Christmas around the World

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Christmas around the World. by :Kara and grace. Befana give them presents. They eat diner at midnight. I taly. The boys dress up on St.L ucia. The girls dress up as St.L ucia. S weden. They put up C hristmas trees. They decorate their homes. USA. They celebrate Dec. 6 th. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Christmas Arourd the World

Christmas around the World

by :Kara and grace

ItalyBefana give them presents. They eat diner at midnight.

SwedenThe boys dress up on St.Lucia.The girls dress up as St.Lucia.

USAThey put up Christmas trees.They decorate their homes.

MexicoThey celebrate Dec. 6th.They put out water.

EgyptIn Egypt about 15% people celebrate Chrismas.Christmas is the 7th day.

KwanzaaKwanzaa started in Africa.It lasts 7 days.