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  • 1. Christmas Around the World
    By: Mrs. Odems Class

2. Hanukkah
Carey Swain
I learned
Hanukkah is a happy festival celebrated by the Jewish people.
Family members say blessings of thanks to God.
3. Sweden
Things I learned
Dipping Day come on Christmas Eve.
In Sweden the Christmas season begins on December 13th.
Christmas Day is a quiet, religious, day.
Bailey Langston
4. Holland
Sinterklaas (Santa Clause) arrives in Holland on a largesteamboat.
A traditional holidaysweet in Holland is marzipan.
Justin Berry
5. Africa
I learned
On Christmas morning nearly everyone goes to church.
Special music has been prepared for the service.
They use bright flowers as decorations.
Marina Briley
6. United States of America
I learned
Christmas in the United State brings together many customs from other countries.
All the family members help decorate the Christmas tree and the home.
My family decorate our Christmas tree together.
Alexis Mosher
7. United States of America
I learned
Christmas in the united states brings together many customs from other countries.
Special programs on TV during the festive time.
MY family open presents together.
Tanner Courtney
8. Sweden
Lesley Butler
I learned
Christmas Day is a quiet, religious, day.
Many candles are used to light the Christ child on his way.
The oldest daughter, who plays the roll of Saint Lucia.
9. Germany
Kane Evartt
I learned
On Christmas Eve families get together.
Gingerbread houses were first made and decorated in Germany.
10. Germany
I learned
The tannenbaum, or Christmas tree, is a custom that comes from Germany.
For many years the German people lighted their trees with wax candles of many colors.
They also hung cookies and fruit on their trees.
Kyle Vahlenkamp
11. France
Jazmine Davis
I learned
Christmas Eve is for gift giving.
Families go to church on Christmas Eve.
The children go to bed early to dream of Christmas miracle.
12. Mexico
Miguel Noyola
I learned
They put up nativity scenes.
Christmas Eve is a party.
They have a Pinata at the party.
13. Mexico
Nolan Howell
I learned
They decorate with lots of flowers.
The poinsettias pointed petals represent the Christmas star.
14. England
Chase Stein
I learned
England was the first country to use Christmas Cards.
Carolers sing Christmas songs.
The yule log is a very old English tradition.
15. France
Killian Liles
I learned
Cake of the Kings
A bean is placed inside a cake and the person who finds the bean is given a crown and becomes king of the party.
16. Great Job Everyone!!!
Merry Christmas