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Project TitleYour NameMs. Appleby 6th GradeMountain View ElementaryScience Fair Category:Problem StatementType your question here. This is the question that your experiment answers.

Example: Which soil promotes faster plant growth, organic or regular?Project OverviewType a brief summary (short and concise narrative) of your project. Why did this topic interest you? 4-6 sentences long.ResearchWhat information did your research provide about your topic and/or experiment? List several important facts that you gleaned from the research. Use a bullet list. (3-5 bullets)BibliographyIndependent VariablesThe one variable that you purposely change and test. What is it that you changed?Example: Independent Variable = Type of Soil; Organic vs. RegularDependent VariableDependent Variable: The measure of change observed because of the independent variable. It is measurable and observable.Example:Dependent Variable= Growth; Plant heightControlled VariablesThese are the things that are kept the same throughout the experiment. You control them. Bullet them. Use 3-4 words or one sentence per bullet.Example:Amount of waterTemperatureType of plantHypothesisBased on your research, write an answer to your question, making your best educated guessas to the results of your test. Use an if.then statement where possible.Example:IF I use organic soil, THEN the plants will grow taller.MaterialsMake a careful and detailed list of all the items you will need to complete your experiment. Be specific about:AmountsQuantitiesTypes**This is not the list of procedures***ProcedureMake a detailed, numbered list, of every step needed to complete your experiment. This is like a recipe. Anyone should be able to read your procedures and replicate your experiment.Number the list 3. You may need 4-5 slidesAdd photographs 4. Do not put 1 step on a slidefont size 20Data/ObservationsThis slide will be a brief summary/narrative of your observations.Add photos of your experiment to accompany your summary.Data Table/Results It is easier to understand the data if it is put into a table. You can create the table using Word or Excel and import it into the presentation.Graph of ResultsYou must also create a graph representing the results you recorded in your data table. The graph needs to be in color. It can also be created in Word or Excel and imported into the presentation.ConclusionType a brief summary of what you discovered based on the results of your experiment, and ACCEPT or REJECT your hypothesis and explain why.RecommendationsWho are the stake holders in this experiment? Who is going to benefit by knowing the results of your experiment? What recommendations would you make to others based on your results?What would you do differently, if you were to run this test again? What other information should you look for that relates to this topic?Acknowledgements Recognize and thank those who helped you with this project. Specifically name (by general group, not individual names) those who served as your test subjects, people you interviewed, experts in the field who aided you, family members who took pictures, etc.(Closing Slide)Add additional photographs of your project work, a short (30 sec.) video taken during your project, a motivational quote, or another significant fact relating to your topic.Additional InstructionsFont Choices : Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Calibri Font size: Headers 44; Text 28-32; ONLY exception is for ProceduresChoose one transition and apply to all slidesDO NOT animate photographs or textChoose your own background and themeFont colors need to match background and be readable; NO RED, unless you need to make a specific pointAdditional InstructionsAdd photographs of your project every step of the way. You will need photos on every slide. Ask a family member to help photograph you as you work. Document all your observations with photographs.A family member will need to photograph any data collection done at school.Use italics, underlining, and bold, for emphasisRun Spell check and Grammar check