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FNBE MARCH 2015SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY(PSY30203)FINAL PROJECT : VIDEO CLIPSGroup Members :Calvin Wong Ping Ket (0322481)Kenneth Tan Sin Kwang (0322482)Yeong Poh Ling (0323590)Tan Vin Nie (0323706)Sulaiman Idris (0321087)

Tutorial Group : Monday, 8am-10amLecturer : Mr Shankar

STORYLINEThe story of our video is basically about bad behavior of Sulaiman where he likes to flirt with different girls. It includes how he meet a girl named Poh Ling and got attracted to her. Also how he started to dated her. Unfortunately he got rejected by her due to Poh Ling had a bad impression towards him. Lastly, His best friend Kenneth and Calvin also blamed him due to his bad behavior.

CONCEPT 1 : FIRST IMPRESSIONDEFINITION: First impression is the event when one person first encounters another person and forms a mental image of that person. First impression can be made with large variety of characteristics such as ages, races, cultures, languages, physical appearances and genders.

FIRST IMPRESSIONAPPLICATION:The first impression of Sulaiman is damaged when Poh Ling and Vin Nie coincidently hear what he has said. His intention of judging someone with outward appearance has destroyed his own identity. He never tries to know somebody with a sincere heart. They feel annoyed and furious with his rude attitude and behavior. This affects the way how people see him.

CONCEPT 2 : IMPRESSION MANAGEMENTDEFINITION :Impression management, also known as self-presentation, is the process by which we try to convey a certain impression of ourselves to others. People are usually trying hard to express their positive impression to other people. There are some motives to manage their own impression. First motive is they want to influence others and gain rewards.

IMPRESSION MANAGEMENTAPPLICATION:To impress the Poh Ling, Sulaiman acts differently in order to show his good sides. He accompanies Poh Ling to buy some drinks and shows his generosity paying for the drinks. He is trying different methods to develop a nice impression on her, so that he can get closer to her easily.

CONCEPT 3: SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECYDEFINITION:A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes it to become true. An expectation about a subject, such as a person or event, can affect our behavior towards that subject, which causes the expectation to be realized and also cause our own expectations to come true by acting in ways that elicit expected behavior from others

SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECYAPPLICATION:Sulaiman keeps hesitating to ask Poh Ling for a date. He feels that his invitation might be rejected because she acts so cold to him. Lacks of confidence and over-nervous have caused the prediction to come true. His indirect reaction has affected his impression on the others. Poh Ling feels annoyed with his unfamiliar action, thinks that he is rude and straightly rejects his invitation. She finds it uncomfortable to interact with him.

CONCEPT 4: UPWARD COUNTERFACTUAL THINKINGDEFINITION :Counterfactual thinking is the process of mentally changing some aspect of the past as a way of imagining what might have been. For example: If only I had studied my notes more carefully, I would have passed the exam,. Upward counterfactuals are mental simulations of better possible outcomes. It may further increase self-blame and worsen depressive symptoms

UPWARD COUNTERFACTUAL THINKINGAPPLICATION:When Poh Ling rejected his invitation, he feels so sad. He blames himself for being so timid and indirect. He thinks that if he does not feel hesitate, She will definitely accept his invitation. This situation has worsened his current mood. It causes him to be diffidence and self-blame. He chooses to stay alone to cool down himself.

CONCEPT 5: BELIEF IN A JUST WORLDDEFINITION:Belief in a just world is the basis belief that good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. This concept means we would blame others misfortunes on them instead of circumstances and they deserved what they got.

BELIEF IN A JUST WORLDAPPLICATION:Kenneth and Calvin did not support him, but blame him for his rude attitude and behavior. They agree with Poh Lings decision because he only wants to get closer to the attractive girl. He never uses a real heart to know and understand a person. They believe that this incident happens on him is because he once did the same things on the other girls.