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Fashion and Feminism

4 Ways to Become a Better Feminist in 2016Critical Approaches

Background 4 ways to become a better feminist in 2016

Today it is hard being a feminist in a world that tries to make the word feminist dirtyA feminist is a person who believes that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

Importance of Feminism

It is important that feminists continue to open peoples eyes about womens rights due to the new age of technology teens and young people hold the power in the global movement of feminism.Learn about 4 ways you can impact the world and become a better feminist 2016.

Pervasiveness of PowerCritical Approaches Traditional Approach: is consider power to be a relatively stable entity that people or group possess.Symbological Approach: focus on the views of power as a product of communicative interactions and relationshipsRadical-Critical Approach: In this approach the theorist is concerned with deep structures that produce and reproduce relationships in organizational

1. Speak up/Have Uncomfortable Conversations:Ideology

Feminism starts when people start having uncomfortable conversations that will challenge people to think outside of what society wants us to think. By having uncomfortable conversations in the world it will force people to be more aware of gender norms.

IdeologyIdeology refers to more than a set of attitudes or beliefs, it also focus on how the world structures our thoughts and controls our interpretations of reality.Ideology shapes our understanding about what exists, what is good, and what is possible.

Hegemony According to Katherine Miller, Hegemonic control is typically accomplished by shaping ideology in such a way that the controlled group accepts and actively participates in the control process in which a dominant group leads another group to accept subordination as the norm.

Gender Norms

According to Bryant Harland a gender norm is a behavior that society attributes to a particular sex. Gender norms change from culture to culture and from time period to time period, since theyre based on the expectations of societies.

Challenging Gender NormsIdeology

Challenging the concept of what someone believe in can be intimidating when your talking to a friend, a romantic partner, a family member, or figure of authority. When people choose to speak up they open the doors to criticism and backlash. The world will always be stuck in traditional way of thinking if more people dont speak up about their beliefs.

2. Read, Read ReadBefore you are able to educate someone else you must know what your talking about, its important to know about the issues in the feminist movement. The great thing about feminism is that you speak volumes about the problems in the world by sharing personal experiences with people, but in order to connect with people that are different youll have to do some research.Learning about the realities of other people makes you a better feminist.

Resistance Feminism According to Katherine Miller, the concept of resistance considers how workers can exert counter-pressure on this exercise of power and controlResistance is sometimes seen in collective and organized processes such as unionization, strikes, boycotts, and large-scale social move movements A great example of a major movement within feminism is the Slut Walk.

The Slut WalkFeminism

The Slut Walk is a movement of protest marches calling for the end of Rape culture, sexism, ableism, fat-shamming, and any violence against women.

3. Try not to glamorize celebrity feminism

Some popular celebrity feminists are Beyonc, Amber Rose, and Nicki Minaj. Although these women has brought awareness to the feminism its important to remember that feminism requires more than a opinion, and more than emotions

A Theory of Concertive Control Edwards 3 Strategies for exerting control Simple Control: involves the direct and authoritarian exertion of control in the workplace. Technological Control: involves control exerted through technological workplace processes such as assembly lines or computer programs. Bureaucratic Control: is based on the power of hierarchical structure and the rational-legal rules

Concertive Control Feminism Concertive Control is based on beliefs and gender norms that are negotiated by work groups.One of the purposes of the feminism movement is to try and break out of the traditional way of thinking about men and women in the work place.

4. Live, Breathe, Eat, and Sleep Intersectionally

Intersectional is one of the key components of feminism. Intersectional feminism understands that feminism means including everyone in the community. When women were fighting for equal rights for women they were fighting for all women.

Feminist Approaches

In such a bureaucratic workplace, the most valued commodities are the stereotypical male characteristics of logic, aggressiveness, and competitiveness. Stereotypical female characteristics such as emotion, empathy, intuition, connectedness, and cooperation are more likely to be overlooked in organizational life.

Feminist FrameworkLiberal Feminist: believe that remedies for female subordination should come from within the system and that women should work to gain their fair share of control in institutions currently run by men. Radical Feminist: believe that emancipation for women can occur only through the destruction of male-dominated institutions or through the total separation of women from these institutions. Standpoint Feminist: work to enhance the opportunity for a variety of marginalized voices to be heard.Postmodern Feminist: attempt to deconstruct male dominated meaning systems in order to highlight womens perspectives.

Questions 1. Will the world start to pay more attention to issues that has been affecting women for years?2. What type of changes will the feminism movement bring to the world?3. Would having a female president have a impact on the feminism movement?

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