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    TUESDAY, FEB. 24, 2015

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    Somali community fears backlash over mall videoA leader in the Somali community says his biggest fear is a misplaced backlash over threat made to West Edmonton Mall.

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    WEATHER 30% showers. High 3. Low -8.

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    Case headed to the juryBY PAUL COWLEY AND SUSAN ZIELINSKI


    A microscopic fragment of DNA found at the scene and gunpowder and lightbulbs that could be used to create the pipe bomb that killed Victoria Shachtay point to Brian Malley as her murderer, a Crown prosecutor told a jury on Monday.

    Malleys DNA was on the piece of tape, paper and cardboard, said Quist, referring to the rem-nants of the note that had been placed on a supposed Christmas package left on Shachtays Innisfail door-step on Nov. 25, 2011.

    When she opened the package the bomb explod-ed, killing the wheelchair-bound single mother of a seven-year-old girl instantly.

    Mr. Malleys DNA was on the bomb package be-

    cause he put the bomb pack-age together, said Quist in his closing submission in the more than five-week-old trial in Red Deer Court of Queens Bench.

    Malley, 57, is charged with first-degree murder and a pair of explosives-related charges.

    A particular brand of light-bulb that Malley was known to have purchased was the same as the one used in the bomb, said Quist. Malley was known to have purchased two con-tainers of gun powder but po-lice only turned up one in a search of his home.

    The other all went into the bomb, in my submis-

    sion.There was also evidence that Malley had bought a

    steel pipe, the same size and type as the pipe bomb.The defence had argued during trial the pipe was

    used as a sleeve around a gas line at Malleys moth-er-in-laws house.

    Quist said that was a complete sham and an attempt to provide an innocent explanation for his purchase of the pipe.

    When all evidence is taken into account there is no reasonable doubt of Malleys guilt, he said in clos-ing.

    I urge you to find him guilty as charged.Defence lawyer Bob Aloneissi said convicting his

    client would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    Brian Malley

    Fear, irrational decisions the big

    threat: HirschBY HARLEY RICHARDS


    In his 1933 inauguration speech, then United States president Franklin D. Roosevelt suggested that the only thing we have to fear is . . . fear itself.

    This phrase might have been better suited for Todd Hirschs presentation to the Rotary Club of Red Deer.

    ATB Financials chief econ-omist downplayed the adverse impact of sub-$50 oil, warning instead that Albertans reac-tion to the low price is a great-er danger.

    Im not saying we should ignore whats happening, said Hirsch. Im not saying we shouldnt be prudent and make wise decisions, because it is going to be a challenging year, theres no way around that. But we should not worry too much, because once we do, irrational deci-sions start to happen.

    The biggest threat is not $50 oil, the biggest threat is fear and irrational decision-making.

    2015 will get off to a difficult start, acknowledged Hirsch, with lots of layoffs and few job opportunities for university and college grads in the energy sector. ATB Financial is forecasting provincial GDP growth of between one and two per cent this year.

    But other big industries like forestry, agriculture and tourism are poised to thrive. Theyll benefit from cheap fuel prices, the low Canadian dollar and improved access to labour, said Hirsch.

    An 80-cent loonie is painful for import companies and consumers, and might wound our national pride, but the U.S. dollar is out-performing most currencies in the world, pointed out Hirsch. He expects the loo-nie to drop another nickel, and then rebound to 80 cents by year-end.

    The high household debts of Canadians is trou-bling to many people, including officials with the Bank of Canada, acknowledged Hirsch.

    Anytime youve got the words debt and record high in the same sentence, there is a concern there, absolutely.

    Todd Hirsch


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    Photo by JEFF STOKOE/Advocate staff

    Red Deer and District SPCA volunteer co-ordinator Kim Barlow holds up a tray of cupcakes at the SPCA on Monday afternoon as staff members Jaleen Shier, left, and Shelli Rasmussen fill a box with cupcakes. Shier made 500 cupcakes while Barlow decorated just as many for the SPCA National Cupcake Day event. The national event has participants who would like some cupcakes making a donation to the SPCA. Several businesses in Red Deer also participated in the event giving out cupcakes when a donation was made. Some of the businesses involved in this years event were the Lomsness Veterinary Clinic, the Dog and Cat Hospital, The City of Red Deer and The Mane Attraction Hair Studio.

    Jackpot Casino wants parking lot in ParkvaleBY CRYSTAL RHYNO


    A paved parking lot may soon be going up in Parkvale.

    Red Deer city council gave first reading to a land use bylaw amendment that would pave the way for a parking lot at 4643 50th Street and 4637 50th Street.

    A public hearing has been set for March 30st. Jackpot Casino unsuccessfully submitted an ap-

    plication for a permanent parking lot in September 2013.

    Its new application proposes a 10-year temporary parking lot with some minor changes to landscaping.

    It would boast 41 regular parking spots and two ac-cessible stalls.

    Citing concerns that the parking lot does not meet the intent of the low impact commercial district in the land use bylaw and other plans, administration did not recommend approval.

    But council reasoned it was important to hear more from the public on both sides of the fence on the issue. The first application did not trigger a pub-lic hearing because it was defeated at first reading.



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    MALLEY: Deliberationsexpected to start today

    We have a huge gap, a gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Where is the real, hard evidence? Aloneis-si asked the jury.

    He said they cant presume Malley bought the parts to build the bomb, or that he built the bomb, or that he delivered it to Shachtays doorstep.

    Dont convict Brian Malley on suspicion, the de-fence lawyer said.

    Evidence showed Malley purchased a pipe six-inch-long with a two-inch-wide galvanized steel nipple (pipe with threading at both ends) and one end cap in July 2011.

    Defence argued the pipe Malley bought was the one recovered from the yard of Malleys mother-in-laws Edmonton home.

    Aloneissi said there is no evidence Malley pur-chased another pipe and end caps.

    He said there is also no evidence that his client knew how to make a bomb so dangerous that loose gun powder in the threads of the pipe could ignite from friction by screwing on an end cap.

    Aloneissi said materials found at his clients home were for use in construction or hunting not bomb making as Malley was a home builder and hunter.

    He said the bottle of gunpowder found in his base-ment was sealed. The light switch used in the bomb was not the same type his client possessed, and there was no evidence he bought the battery cap used in the bomb.

    He said experts could not say exactly whose DNA profile was found at the scene on a piece of paper the size of confetti, and if the DNA was a match it could have been inadvertently transferred.

    To say that Malley killed Shachtay to cut his finan-cial loses was a red herring, Aloneissi said.

    He said his client earned $600,000 a year and had a reputation of giving to others.

    (Malley) was free to pay or not to pay. He was un-der no obligation to pay her money and he could stop any time.

    Malley was Shachtays financial advisor. She, who was paralyzed in a 2004 car crash, had given him

    $575,000 from a 2007 injury settlement. When her money was gone, Malley paid Shachtay