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  • 1.Presenting Christmas Around the World Second Grade Classes at Doyle Elementary

2. Christmas inEngland 3. Today we will visit the country of England.

  • Located on the continent of Europe
  • Christmas cards originated here
  • The poem Twas the Night Before Christmas came from Britains Clement C. Moore
  • Christmas trees are dug up, not cut, & then replanted
  • Holiday foods are plum or figgy pudding & wassle
  • Children hang stockings, or long socks
  • Christmas caroling & plays are popular, the play,A Christmas Carol,by Charles Dickens, came from here

4. figgy pudding orplum pudding is eaten Canterbury cathedral Father Christmas in London 5. Christmas information & imagesfrom theUnited States & Louisiana 6.

  • Located on the continent of N. America
  • Children hang special Christmas stockings, we send cards, and sing carols
  • We display Nativity scenes & attend church
  • We cut & decorate Christmas trees & our yards & houses
  • Children write letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole where he lives in a workshop with elves
  • In LA we shoot fireworks & Cajuns have bonfires so Santa can see his way

Today we will visit the country of the United States. 7. We get our image of how Santa Claus looks from the English poet Clement C. Moore who wrote The Night Before Christmas, and from the American artist Thomas Nast who illustrated him for Harpers Weekly newspaper in the mid 1800s. Thomas Nast 8. Christmas parades to see Christmas cards to send wreaths hang on doors 9. Cajun Christmas gumbo 10. LA Christmas tree recycling: a fence is made out of lumber & old trees to help rebuild our Louisiana coastline 11. Christmas in FRANCE 12. The country we will visit today is France.

  • The French holiday greeting is Joyeux Noel.
  • France is located on the continent of Europe.
  • Santa Claus is called Le Pere Noel.
  • Children place their shoes by the fireplace
  • instead of hanging stockings.
  • They have door hangers that say NOEL instead of a wreath.

13. Joyeux Noel French children receive gifts from Pere Noel who travels with his stern disciplinarian companion Pre Fouettard. Pre Fouettard reminds Pere Noel of just how each child has behaved during the past year.French yule log cake & oysters are eaten at the Christmas Eve feast. 14. 15. Mexico

  • Mexico is located on the continent of N. America.
  • They say, Feliz Navidad for Merry Christmas
  • Poinsettias came from Mexico.Theyrecalled, la flor de noche buena, the Christmas Eve flower, or cuetlaxochitl, star flower.
  • Los Posadas is Spanish for the the inns, this is the celebration which remembers Mary & Josephs search for shelter
  • Christmas Eve is called, Noche Buena
  • On January 6, the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem bringing gifts to Baby Jesus, Mexican children leave their shoes on the doorstep in a special celebration called Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day).When the children awake the next morning, they are delighted to discover wonderful toys and gifts in and around their shoes.

Today we will visit the country of Mexico. 16. Feliz Navidad 17. 18. Today we will visit the country of Germany

  • Germany is located on the continent of Europe.
  • Christmas begins on Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day
  • They call Santa, Weihnachtmann which means Christmas Man.
  • Christmas trees originated in Germany.

19. Christmas In Germany German Christmas pyramid & Christmas bread, stollen 20. Christmas inSpain 21. Men dressed as the Three Kings shoot confetti on to a crowd during a Three Kings parade in Pamplona, Spain, Monday Jan. 5, 2004. In Spain, the Three Kings traditionally give out Christmas presents on the night of Jan. 5.City hall of Salmanca, Spain 22. Today we will visit the country ofSpain

  • Christmas season begins on Christmas Eve and last until Kings Day on Jan. 6 th.
  • The holiday season centers around prayers, dancing, and singing.
  • Christmas Day is spent attending church and having a feast.
  • Kids put out shoes on Jan. 5 th .They fill them with hay and carrots for the 3 wisemen. The 3 kings fill them with candy and small gifts.