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Quinton back in 2004/5


<ul><li> 1. QUINTON HARMON <ul><li>THE KARATE KID</li></ul></li></ul> <p>AS 2. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>It started with a fathers desire to make his son a little moremanlyand to provide him with self discipline. </li></ul> <p> 3. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>So the dad decided that something had to be done before he lost his son forever to the girly side. </li></ul> <p> 4. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>The dad sat his son down and told him that he will begin training in order to become aKARATE MASTER ! </li></ul> <p> 5. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton trained for hours honing his body and growing muscles until he was finally ready to start his martial arts training.</li></ul> <p> 6. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Welcome.Im sensei Jose and today you will begin training in martial arts.You are now namedQUINTON-SAN ! </li></ul> <p> 7. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton-San began learning the skills of a martial arts warrior.But it was the mental focus that made him stronger than ever! </li></ul> <p> 8. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>In 7 quick months, the mental focus allowed Quinton-San to rise from white belt to orange belt .He was senseis best student. </li></ul> <p> 9. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>It was now time for Quinton-San to show the world what he could do.It was time to participate in the SoCal martial arts tournament.His dad was soooo excited </li></ul> <p> 10. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton-San put on his equipment and prepared to do battle in the tournament, even though he had butterflies in his stomach! </li></ul> <p> 11. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>The Contestants were assembled.The rules were explained and the battle was now ready to begin.LETS GO QUINTON-SAN!! </li></ul> <p> 12. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton-San disposed of one opponent after the other.He truly was a martial artist. </li></ul> <p> 13. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton-Sanearned one last battle to see who would advance to the finals in his division.But, after 3 wins, fatigue was starting to set in. </li></ul> <p> 14. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Although tired,nervous and facing a larger opponent, Quinton-San faced his opponent with the heart and courage of a true champion! </li></ul> <p> 15. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>Quinton-San was defeated in that final battle.But, the sensei was so impressed with his skill that he told him that hed be a great champion one day. </li></ul> <p> 16. THE KARATE KID </p> <ul><li>BUT..To his mom and dad Quinton hasALWAYSbeen a champion in their hearts </li></ul> <p> 17. WE LOVE YOU QUINTON 18. WE LOVE YOU QUINTON 19. WE LOVE YOU QUINTON 20. WE LOVE YOU QUINTON 21. YOUR PARENTS LOVE YOU 22. THE END </p>


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