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  • 1. By Brooke Martin
    Christmas Around the World!

2. There are lots of places that celebrate CHRISTMAS!Are you ready to explore other countries?Click the suitcase below if you are ready to go!
3. Can you find the United States on this map?Click to find out!
4. Welcome to the United States!Click on the picture that represents what people do for Christmas in the USA!
5. In the USA, we watch movies and read books about Christmas.Have you read these books and watched these movies?
6. Are you ready to travel to another country?Can you clickon The United Kingdom?
7. Welcome to The United Kingdom!Here, people count down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar.Click on the 25th to see a special picture!
8. Good job!You found the picture inside the advent calendar!
9. Have you seen the movie A Christmas Carol?That story was created in The United Kingdom for Christmas! What did scrooge learn in this movie?
10. Lets go to Germany!Click on the country of Germany to continue!
11. Welcome to Germany!Here in Germany we celebrate Christmas on December 6th, on Saint Nicholas Day!
Read this book to learn more about St. Nicholas!
12. Have you ever made a gingerbread house?That started in Germany!Click on your favorite gingerbread house from below:
13. Now, lets travel to Aussie Land!Click on Australia to continue!
14. Welcome to Australia!In Australia we celebrate Christmas by having picnics, swimming, and going to the beach!Can you guess what time of year we have Christmas?
15. If you picked Summer youre right!
Click here to hear an original
"Aussie Christmas Song
16. Read Wombat Divine to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in Australia!
17. Are you ready to move on to the Netherlands?Click on Netherlands on the map!
18. Welcome to the Netherlands!Here we have 2 days of Christmas, not just1!
19. Another name for Netherlands is Dutch!To learn more, readthis fun book!
20. You did it! We traveled to:The United States,United Kingdom,Germany,Australia,and The Netherlands!Great Job!