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<ul><li> 1. PUMPKINCHUNKIN</li></ul> <p> 2. A Pumpkin Chunkin? Theta Tau, professional engineering fraternity,will be hosting a competition for high schoolstudents involved with PLTW and FIRST to build acatapult capable of tossing a uniform ball. All catapults will have the same dimensionalrequirements. The competition will be judged by how accuratelythe catapult can lob the ball at a target, how farthe ball can travel, and group rebuilding andpresentation 3. Requirements Base: 3ft wide x 4ft long x 5ft tall (excluding arm) Counter Weight: Maximum 200 lbs (can be barbell weights, rocks, or water) We will weigh rocks and we will watch and make sure the appropriate amount of water is added The only force that will drive the counterweight is gravity. You can not have springsattached. If we see these we may disqualify your team. Projectile: 2lb (6in diameter wooden ball with metal core) We will provide this for the day of the competition Instructors can guide students into the right direction since this is a large task.However, instructors are not allowed to build the catapult for students or createthe blueprint for the catapult. This is an event to test how well the studentsunderstand principles of engineering and physics. SAFETY Every trebuchet needs a safety mechanism that can be disarmed from 20ft away from the catapult If you do not have a safety mechanism you will be disqualified FIRING MECHANISM The firing mechanism has to be disarmed from a distance of 25 ft from the catapult 4. Scoring Accuracy: 40pts (First Launch) Target will be set at 40yd A point will be deducted for every yard the projectile lands from the center ofthe target Distance: 40pts (Second Launch) The furthest launch will be awarded 40 points Every team afterwards will receive points based on (their distance/furthestdistance)X40pts Rebuild/Group Presentation: 20 pts You can either set up your trebuchet on site or transport the full structure If you transport the full structure then the team must make a presentation If you rebuild on site that will count as your presentation This presentation is to gauge the knowledge gained by the students. This will show theirhard work as well as illuminate the though process behind their specific build. Thispresentation will be conducted to make sure that the students grasp the knowledge andphysics behind their catapult. This will be judged by professors and students from USCsCollege of Engineering. 5. Distance willbe judgedbased onthe verticaldistancefrom thecenter of thecatapult. Inthe graphic,the solidlines wouldbe thedistancemeasured. 6. Location ~135 Ginny LaneLexington, SC29072 20+ acres Frontage road of 378and 20 intersection 7. Prizes 8. Pumpkin Chunkin Contest First Place- $500 donated to their program Second Place- $350 Third Place- $ 250 All teams get certificates 9. Other Activities: Pay-for-play tickets will be sold These activities are subject to change Bobbing for Apples Face Painting Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest Cake Walk Pumpkin Decorating Cornhole Pumpkin Bowling 10. Points of Impact Reach out to high school students that areconsidering engineering career paths. Recruit professors to participate in crucialone-on-one interaction between potentialstudents. Support an organization that promotesinterest in the engineering field. Reach out to parents of students in order tohelp with USC recruiting 11. People to Contact for Questions Ray Cormany (Fundraising Chair): Cormanjr@email.sc.edu Brooke Carroll: Carrolb2@email.sc.edu Kara Garrott: Garrott@email.sc.edu Cory Goodman: Goodmacm@email.sc.edu 12. Hope to See Everyone onNovember 5 th! </p>