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<p>Reach Six Figure Income Sans Employees</p> <p>When you start your new eCommerce business, you dream of earning big income. However, the pace may take a toll on your health. You may feel disheartened. Expenses of your employees may make your dream of earning a steady six-figure income even more distant. Therefore, you have to solve this issue smartly and strategically. I have been able to create six-figure income with the use of minimum employees. I have listed some of the smart ways to earn a six-figure money check from your business below:1 . A Humble StartWhen you start your business, keep it simple. Dont include too many complications in the mechanism. Just like your products have to be user-friendly, your business has to be owner-friendly. You can start a simple home business or dropshipping business to test waters. In 1-2 months, you will be able to figure out the sales process. Once you start humbly with minimum complications and risks you will be able to understand dos and donts easily. After those 2 months have passed you can begin with the increase in income strategy.2. Get AutomaticToday, automation has reduced a lot of workload and the need for employees as well. You can simplify the sales process by using various online tools and software. Use social media to generate sales. Making use of right keywords will get you the good traffic. Tags also work to get you targeted audience. Even if you are busy try to be active on at least two credible forums pertaining to your niche or answer your niche related questions on these forums. This will help you to get leads. Be communicative and provide incentives for referrals. Mouth publicity is the best form of publicity and it automates lead generation. So, make sure that you give good offers, discounts to your old and existing clients. Make use of autoresponders and send regular offers to your customers via automated emails. Scheduling emails can also be done to send the emails at the right time. It automates the process.3. The Power of OutsourcingNever employ an in-house team for web designing, SEO, web content and even for the marketing process. Sales process can also be outsourced. The biggest hurdle to reach your 6 figure income is perhaps the increasing number of in-house employees. It is uneconomical and unwise to think that outsourcing is a bad idea. It is no longer a risky idea as well. A lot of cloud service providers and outsourcing companies have best security provisions. Quality of outsourced experts is also acceptable to international standards. You can check the profile and credentials of the expert before hiring him or her. You can also interview them via Skype. Outsourcing reduces cost to a great extent. As an entrepreneur, saving money means increased resources and greater profit margins. So, search the internet to find outsourcing platforms and hire remote employees. Try to hire direct employees instead of an agency as it will again reduce costs. When you hire your employees directly, it provides better workflow and communication.Welcome to, your number one source for customer returns, closeouts, House Hold Items, and overstock merchandise from leading department stores, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers. Were dedicated to giving you the very best merchandise, with a focus on quality merchandise, customer service, uniqueness, and dependability.</p>