paperwork and proceduralComplete paperwork and procedural stuff in advancestuff in advance
  • 11. 1111 OrientationOrientation Beyond the WorkplaceBeyond the Workplace Offer dual career assistanceOffer dual career assistance Include family in the equation, invite toInclude family in the equation, invite to orientationorientation Match new employees with friends andMatch new employees with friends and services, new neighbors, teenageservices, new neighbors, teenage babysitters, etc.babysitters, etc. Help with relocationHelp with relocation
  • 12. 1212 AssimilationAssimilation Provide a buddy/Provide a buddy/ mentoringmentoring Create & reward best practicesCreate & reward best practices Develop expectations for managementDevelop expectations for management
  • 13. 1313 Welcome!Welcome! Desk, computer, workspace ready onDesk, computer, workspace ready on day oneday one Welcome cardWelcome card Balloons, foodBalloons, food New employee party at work siteNew employee party at work site Formal follow-up at 30, 60, 90, 120Formal follow-up at 30, 60, 90, 120 daysdays
  • 14. Keys to RetainingKeys to Retaining Top TalentTop Talent
  • 15. 1515 Job Satisfaction & RetentionJob Satisfaction & Retention
  • 16. 1616 1. Increase Opportunity1. Increase Opportunity Challenge Interesting projects Responsibility Team leadership Special assignments Promotion
  • 17. 1717 Opportunities for EmployeeOpportunities for Employee DevelopmentDevelopment Internal recruitment Support for education Job rotation/cross training Task forces, project assignments Academies of learning Career ladders Mobility among libraries
  • 18. 1818 Cultivating ExcellenceCultivating Excellence Individual development plans Coaching/mentoring Performance management with real feedback and coaching 360 feedback Accelerated advancement/steps Co-manager opportunities Shared staff opportunities
  • 19. 1919 2. Decrease Stress2. Decrease Stress Identify stressors Distribute work evenly Eliminate red tape Manage interruptions Promote and model stress-reducing activities
  • 20. 2020 Work/Life BalanceWork/Life Balance Define work in terms of what is to be accomplished Provide flexible work schedules Evaluate alternative work places and telecommuting Appreciate dilemma of child care, elder care, multiple individual roles Allow voluntary demotions Appreciate diversity of personal values and priorities
  • 21. 2121 3. Provide Leadership3. Provide Leadership Build trust Commit to helping others succeed Offer motivation Seek excellence Take action
  • 22. 2222 4. Emphasize Work Standards4. Emphasize Work Standards Focus on taking pride Link performance to customer satisfaction Develop customer service and quality measures collaboratively Be very clear on expectations Celebrate achievements
  • 23. 2323 5. Provide Fair Rewards5. Provide Fair Rewards Employees want fair rewards for the work they do, based on: Skill Responsibilities Effort Working conditions Communicate Reward for top performance
  • 24. 2424 Convenience/Concierge ServicesConvenience/Concierge Services Dry cleaner pick-up Supermarket / Carry-out delivery Financial planning Passes, discounts zoo, museum Classes on-site educational, fitness Discount coupons cleaning services, manicures, lawn care Wellness, health screening
  • 25. 2525 6. Allow Adequate Authority6. Allow Adequate Authority Empower employees to act Encourage employee input to decisions, goals, and direction setting
  • 26. 2626 Retaining Talented Workers asRetaining Talented Workers as They Near RetirementThey Near Retirement Phased retirement Re-hiring as part-timers or consultants Temp work Training/mentoring assignment Sabbatical
  • 27. Recognizing EmployeesRecognizing Employees People will forget what youPeople will forget what you said. People will forget what yousaid. People will forget what you did. But people will never forgetdid. But people will never forget how you made them you made them feel. AnonymousAnonymous
  • 28. 2828 RecognitionRecognition Enhances performance Helps motivate Provides practical feedback Makes it easier to get the work done Improves productivity
  • 29. 2929 Coworkers Recognize ColleaguesCoworkers Recognize Colleagues Dedication Achievement Character Service Can doattitude Respect Cooperation Helpfulness Flexibility
  • 30. 3030 Supervisors Recognize StaffSupervisors Recognize Staff Handling an emergency or difficult situation Filling in on another job Completing a special task Consistently presenting a positive attitude that inspires Giving time & assistance to an area or staff person outside dept. or responsibility
  • 31. 3131 More Formal RewardsMore Formal Rewards Customer Service Award Spirit Award Service Awards Retirements
  • 32. 3232 Developing aDeveloping a Recognition ProgramRecognition Program Focus on the areas that have the most impact Involve employees Announce the program with fanfare Publicly track progress Have lots of winners Allow flexibility of rewards Renew the program as needed Link informal and formal rewards
  • 33. 3333 Getting StartedGetting Started Start in your own sphere Do just one thing differently Focus on what you CAN do Dont expect perfection
  • 34. 3434 Building CommitmentBuilding Commitment Focus - employees know what they need to do and what is expected of them Involvement - people support most what they help to create Development encourage opportunities for learning and growth Gratitude - recognize good performance (formal or informal) Accountability - employees are responsible for their performance and lack thereof
  • 35. 3535 Fine-Tuning Retention StrategiesFine-Tuning Retention Strategies Analyze turnover - address any problems Do exit interviews and USE the data Survey incumbents Paper/pencil, online Town hall meetings Meetings with senior management Not one size fits all! Target to individual needs
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  • 37. 3737 THANK YOU!THANK YOU!