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A PowerPoint presentation for ESOL teachers on using podcasts and ICT resources for listening


  • 1. ICT ResourcesListening
    Wednesday 8 June 2009

2. How many times have you ...
... been unable to find the CD or cassette for your lesson?
... been unable to find a CD/cassette player that works?
3. Listening to the radio
What problems do students have when they listen to the radio?
too fast
not clear
difficult vocabulary
havent got a radio
too difficult to sit down in front of the radio
miss the programme
not interesting enough
4. Authentic listening materials on the computer
BBC iPlayer wide selection of recent radio (and TV) programmes
+ Students can pause the recording
+ Students can search for programmes which interest them

  • Students need to be in front of a PC to listen

What about podcasts???
5. What is a podcast?
iPod + broadcast = podcast
(Personal On Demand broadCAST)
(noun) a Web-based audio or video broadcast made available for download, accessed by using a podcatcher
(verb) to deliver a Web-based audio or video broadcast, made available for download
6. How to obtain a podcast?
a podcatcher a software application that can automatically identify and retrieve new files in a given series when they are made available (e.g. iTunes)

  • download from content providers website

e.g. bbc.co.uk/podcastspodomatic.com
bbc.co.uk ...you can listen again to most programmes online for 7 days after broadcast via iPlayer ...most BBC podcasts are available for 7 days before being removed...
7. www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/
8. www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/
Click on radio programme
Click on radio station
Right-click and select save target as
9. iTunes
10. RSS Really Simple Syndication
RSS feed -can be read using software called RSS reader
You can just click on the icon to the right which will subscribe you for updates
This comes up in Outlook
Note if you do this, it wont store the podcast. you need to manually download it.Some podcasts are only made available for download for a set period of time
11. 12. Using podcasts
Play from the website
Play from mp3 file on computer
Play on mp3 or audio CD
Play on an mp3 player (e.g. iPod)
13. Podcasts
ICT Resources


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