the holocaust. what is the holocaust? "holocaust" is a word of greek origin meaning...

The Holocaust The Holocaust

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The HolocaustThe Holocaust

What is the Holocaust?What is the Holocaust?

"Holocaust" is a word of "Holocaust" is a word of Greek origin meaning Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire." "sacrifice by fire." The Holocaust was the The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored state-sponsored persecution and murder persecution and murder of approximately six of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi million Jews by the Nazi regime and its regime and its collaborators collaborators

Groups targeted b/c of Groups targeted b/c of “racial inferiority”“racial inferiority”

JewsJews GypsiesGypsies Handicapped PeopleHandicapped People Slavs Slavs

Poles, Russians, and Poles, Russians, and othersothers

Political & Behavioral Political & Behavioral ReasonsReasons

CommunistsCommunists SocialistsSocialists Jehovah's WitnessesJehovah's Witnesses Homosexuals Homosexuals

Names to KnowNames to Know

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler Leader of GermanyLeader of Germany

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler Head of SSHead of SS 22ndnd in command to in command to


Joseph Goebbels Joseph Goebbels 33rdrd in command in command Reich Propaganda Reich Propaganda

Director Director

Adolf Eichmann Adolf Eichmann SS Lieutenant Colonel SS Lieutenant Colonel implemented the implemented the

system of transporting system of transporting prisonersprisoners

Rudolf Hess Rudolf Hess Reichsminister Reichsminister in charge of Hitler's in charge of Hitler's

day-to-day schedule day-to-day schedule






More Names…More Names…

Hermann Goring Hermann Goring commander in chief of commander in chief of

the Luftwaffethe Luftwaffe Lost power to Albert Lost power to Albert

Speer and Goebbels Speer and Goebbels

Albert Speer Albert Speer one of Hitler's top aids one of Hitler's top aids Believed to have Believed to have

prolonged war – prolonged war – allowing killing of more allowing killing of more JewsJews

Reinhard Heydrich Reinhard Heydrich key member of the key member of the

group that came group that came together to discuss the together to discuss the final solution of Jews final solution of Jews in 1942 in 1942

was bombed, shot, was bombed, shot, and killed by two and killed by two Czech citizens Czech citizens





1933 – Jewish 1933 – Jewish Population of EuropePopulation of Europe Over 9 million – prior Over 9 million – prior

to WWIIto WWII By 1950 – 3.5 millionBy 1950 – 3.5 million By 1945 – nearly 2 out By 1945 – nearly 2 out

of 3 Jews murderedof 3 Jews murdered

Nearly 200,000 Nearly 200,000 mentally & physically mentally & physically disabled peopledisabled people

Taking away Jewish rightsTaking away Jewish rights

1933 1933 begin boycotting begin boycotting

Jewish businessesJewish businesses Prohibit Jews from Prohibit Jews from

owning landowning land

19371937 Banned from Banned from

participating in certain participating in certain occupationsoccupations

19381938 Jews forced to register Jews forced to register

all of their propertyall of their property Why?Why? So Germans can take So Germans can take

it!it! Women forced to add Women forced to add

“Sarah” and men “Sarah” and men “Israel” to their names“Israel” to their names


Night of Broken GlassNight of Broken Glass

November 9 & 10 November 9 & 10 19381938

Gangs of Nazi youth Gangs of Nazi youth roam through Jewish roam through Jewish neighborhoods neighborhoods breaking windows, breaking windows, burning synagogues, burning synagogues, and lootingand looting

Jews attacked and Jews attacked and beaten; rounded up beaten; rounded up and sent to campsand sent to camps

Burned out synagogueBurned out synagogue

Events of 1939Events of 1939

Jews forced to hand Jews forced to hand over propertyover property

Nazis begin Nazis begin euthanasia on sick euthanasia on sick and disabled in and disabled in GermanyGermany

Yellow stars worn by Yellow stars worn by Jews over age 10Jews over age 10

Events of 1941Events of 1941

Einsatzgruppen (mobile Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing units) begin killing killing units) begin killing “undesirables”“undesirables”

The first test use of The first test use of Zyklon-B gas at Zyklon-B gas at Auschwitz.Auschwitz.

Himmler summons Himmler summons Auschwitz Kommandant Auschwitz Kommandant Höss to Berlin and tells Höss to Berlin and tells him, "The Führer has him, "The Führer has ordered the Final Solution ordered the Final Solution of the Jewish question. of the Jewish question. We, the SS, have to carry We, the SS, have to carry out this order...I have out this order...I have therefore chosen therefore chosen Auschwitz for this Auschwitz for this purpose."purpose."

Types of CampsTypes of Camps

LaborLabor Forced the inhabitants Forced the inhabitants

to workto work

Death/ExterminationDeath/Extermination End result to kill the End result to kill the


PrisonPrison Holding the inhabitants Holding the inhabitants

for a prolonged period for a prolonged period of time of time

TransitTransit Inhabitants only there Inhabitants only there

temporarily as they are temporarily as they are being moved from one being moved from one location to anotherlocation to another

List of Death CampsList of Death Camps

Auschwitz-Auschwitz-BirkenauBirkenau Located in present day Located in present day


BełżecBełżec Located in present day Located in present day


MajdanekMajdanek Current day PolandCurrent day Poland

MalyMaly TrostenetsTrostenets Current day BelarusCurrent day Belarus

ChełmnoChełmno Present day PolandPresent day Poland

JasenovacJasenovac Current day CroatiaCurrent day Croatia

LwówLwów, , JanowskaJanowska Street Street Current day UkraineCurrent day Ukraine

SobibórSobibór PolandPoland

TreblinkaTreblinka PolandPoland

WarsawWarsaw PolandPoland

Gas chambersGas chambers

Gas chambersGas chambers Victims brought in by Victims brought in by

traintrain 11stst few believed they few believed they

were leaving the were leaving the countrycountry

Told to strip nakedTold to strip naked Ripped their gold teeth Ripped their gold teeth

outout Shaved women’s Shaved women’s


Told they needed to Told they needed to showershowerAll crowded into the All crowded into the “showers”“showers”Gas came out of Gas came out of showers…killing the showers…killing the victimsvictims


Victims died Victims died elsewhereelsewhere

Taken to the ovens to Taken to the ovens to burn their bodiesburn their bodies

German citizens German citizens claimed to have no claimed to have no knowledge of this knowledge of this taking place…despite taking place…despite the horrendous smellthe horrendous smell

View of the wooden shed View of the wooden shed containing the old crematory ovens containing the old crematory ovens

Dr Josef MengeleDr Josef Mengele

SS DoctorSS Doctor

Performed medical Performed medical experiments experiments

Often killed his Often killed his “patients” and “patients” and dissected their bodiesdissected their bodies

ResultsResultsDeath Toll of the Jewish People

Country/Region Low Estimate High Estimate

Germany (1938 Borders) 125,000 130,000

Austria 580,000 65,000

Belgium & Luxembourg 24,700 29,000

Bulgaria 0 7,000

Czechoslovakia 245,000 277,000

France 64,000 83,000

Greece 58,000 65,000

Hungary & Ukraine 300,000 402,000

Italy 7,500 8,000

Netherlands 101,800 106,000

Norway 677 760

Poland & USSR 3,700,000 4,565,000

Romania 40,000 220,000

Yugoslavia 54,000 60,000

TOTAL 4,778,677 6,017,760

Images…sit quietly and observeImages…sit quietly and observe

Human remains found at DachauHuman remains found at Dachau