infopeople webcast: retaining & motivating excellent library employees

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Infopeople Webcast: Infopeople Webcast: Retaining & Motivating Retaining & Motivating Excellent Library Employees Excellent Library Employees March 6, 2006 Noon – 1:00 pm Presenter: Paula M. Singer PhD [email protected] [email protected]

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Infopeople Webcast: Retaining & Motivating Excellent Library Employees. March 6, 2006 Noon – 1:00 pm Presenter: Paula M. Singer PhD [email protected] Housekeeping. Don’t wait for Q&A to submit questions. Today’s webcast: presentation: 50 minutes Q&A: final 10 minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Infopeople Webcast: Retaining & Motivating Excellent Library EmployeesMarch 6, 2006Noon 1:00 pmPresenter: Paula M. Singer PhDPmsinger[email protected]

  • Housekeeping Todays webcast: presentation: 50 minutes Q&A: final 10 minutesSubmit your questions via Chat during webcast so presenter gets them in timeFill out evaluation during Q&ADont wait for Q&A to submit questionsWebcast Archives:

  • When to Use ChatChat Area ThereList of Participants ThereGet help with technical difficulties send message to HorizonHelpAsk presenter questionssend message to ALLChat with other participantsselect name from dropdown list

  • AgendaWhy retention matters Why employees stayOrientationRetentionRecognition

  • Why Retention MattersCosts: 1 - 2 times salary & benefitsStaffing costs costs to hireVacancy costs lost productivityTraining costs to prepare new employeeActing payLoss of knowledgeWork not done, priorities not metImpact on colleagues

  • Obstacles to RetentionCompetition for the tech savvy, interpersonally skilled Declining supply of library & information science professionals More choices for both degreed and non-degreed personnelLow compensationRetirements Freezes

  • Population Decline

  • Talent Pool35- to 44-year-olds in the U.S.Index 1970 = 10015%dropToday

  • The Changed Employer-Employee RelationshipThe contract is brokenLife Long Employment vs. Mutuality of PurposeFree agentsFlexibility to meet diverse needsWork/life considerations

  • Think about yourself and your staff.What keeps you at your library? Why do you stay?

  • Why Employees StayA feeling of connectionFeeling valuedPersonal and professional growthContinuous learningMaking a differenceGood managementCant afford to leaveFair pay and benefits

  • Compensation is More than a SalarySalaryBenefits - the other paycheckWork environmentA three legged stool!

    ALA toolkit for salaries

  • Retention Begins with Orientation

  • OrientationRelationship begins before the hire Employees value a personal connection Accommodate different learning stylesMake it interactive and funComplete paperwork and procedural stuff in advance

  • Orientation Beyond the WorkplaceOffer dual career assistanceInclude family in the equation, invite to orientationMatch new employees with friends and services, new neighbors, teenage babysitters, etc.Help with relocation

  • Assimilation Provide a buddy/mentoringCreate & reward best practicesDevelop expectations for management

  • Welcome!Desk, computer, workspace ready on day one Welcome cardBalloons, food New employee party at work siteFormal follow-up at 30, 60, 90, 120 days

  • Keys to RetainingTop Talent

  • Job Satisfaction & Retention

  • 1. Increase OpportunityChallengeInteresting projectsResponsibilityTeam leadershipSpecial assignmentsPromotion

  • Opportunities for Employee Development Internal recruitmentSupport for educationJob rotation/cross trainingTask forces, project assignmentsAcademies of learningCareer laddersMobility among libraries

  • Cultivating ExcellenceIndividual development plansCoaching/mentoringPerformance management with real feedback and coaching360 feedbackAccelerated advancement/stepsCo-manager opportunities Shared staff opportunities

  • 2. Decrease StressIdentify stressors Distribute work evenlyEliminate red tapeManage interruptionsPromote and model stress-reducing activities

  • Work/Life BalanceDefine work in terms of what is to be accomplishedProvide flexible work schedulesEvaluate alternative work places and telecommutingAppreciate dilemma of child care, elder care, multiple individual rolesAllow voluntary demotionsAppreciate diversity of personal values and priorities

  • 3. Provide LeadershipBuild trust Commit to helping others succeedOffer motivationSeek excellence Take action

  • 4. Emphasize Work Standards Focus on taking pride Link performance to customer satisfactionDevelop customer service and quality measures collaborativelyBe very clear on expectationsCelebrate achievements

  • 5. Provide Fair RewardsEmployees want fair rewards for the work they do, based on:Skill ResponsibilitiesEffortWorking conditionsCommunicate Reward for top performance

  • New & Emerging BenefitsExtra insurance(s) at group rateAuto, legal, & pet insurance529 savings plansCounteroffersEldercare 411Lactation RoomsResearch leave/sabbaticalsStop the clock tenure

  • Convenience/Concierge ServicesDry cleaner pick-upSupermarket / Carry-out delivery Financial planning Passes, discounts zoo, museum Classes on-site educational, fitnessDiscount coupons cleaning services, manicures, lawn careWellness, health screening

  • 6. Allow Adequate AuthorityEmpower employees to actEncourage employee input to decisions, goals, and direction setting

  • Retaining Talented Workers as They Near RetirementPhased retirementRe-hiring as part-timers or consultantsTemp workTraining/mentoring assignment Sabbatical

  • Recognizing EmployeesPeople will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.Anonymous

  • Recognition Enhances performanceHelps motivate Provides practical feedbackMakes it easier to get the work doneImproves productivity

  • Old School Recognition ProgramsFormal 1 size fits allCentrally (HR) managedInfrequentCulture of entitlementSelectively used for top performers only

  • Recognition UpdatedIncludes informal elementsMultiple programs & activitiesLeader-orientedFrequent & flexibleCulture of performanceUsed for everyone

  • Carroll County Public LibraryEveryone Counts!Mission: Created to celebrate the contributions of CCPL staff members, and to foster an atmosphere of appreciation, respect and motivation Coworker Supervisor to Staff Formal

  • Coworkers Recognize Colleagues DedicationAchievementCharacterServiceCan doattitudeRespectCooperationHelpfulnessFlexibility

  • Supervisors Recognize Staff

    Handling an emergency or difficult situationFilling in on another jobCompleting a special taskConsistently presenting a positive attitude that inspiresGiving time & assistance to an area or staff person outside dept. or responsibility

  • More Formal RewardsCustomer Service AwardSpirit Award Service AwardsRetirements [email protected]

  • Spirit of CCPL RecognitionProviding consistently outstanding service to internal and/or external customersBringing innovative idea(s) to the systemEnhancing operationsAccomplishing a specific projectContributing to the mission and/or goals of CCPLProviding exceptional service in spite of extraordinary circumstancesPresenting an idea or recommendation that resulted in a cost savings to CCPL

  • Tulsa City County LibraryRave Review Team AwardStanding Ovation Applause

    [email protected]

  • Low Cost - High Impact RecognitionBRAVO award coupons Special recognition for pages and hourly employees Xerox handBragging sessions Start each staff meeting with good news & praise for employees who deserve itRead thank you letters from customersSelf-recognition days

  • More Ideas Anniversary letterThanks button on websiteLifesaver awardEmployee nominated EZTDBW awardEagle award Employees write about others

  • Developing a Recognition Program Focus on the areas that have the most impactInvolve employeesAnnounce the program with fanfarePublicly track progress Have lots of winnersAllow flexibility of rewardsRenew the program as neededLink informal and formal rewards

  • Getting StartedStart in your own sphereDo just one thing differentlyFocus on what you CAN do Dont expect perfection

  • Building CommitmentFocus - employees know what they need to do and what is expected of themInvolvement - people support most what they help to createDevelopment encourage opportunities for learning and growthGratitude - recognize good performance (formal or informal)Accountability - employees are responsible for their performance and lack thereof

  • Fine-Tuning Retention Strategies Analyze turnover - address any problemsDo exit interviews and USE the dataSurvey incumbentsPaper/pencil, onlineTown hall meetingsMeetings with senior managementNot one size fits all! Target to individual needs

  • Resources ALA. Advocating for Better Salaries and Pay Equity Toolkit. Nelson & Dean Spitzer, The 1001 Rewards & Recognition Fieldbook, Workman Publishing, NY 2003.Public Libraries, Recruitment and Retention Issue, Vol. 45, No.1, Jan/Febr 2006.Paula M. Singer & Jeanne Goodrich, Retaining and Motivating High-performing Employees, Public Libraries Recruitment and Retention Issue, pp 58-63.Paula M. Singer, Designing a Compensation Program for Your Library. ALA, 2002.

  • THANK YOU! Paula M. Singer, Ph.D.The Singer Group, Inc.12915 Dover RoadReisterstown, MD [email protected]