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<ul><li><p>development site for sale.Discovery Coast Bahia Brazil</p><p>Prime residential beachfront</p><p>1</p><p>Concept visual</p></li><li><p>Virgin beach area for sale 500,000 meters</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>Cocoa Beach resort</p><p>Cocoa Beach is a stunning coastal sanctuary </p><p>development in a large L-shape, covering a total area </p><p>of 168.5 acres with 355 metres of beach front. It is</p><p>located on the southern edge of the town of Belmonte,</p><p>on Brazils Discovery Coast, in the state of Bahia. </p><p>The town has a population of around 22,000 and </p><p>boasts distinctive colonial architecture and the historic</p><p>Belmonte Lighthouse. It is situated on the banks of the</p><p>River Jequitinhonha where it meets the Atlantic Ocean</p><p>and is edged by the rainforest. Belmonte is a thriving</p><p>agricultural town and historically a Cacao nut growing </p><p>area. There is a range of existing amenities and </p><p>attractions on offer including shops, schools,</p><p>restaurants, bars and a hospital. There are some </p><p>exciting plans to regenerate parts of the town too and a </p><p>new bridge over the river.</p><p>Beach front at Cocoa Beach</p><p>3</p></li><li><p>The site is L shaped and for reference is known as Beach front area and Rural area, the entry level plots are located in the rural area and the premium plots in the Beach area.</p><p>Total area of site 676.598 square meters (167 acres)</p><p>355 Linear meters of virgin beach front</p><p>Current permission includes</p><p>Residential area 479.560 m2 = 70.88%</p><p>Commercial centre area 1,500 m2 = 0.22117%</p><p>Roads/Avenues 113.040 = 16.707%</p><p>Recreation areas 4.482m2 = 06624%</p><p>Build area = to 30% of plot plus 50% to first floor</p><p>Belmonte town to provide access road to site</p><p>Electricity will be bought to the edge of the site by supplier.</p><p>Water will be from artesian wells (3required)</p><p>Site is within town planning area and therefore has no environmental issues</p><p>Site details, plan and current planning design </p><p>Beach</p><p>Rural</p><p>4</p><p>Prime beach front land now for sale show in red</p></li><li><p>For sale</p><p>For Sale a prime beach front development site with </p><p>planning for a residential villa resort. </p><p>Current planning granted for 907 villas, subject to </p><p>planning revision this could be reduced to include a </p><p>5 star hotel and beach club, creating a world class resort </p><p>befitting of the unspoilt tropical location.</p><p>Creating a year round premium resort for both the </p><p>villa owners and the hotel, with a wide range of </p><p>Facilities and services. </p><p>The close proximity of Belmonte provide the </p><p>opportunity of local employees and services.</p><p>360 square meter land plots have been sold in the rural</p><p>area to the north of the site during the last 12 months</p><p>at $82.50US dollars per square meter equal to $29,700</p><p>Each plot has planning for a detached villa.Concept visuals</p><p>5</p></li><li><p>Site details</p><p>The site is a large L shaped area of land ,676,598 </p><p>square meters with 350 mts of beach front, The</p><p>Planning permits are in place with planning granted </p><p>for a mix of residential villas and community facilities.</p><p>Offered for sale 500,000 square meters with Planning </p><p>granted for 457 plots varying in sizes from 360 sq mts</p><p>to 1,300 sq mts. Larger plots can be created by joining </p><p>plots. Our revised plan shows a hotel and a reduction </p><p>of plot numbers to 207 taking the development up-</p><p>market in order to meet the market requirement in the </p><p>area for an high quality resort. A revised planning </p><p>application is required, the local mayor has supported </p><p>the new design.</p><p>Design and drawings are available.Concept visuals</p><p>6</p></li><li><p>Price, terms</p><p>Priced to sell this is an opportunity to purchase a </p><p>prime freehold development on the beach , with </p><p>planning granted, located in possibly the safest and </p><p>most exciting Emerging Market in the world . </p><p>The Price: </p><p>$17 US dollars per square meter, equal to a total of</p><p>$ 8,000,000 US Dollars for a quick sale this is almost </p><p>half the current valuation of 14 million US .</p><p>The developer is happy to retain the rural area and build </p><p>the infrastructure to this area, however should the </p><p>purchaser wish he will also sell the remaining rural plots </p><p>equal to approximately a further 62,000 square meters.</p><p>Terms: Deposit on acceptance of a sale with balance </p><p>on signing of contract and completion. A level site ready for infrastructure </p><p>7</p></li><li><p>Indicative Development Appraisal based on the sale of the villa build to the beach area </p><p> INCOME $</p><p> 207 Large Villas Sold @ $875,000 on average 181,125,000</p><p> LESS --Sales Commission at 8% (14,490,000) </p><p>TOTAL 166,635,000</p><p> EXPENDITURE </p><p> Purchase of development 8,000,000</p><p> Infrastructure 7,000,000 </p><p> Build Cost 207 Villas ($900 sq m on average size of 350 sq m) 65,205,000</p><p> Contingency 5% 3,610,250</p><p> Professional Fees and Costs for 5 yrs @ $770,000 pa 3,850,000</p><p> Land Tax reducing on a year basis budget for 5 yrs: - 2 375,000</p><p> TOTAL 88,040,250</p><p> PROFIT $ 78,594,750 excludes hotel development and ongoing revenue streams and profit generated through services and rental share programme.</p><p>A full cash flow and draw down details are available.</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>Location, Belmonte, Bahia, Brazil</p><p>Discover tropical living on Brazils Discovery Coast9</p></li><li><p>Contact details</p><p>Diamond Resorts Brazil ltd</p><p>Office; +44 (0) 1342 811 999</p><p>Mobile; +44 (0) 797 3988 265</p><p>E Mail;</p><p>Web:</p><p>10</p></li></ul>


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