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Quality assuring the UK business register. Andrew Allen. Quality framework. Relevance Coherence Timeliness/ punctuality Accuracy Comparability Accessibility & Clarity. Aspects of UK register quality. Relevance Business register coverage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Quality assuring the UK business registerAndrew Allen

  • Quality framework Relevance Coherence Timeliness/ punctuality AccuracyComparabilityAccessibility & Clarity

  • Aspects of UK register qualityRelevance Business register coverageCoherence - Administrative data input/ ProfilingTimeliness/ punctuality - Updating frequencyAccuracy Register maintenance surveyComparability Quality controlAccessibility & Clarity - NSBRG/ Web site

  • CoverageVital that register coverage is very high

    UK register based primarily on sales tax (VAT) and employers tax (PAYE) relatively high thresholds

    Explored other sources to assess coverage

    Are other sources worth developing?

  • Other sources Corporation TaxLegal Barriers

    Aggregate comparisons annually give assurance of coverage

    Identified small company gap

    Would be beneficial identifying small trading companies below VAT and PAYE threshold

    Possible access through new legislation

  • Sources business directoriesCommercial databases e.g. Yell

    Thought to reach small businesses below threshold

    Mostly consumer facing businesses - bias

    Good for phone numbers

    Expensive and commercial sensitivities

  • Sources Valuation OfficeFor rateable value of businesses -site based

    Potential source of local units

    Occupier names missing/ empty properties

    Can indicate missing local units

    Worth revisiting

  • Sources Company registrationsUsed as a third source already

    Some registrations not on the register

    Examined a sample of the missing and their accounts to see why

    Many are not trading or for leaseholders.

    Challenge is to identify those trading

  • Coverage summaryCurrent coverage meets existing needs

    None of the new sources would provide complete coverage

    Pursuing Corporation Tax in conjunction with further use of Companies registrations offers most cost-effective way to improve coverage

  • Universe coherenceDifferent data sources lead to conflicts

    Administrative data held outside survey scope until quality assured avoids duplication and sectoral bias

    Examples:Discrepancies between sources e.g. high PAYE employment low VAT turnoverCompany registration but no tax registrationIntegration of farms register

  • TimelinessLags in administrative processes impact on qualityExample: UK VAT data daily, but 6 - 9 months lag in VAT processAdministrative death processMonitor changes in lags over time

  • Quality assuring input data2.1 million active enterprises

    Team of 10 check administrative data inputs

    21 daily VAT reports plus less frequent checks

    40 checks applied to PAYE data quarterly

    Examples large growth, large births, death check against other sources, size across sources

  • Impact of new tools on quality New tools can lead to discontinuities

    Improved matching software IDS

    Better match ratesmeant units previously held outside universe as suspicious moved into scope of survey

    Introduced in controlled way in agreement with survey users

  • Register maintenance surveysPrincipally for keeping local unit structures up to dateAround 75,000 businesses per year sampledComplex businesses sampled each year Simple businesses less frequentlySample of businesses with PAYE and register employment failing a closeness rule

  • Redeveloping the register survey

    Merged with an annual employment survey

    Will yield saving and improve coherence

    Business register and employment survey

  • New sample designComplex* 20+ FTE 1in1* active in more than one region and industrySimple 100+ FTE 1in1Unusual cases (employment) 1in1Simple 20 - 99 stratified by NACE 1 in 2Simple < 20 FTE stratified by NACE 1 in 500Administrative data used for most enterprises
  • Profiling Team of 8 Profile 500 large complex businesses each year

    To improve coherence between ONS surveysTo reflect current operating and legal structuresTo improve response to ONS surveys.

  • Monthly quality controlAlerts users to change over timeChange to top level universeChange to employment, turnover and number of businessesDrills down into industry, region, legal status, administrative sources

    % change by size, used to assess impact traffic light system

  • Annual quality reportsSmall change each month can show trends

    Timed to check quality before main annual survey samples taken

    Also used to quality assure the business register survey 0.5 million LUs updated each.

  • Special industry checksMonitoring of industries with known special criteria e.g. large employment required, only a small number in the country, discrepancies between employment/turnover

    Examples:Glass and steel manufacturingHolding companies Investment companies

  • AccessibilityFeedback on register quality

    Web publications

    National Statistics Business Register Committee key government users across UK

    Annual survey of users

  • Summary - UK register qualityPart of continuous improvementPaying attention to administrative dataExtending business register outputsMore efficient surveysCommunicating with customers


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