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  • Religious Education

    ICT mattersFinding ResourcesPlanning ICT useEvaluating ResourcesMaking resources

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    What ICT is there?

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Resources on-line Googlising

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Criteria for evaluation?

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Criteria for evaluation?ContentCredibilityNavigationDesignPotential RE Today

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Evaluating a websiteUsing the sheet Evaluating a website

    Some websites you might want to look

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Key websites for RE and ICT

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    ICT opportunitiesInitial ideasThings to consider:

    Range of things that are ICTICT can be used as:TeachingLearningResearchPresentationEvaluationLearning Preferences Access and equipment

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Examining a resourceOn the CD-ROM. You have about 15 mins working alone or in pairs to examine the resource and decide:

    What is the learning objective / aim of this resourceDoes the resource fulfill these?What are the learning methods that are being used?Are there any copyright / resourcing implications?How could you improve this resource?Who is using this resource?

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    Task 2Starting with one of the resources you have looked at, or one of the resources from the website consider what sort of resource you could develop for use on your teaching practice.

    Paul Hopkins MMVII

    PlenaryFive sites to keep in mind Key Things

    Always start with the RE objectives and activities the ICT is the servant of these not the master

    Make sure that you and your students have the relevant IT skills

    Make sure that the kit is working, check and double check - and have a backup plan.

    My name is Paul Hopkins as well as being a lecturer at SHU I run a consultancy business advising LEAs, QCA, the DfES and BECTa on the use of ICT as a tool to enhance teaching and learning in RE. Previsouly I worked in the education faculty at the Open University and was a senior teacher, head of faculty, head of RE and teacher of RE, Physics, Maths, IT and History in various schools at various times.

    Some of the website that I run are: to think about ICT in more terms than just the computer though much of the electronic materials (hardware and software) are now converging into a single device. Think about the media you wish to use and how the technologies can support this so think about moving images, still images, sounds, animations, and also about the ways in which the teacher and the learner can develop these. When using the internet with your pupils you need to make sure that the task you are setting is clear and well defined. It is very easy to say search for which leads to thousands if not millions of hits for these terms. Often it is better to use sites that you have previsouly searched for and looked at or use the RE specific search engine which can be found at: about how you would evaluate websites and now look at the criteria on the documents on the websiteSee the document on the website for more detailsThese are some key sites when thinking about using ICT in RE. Here you will find ideas and resources.


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