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Mark Harmon. Joplin Regional Stockyards. Located in Southwest Missouri 23,000 Customer Base / serving 3.0 million cattle in my trade area Marketed 435,000 Cattle in 2005 Host a weekly in house Video Auction All Sales are Live on DV Auction on the Internet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Mark Harmon

  • Joplin Regional StockyardsLocated in Southwest Missouri 23,000 Customer Base / serving 3.0 million cattle in my trade areaMarketed 435,000 Cattle in 2005 Host a weekly in house Video AuctionAll Sales are Live on DV Auction on the InternetAverage herd size in our area is less than 50 cows30 plus Livestock Auction Markets within 150 milesOur goal is to remain a leader in the cattle marketing industry and that requires us to always THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

  • Agricultures future will be driven by fast changes in technology.

  • Preparing for the FUTUREProducers will have documented records on management and health programs and will be backed by the owner making sure their product will satisfy the specifications and needs of the industry.To enhance the profitability of the entire production system.


  • VERIFICATIONVerification is a means of proving claims about a product and also a method of exchanging information.With the ability to trace a product through a production and distribution system to the end user.Retailers are increasing drawn to these products, because their customers are showing growing interest in products with some kind of verification.

  • What the extra work of Verification can do for you is open marketing opportunities not available to cattle that are not aged, sourced or process verified

    While economic incentives are not guaranteed, producers whose cattle have been aged, sourced, process verified have reported increased Marketability and Premiums

  • Theres no doubt that animal identification will become mandatory, but right now Age-Source and Process verification will: Improve Industry CommunicationImprove products Improve Marketability

  • Today the value lies in the cow-calf segment. If we miss the opportunity to capture data (keep records), we cant capture it later on.A Successful marketing plan for the FUTURE begins today!

  • MarketingWith the nature of our market and strong demand, marketing calves will be quite easy. As we move into the lower end of the cattle cycle, well see the price range widen further between reputation and non-reputation cattle.Management practices along with genetic choices used today will be the backbone of the calf crops sold in the future

  • MarketingRelationships developed this fall between producers, veterinarians, livestock markets and their customers will be necessary to ensure market access and premiums when the market focus has shifted away from the cow-calf segment.

  • Just Remember Animal ID is not traceability ID merely enables traceability, which makes Source-Age-Process Verification Possible

  • Those who produce and market beef should realize that the end product they sell is not simply MEAT it is TASTE, TENDERNESS, SAFETY and WHOLESOMENESS.

  • Remember !!!!!!!If you dont measure itAnd have it identifiedYou cant Manage itIts not always price per pound but the amount of the CHECK !!!

  • Thank You Enjoy a JUICY STEAK TODAY