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A powerpoint that shows why Holocaust denial is misguided. Lists the three main arguments that revisionists use and uses evidence to refute these claims.


  • 1. 1The Holocaust andHolocaust Denial

2. 2The Final Solution 1941-45 In 1933 the Nazis opened their first ConcentrationCamp, It was initially filled with Criminals, Homosexuals andIntellectuals who opposed them. In 1934 they forced Jews to wear the Star of David, andharassed and intimidated them. Many chose to leave Germany, although few countrieswould accept them. After 1940 Germany discovered that countries theycontrolled (Poland & Russia) also had large JewishCommunities. What could they do? In 1941 they decided upon the Final Solution sincethey could not get rid of the Jews they wouldexterminate them. Huge death camps were built to deal with the Jews,Poles, Russians, Gypsies, Homosexuals and Intellectuals. 12 MILLION people were killed IN THESE CAMPS. Over 6 Million were Jewish.Triumph of the Will 3. 3Nazi Death Camps 4. 4A Painful Reminder This film documents the final months ofthe Second World War. As the Allied Forces advanced into Europethey discovered camps designed to fulfilHitlers Final Solution. It was decided to film the evidence forbroadcast in Germany, because manyGermans refused to believe such a thingcould happen in their country. It would also serve as evidence in anyfuture war-crimes trials. As the War ended the rivalry between thedemocratic West and the Communistsescalated. Britain and the USA needed to keep theGermans on their side, so the film and itsscript were placed in storage.for almost50 years. 5. 7What did you remember? Under the heading The FinalSolution write: What you rememberhappened. Why did it happen? What was the consequence ofthis? Do you think this couldhappen today? 6. What is Holocaust Denial? Holocaust Deniers are also called HolocaustRevisionists. They say that the Holocaust never happened. They base their claim on three main facts.1. Hitler never actually ordered theextermination of the Jews. (there is no writtenorder)2. There were no Gas Chambers* (Zyklon B wasused to de-louse people)3. The figure of 6 million is an exaggeration. Many also claim that the Holocaust was used asexcuse to create Israel from Palestine and thatmost of the dead actually migrated there.8* Revisionists call them Homicidal Chambers.Many Concentration Camps had gates like this,It reads Work will make you free 7. World at War: Genocide World at War was a TV seriesshown in the early 1970s. Episode 20 dealt with the NazisFinal Solution. It included documents,photographs, movie footage andeye witness accounts fromprisoners and SS guards of whathappened. Their testimony is proof that theNazis planned and killed 6 millionJews. Hitler, Himmler and Eichmannwere all part of a giant machinedesigned to turn death into anindustrial process.9 8. 1. Hitler never actually ordered the Holocaust? Revisionists say there is no signed order from Hitleractually authorising the Holocaust. Read thefollowing and copy the THREE which prove thispoint to be wrong. In 1922 Hitler told a journalist Once I really am inpower, my first task will be the annihilation of theJews. In 1939 Hitler said: We are going to destroy theJews. In 1942 Goebbels wrote: The Fhrer expressed hisdetermination to clean up the Jews in Europepitilessly. In 1943, Himmler stated The Jewish people is beingexterminated, In 1960 Adolf Eichmann stated: I never saw awritten order, All I know is: "The Fhrer has orderedthe extermination of the Jews. 10 9. 2. There were no Gas Chambers? Deniers claim: The buildings were actually used fordelousing. (killing Lice) Buildings claimed to be gas chamberswere all destroyed and the evidence lost. There is no evidence of any Zyklon B inthese ruins or existing chambers. That they were built after the war asevidence of German evil. David Cole is an atheist Jew who finds theHolocaust difficult to believe. Watch this video and listen to hiscommentary.. Write down TWO reasons he has forproving the Chambers at Auschwitz wereNOT gas chambers? David Cole does not believe in theAuschwitz Gas chamber because 11Remember Revisionists like David Colecall them Homicidal Chambers. 10. Crematorium #1 was an Air raid Shelter David Cole concentrates onthe term Original. He says the building wasturned into a gas chamberafter the war. In this video a formerprisoner describes his workin that building. Choose either Cole or theprisoner and in sentencesexplain why you thinkthis.12 11. 3. The figure of 6 million is wrong? Deniers also claim that only 300,000 Jewsdied because a single newspaper reportedthis figure. The Einsatzgruppen (Death Squads) inEastern Europe alone list 1,500,000 Jewskilled outside the camps. In one year (1942) Adolf Eichmann listed1,274,166 Jews killed in camps. The SS recorded 2,454,000 Jews deportedto extermination camps in another year. The World Almanac says the Jewishpopulation in Europe fell by at least 5 million between the 1939 and 1948.13 12. Holocaust Timeline 1933 Nazis take Power. Dachau Opens 1935 Nuremburg Laws discriminate against Jews 1938 Kristal Nacht. Jews fined for damage, 1939 World War 2 Begins 1940 Poland, France, Belgium occupied add 5million to the Jewish Problem. Auschwitz opens.500,000 Polish Jews placed in Ghettoes. 1941 Russia invaded another 3 Million Jews. FinalSolution (Aktion Reinhard) begins. Chelmo Opens 1942 Sorbirbor, Teblinka & Belzec open 1943 Auschwitz now capable of handling 5,000people a day. British & US Governments discussJewish Issue. 1944 Anne Frank deported to Auschwitz. 1945 World War 2 ends In total 6 Million Jews aredead. 96% of Polish Jews are dead.14 13. European Jews Killed 1941-45 Poland 2,600,000 USSR 750,000 Hungary 700,000 Romania 500,000 Germany 180,000 Netherlands 104,000 Lithuania 104,000 France 65,000 Austria 60,000 Czechoslovakia 60,000 Jews from Greece, Italy.Yugoslavia, Estonia , Denmark,Belgium, Norway or Bulgaria arenot included15Use this table to create a bar graph 14. 16 15. Justice? At Nuremberg, survivingNazi leaders were put ontrial for their crimes. The main trial of the 24most senior officialsresulted in 12 deathpenalties for Crimesagainst Humanity. Over 5,000 others werealso convicted. Many used the excuse offollowing orders toreceive lighter sentences. The Nazi Commander ofAuschwitz was hung therein 1947.17Adolf Eichmann escaped to Argentina but was captured bythe Israelis in 1960 and placed on trial, then executed. 16. 18How the Nazis broke Human RightsCopy the following and using YOUR notes to complete more examples for 3 -101. The Right to life, freedom and safety. 10 Million people killed in camps or by Death Squads.1. The Right to equal treatment without sexual, racial, social, ethnic or otherdiscrimination. The 1934 Nurembug Laws. Ghettos and Concentraion Camps1. Freedom from Slavery and unfair detention.2. Equal treatment under law, freedom from torture and inhuman punishment.3. The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and a fair trial.4. The right to privacy and a family protected by society.5. The right to basic needs, food, shelter, clothing, medical care.6. The right to own property.7. Freedom of thought, conscience, expression of opinion and religion.8. Freedom of assembly and the right not to belong. In 1933 the Nazis banned other political parties. 17. What do you remember: Holocaust Denial Holocaust Revisionists base their claim onthree main facts.1. Hitler never actually ordered theextermination of the Jews.2. There were no Gas Chambers (ZyklonB was only used to de-louse people tostop Typhus)3. The figure of 6 million is anexaggeration. (300,000 died byaccident?) From the previous slides and using thethree claims outlined above explain insentences whether you think theHolocaust revisionists have proven thatthere was NO Holocaust.19


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