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August 08, 2014 edition of the Red Deer Advocate



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    Your Guide to Fall

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    for All Ages

  • 2 FRIDAY Forward Friday, Aug. 8, 2014

    Academy of Martial Arts Inc.

    203, 4929 - 50 Street Ph: 403-343-3350Open Mon.-Fri. from 4:30-9:30 p.m. E-mail:

    Ask about our Self Defense/Steps to Survival Course

    Let us teach your kids self defense - then let us teach you!Kali is an excellent form of self defense, but it also increases strength, stamina and fl exibility. Why not enjoy the benefi ts of Kali along with your children? Join in a workout with your kids and enjoy the shared experience. Kali requires no special uniform, so any workout clothing is acceptable. And since all levels of experience train together, you can begin right away.

    Call us today to find out how you and your family can benefit from practicing Kali!

    Phone Today about Our FREE 1 WEEK TRIAL

    Studying a martial art is an excellent way to stay healthy while improving balance and coordination, and training is available in many different traditional martial art forms from around the world. Originating in the Philippines, Kali is one such form of training that strives to incorporate many different techniques into one training regimen.Suppressed for three centuries by Spanish colonizers of the Philippines, it is only in the last half of the twentieth century that Kali masters have begun to teach their secrets to the public. Before this, Kali was taught privately within family groups, which is probably why it is less popular than other more familiar martial arts forms.There are currently three types of Kali. One is an exhibition style, which has largely non-functional movements. A second type is called Sports Kali, but it has limitations that prevent its practitioners from incorporating their techniques in real-world situations. Combat Kali is an open technique that allows its practitioners to defend themselves outside of the gym.One advantage of Kali is the seamless integration of its techniques. From using a dagger to a forty-inch pole to bare hands, the Kali practitioner employs the same movements with only minor modifications. In other martial arts, the techniques vary widely from weapon to weapon and from weapon to bare hand. This gives the impression of an arbitrary collection of several styles under one system. In contrast, the Kali practitioner can pick up any weapon at hand and use it effectively even though it may be the first time they have handled that weapon. But Kali is more than fighting; it is the education of motion. Kalis techniques are short, direct and economical.Kali also improves appearance, health and energy.

    It gives practitioners self-confidence and a feeling of greater security. It is the art of the warriors and kings of the ancient Philippines and it hones the practitioners character on the warrior virtues of honesty, justice, and - paradoxically - peace. The aim of the warrior-Kali practitioner is not to fight, but to keep the peace.Not frequently shown or taught, many family groups in the Philippines still keep their combat styles secret, but some maestros have begun to teach outsiders. In the latter part of the twentieth century, Gran Maestro Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo, who was perhaps the most respected Kali Gran Maestro in the world, began sharing his techniques with the outside world. A legend in his lifetime, h e t a u g h t K a l i Ilustrisimo, a style that has the slow and the fast, the hard and the soft.

    Little-known martial art yields big results

    Kali Ilustrisimo techniques flow from a core of basic principles, and you can literally count on your fingers the number of intimate disciples to whom Tatang passed those principles on to. But as stated, Combat Kali is not just a martial art for the gym. When he was eighty-six years old, Gran Maestro Antonio Tatang Ilustrisimo routed three armed men using only a twenty-four inch long Kali baton.

  • FRIDAY Forward Friday, Aug. 8, 2014 3


    Beginning the week of Sept. 8th

    Located at the Collicutt Center and Recreation Center in Red Deer

    Register Today!

    DANCE CLASSES FOR ALL AGES AND ABILITIES!How Do I Register?1. Visit us every Saturday morning at the Red Deer Farmers Market (outside of the arena)2. Find us every Tuesday in the front foyer of the Collicutt Centre from 11 am - 7 pm.3. Visit our North Studio office during regular hours of operation.4. Register ONLINE! (for 8 week programs only)



    403-309-7319Located at the Collicutt Centre and

    Heritage Plaza

    Experience the MAGIC behind Dance Magic!Birthday . . .Musical Theatre . . .Tiny Tumblers Contemporary Cheer DanceBreak DanceMom & MeAll BoysHip HopUkuleleLyricalZumbaBalletGuitarPiano DrumsBanjoVoiceAdultJazzAcroTap

    Offering quality instruction in a fun, upbeat, positive and non-competitive atmosphere.

    8 week and full year dance and music programs available for students age 5 months to Adult.

    Convenient options for busy families to enroll siblings in multiple classes and programs at the

    same time! Two locations in Red Deer! Collicutt Centre and Heritage Plaza (6200 67A St.)




    (ms) Studies into the effects o f music on learning are nothing new. Such studies have been conducted for decades, gaining popularity during the 1950s when research was done on something called the Mozart Effect. The Mozart Effect theorizes that listening to Mozart can temporarily improve performance and may even boost a persons IQ. In response, many parents started playing Mozart and other classical music in their homes. By the late 1990s, Baby Einstein, a company that offers a wide range of developmental and entertainment products for babies and toddlers, released a series of CDs and videos that prominently featured classical music amid visual learning sequences for young children. Baby Mozart, Baby Bach and Baby Beethoven were just a few of the videos capitalizing on the evidence that children learn more when exposed to classical music.Ongoing research continues to support the theory that music education can help children on many levels. In Canada, a research group from McMaster University conducted their own study into music education. That study, which was published in the journal Brain in 2006, examined

    two groups of children, ages 4 to 6. Each were taught the same lessons, but one group was also given musical instruction. The study found that the group of children who received musical instruction scored much better than their peers in literacy, mathematics, IQ, and memory skills.Long Island University researchers Joseph Piro and Camilo Ortiz found that children exposed to a multi-year program of music instruction, involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills, displayed superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared to their peers who did not receive musical training. The authors concluded that, because neural response to music is a widely distributed system within the brain, it would not be unreasonable to expect that some processing networks for music and language behaviors, namely reading, located in both hemispheres of the brain would overlap.Music education is not just for the average student. Other research shows it may be beneficial to children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. A study completed at Stanford University showed that mastering a musical instrument improves the ability to process parts of the spoken language. The researchers believe that additional research might develop a way to use the knowledge obtained in the study to increase language development for individuals with dyslexia or cognitive disorders.In many schools, music education is being drastically reduced or eliminated. Parents may want to look outside the classroom for music instruction or play more music at home.

    Music Education can help with school skillsMusics efficacy as a teaching tool has long been studied. Though some still doubt if music has any effect on student performance, a strong body of evidence suggests otherwise.

  • 4 FRIDAY Forward Friday, Aug. 8, 2014

    J.D.S Fabulous Feet#3, 7619 - 50 Avenue (Gaetz)Owner & Director Julie Dionne

    Recreational & Competitive


    OPEN HOUSEThursday Aug. 28 & Thursday Sept. 47-9 pm, for new and returning students

    MusicalTheatreTapJazzBalletHip HopLyricalComboDance Revival(18 & up withExperience)Contemporary

    REGISTER NOW!Visit our or Call 403-342-2173

    (Certi ed with the Canadian Dance Teachers Association)Bilingual Service

    We offer classes in: NEW- Lyrical/Contemporary

    Recreational Class 10 & up- Musical Theatre

    Recreational Class 9 & up



    NEWHip Hop 3 years & up

    Weber Physio Harvest RunHosted by the Red Deer Runners

    23rd AnnualSUNDAY, SEPT. 7/14 9:00 A.M.

    8 km run; 3 km. run/walk. All ages and abilities welcome.Registrations available online or

    Call 403-347-4216 for more information.Interested in Volunteering for our Event?

    Email: rdharvestrun@gmail.com76



    Do you love to sing?Join the Red Deer Chamber Singers,

    an adult mixed chor