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  • 1. H O L O C A U S T T W OM O N T H SO FP S Y C H O L O G YS E M I N A RGymnzium L. Pika Pilsen Mgr. Martina Pakov

2. 3. Homework Presentationabout Jewish traditions, symbols, feasts, cuisine, synagogues, graveyards, 4. Students work from previous years. I use it as an illustrative utility these days. 5. Mind map 6. Orders andI nterdictsDiscussion about orders and interdict soverJ ews after Nrnberg laws release 7. Work with Documents in Groups - Terezn Each group studies one topic and then presents it to the others. One day in a concentration camp Lives of children in a camp Culture music, literature, theatre Transports Visit of Red Cross History of a camp 8. O chlapci, kter se nestal slem Retelling the story about a boy, who lived a part of his childhood in Terezin, basing on the pictures. 9. TRANSPORT an association to each letter of the word POEMS putting pieces of Terezin childrens poems together, discussion 10. Workshop (IWM London) Offenders and victims can you recognize them in the pictures - or you cannot? 11. Work in Groups - Osvtim

  • Transports
  • Memories of survivors
  • Mengele
  • Marches of death
  • Life after war

12. Holocaust in Literature and Films Each student talks about a book he has read or a film he has watched. 13. Students Reflections

  • Pictures
  • Poems
  • Essays
  • T-shirts

When the project is at the end, students hand in reflections on the topic of Holocaust. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. This two months program of seminar has been taking place already for a couple of years. According to the interest of students, this basic program is usually expanded with another topics or some out of school activities like visiting of synagogue, Garden of Memories, temporary expositions, Terezn etc. We have also been to Osvtim and Anne Franks house in Amsterdam.


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