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2. We are Country Home Elevator and Stair Lift, Brighton, Missouri anIndependent Accessibility Elevator and Lift company. Member of theNational Association of Elevator Contractors, our core area for business isMissouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. We cover the extended Ozarks.As the name says we sell, install and service Home/residential elevatorsand lifts. We also cover the commercial accessibility needs. From a simplestraight stair lift, a curved mid-stop stair lift, a strait or curved Inclinedplatform lift, a Vertical platform lift, a LULA Elevator or a Low riseCommercial Elevator, we have it. Todays letter is to introduce you to our latest line of Vertical Platform lifts.The Symmetry Vertical Platform Conveyance offers the highest quality liftsat affordable prices. This American Owned, Operated and ManufacturedCompany is ready to supply your project with a lift with years of service.Check out for pictures specs and architecturaldrawings. We also have Canton Low Rise Elevators. If you would prefer hard copies, let us know and well get them out to you. A site evaluation or looking over your plans will help us to assure that weare meeting your needs and that the building and project will meet allcurrent State and Federal codes for the application. We look forward tomeeting with you and completing a successful project to increase yourbuildings accessibility for all who want to use it. Please call with any questions. We can answer them or arrange to gettogether and discuss the different equipment to meet you customers needs.