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  1. 1. Video Clip, Presentation and Report/ Group project Pe Zhi Yong (0319765) Yong Man Kit (0319778) Mohamad Adib Ismail (0321532) Lim Jey Shen (0319796) Siti Nur Fatahiah (0320595)
  2. 2. VIDEO CLIP
  3. 3. STORYLINE On the first day of school, Ms Siti walks into the class and is greeted by the students. While she is taking attendance, Jason casually walks into the class late, without acknowledging the lecturer. When Ms Siti looks at Jasons appearances (dirty clothes and weird hairstyle), she judges Jason as a bad student. She then asks Jason to stand in the corner as punishment. However, Yong was also late to class. With tidy clothes and neat hairstyle with good attitude, she judges that Yong is a good student. Ms Siti allows Yong to sit down without being punished. Jason feels unhappy at Ms Siti with her unfair treatment. During class, everyone starts falling asleep due to boredom. When the bell starts ringing, all the students start packing up their things and head out without the teachers permission. Ms Siti informs everyone to prepare for their small test on next Monday. During their free time, Man Kit goes to library and sees Jason preparing for the exam. He goes to greet Jason and asks him about his progression. Later on, Man Kit sees Yong playing games in the open space. He also witnesses Yong persuading Adib to play games with him. When Man Kit asks Yong about his preparation, Yong says he does not care about it and he believes that he can achieved an excellent grade without revision. During the exam, Ms Siti gives a friendly greeting to Yong, but not to Jason. After the result came out, Ms Siti is disappointed with the results because Yong gets the worst grade in the class (Grade D), however Jason gets the best grade in the class (Grade A+). When Ms Siti gives back the test paper to Yong, he said at least I didn't fail on the test. After that day, Ms Siti learns a new lesson, Don't judge a book by its cover.
  4. 4. CONCEPT Halo Effect (CH.4) One positive attribute will cause us to attribute other positive qualities to an individual Example: When Yong came late to class, the teacher judged his personality and attitude based on Yongs appearance. This is because the teacher thought that since Yong wears nice clothings, therefore he must be a good student.
  5. 5. CONCEPT Classical Condition (CH.5) When two stimuli are paired together, they may come to elicit the same response Example: When the school bell rang, the students incognitively packed their bags, stood up and got ready to leave the class without the teachers approval, because they are used to leaving the class when the bell rings.
  6. 6. CONCEPT Persuasive Message (CH.6) Example: Yong and Adib tried to persuade the others by telling them that the exam is very easy.
  7. 7. CONCEPT Unrealistic Optimism (CH.2) Example: Yong thought that he can achieved an excellent result however he did not prepare for his examination.
  8. 8. CONCEPT Counterfactual Thinking (CH.3) Downward counterfactuals "I got a D on the test, but at least its not Fail!" Example: When Yong got the worst score on the test, he tried to avoid the hard fact that he was lazy, which is an excuse.
  9. 9. APPENDIX The Script -Siti enters into the class- Man Kit : Stand up! Good morning, teacher! (all std) Siti : Good morning, everyone. Sit down. Man Kit : Thank you, teacher! (all std) -Then Jason rushes into the class- Jason : Good morning, teacher! Sorry Im late. -Siti look at his appearances- Siti : Why are you late on the first day of school?! Jason : Because Siti : No excuses! Go and stand in the corner. After 30 minutes Yong knocks on the door and comes in. Yong : Good morning, teacher.. Sorry about being late. -Siti looks at his appearances- Siti : Well, you can come and take a sit. Yong : Thank you, teacher. Jason emo face Jason : Unfair.. (silently)
  10. 10. Every student boring face School bell ringing !!! Everyone starts packing fastly Siti : Wait! Before we end this class, I want to remind you all to prepare for your small test next week. Then everyone leaves The next morning .. Man Kit in library with book and sees Jason revising Man Kit : Hey, hows your preparation? Jason : Not bad , Im trying my best. Man Kit : Ok ,good luck! Then Man Kit sees Yong on computer and Adib with books Man Kit to Yong : Hey, have you prepared for your test? Yong : Nah, its easy! I believe I cincai can also get A ah! Adib : Really, that easy? Ok, lets play together hahaha! Man Kit : Ok bye, good luck guys! During test Siti : Good luck, Yong! I believe you can get good grade, right? Yong : Of course Siti acts she did not see Jason After the result Siti with unsatisfied expression Siti : I would like to announce the test result.. Jason is the only one to get A+ in this class. Also, Yong.. You got the worst grade on the test. Give back the exam paper to Yong and Yong takes it Yong : Wa, no study also no get fail in exam Siti : Haizz
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