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<ul><li> 1. Pumpkin MakinThis PowerPoint was created byAnthony McKenna And JamesONell.</li></ul> <p> 2. Step 1 Get a pumpkin, preferably a bought one. 3. Step 2 Cut out a lid on top of your pumpkin, then takeall the pips and seeds out of the pumpkinsinsides. 4. Step 3 Draw the outline of the face of the pumpkin. 5. Step 4 Cut the outlines out of the pumpkin and thenyou have a pumpkin face. 6. Step 5 Add the candle to the inside of your pumpkinand then get either a lighter or some matchesand then get a grown up to light it for you. 7. Step 6 Take the candle out of the pumpkin so that itdoesnt smell. 8. Have fun. Please go and have fun with your pumpkinbefore it gets rotten, as you have seen in thelast slide.</p>