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    DESCRIPTION / APPLICATION Easi-Clean is a caustic based Heavy Duty Degreaser removes heavy deposits of grease, fat, protein deposits, dirt, oil, from all hard surfaces. Easi-Clean is particularly effective in food plants and kitchens when used as directed. Easi-Clean is D.P.I. and AQIS approved for use in food plants.

    BENEFITS • Effective in hard and soft water. • Free rinsing to ensure a nonslip finish. • Economical fast spray-on, wipe-off application. • Versatile in use as manual, spray or mechanical applications

    are able to be used. • Particularly effective in the removal of heavy soil deposits

    found in kitchen and food plants.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE Use with a mop, brush, sponge or spray. Wear gloves if using the product for manual cleaning. If deposits are heavy allow solution to penetrate for 5 minutes but do not allow to dry. Rinse well with warm water. For heavy duty cleaning: use at a concentration of 15-25 ml/litre (1 cup per bucket in hot water). Food processing & dispensing equipment: Add 50ml to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres). Cool rooms, fridges & freezers: Add 100-200ml (depending on soil load) to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres). All purpose cleaning: Add 50ml to a bucket of warm/hot water (10 Litres). Spray & wipe: Add 80ml to an empty spray bottle.

    SUITABILITY OF CHEMICAL FOR FOOD PREPARATION AREAS When used as directed Easi Clean is suitable for use in kitchens and food preparation areas.

    HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION See separate Safety Data Sheet available on request.

    PACKAGING 5 Litre Clear Bottle or 15 Litre Clear Drum

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    15 L 140150

    5 L 140140

    500 ML (Bottle Only)