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Resume Do’s and Don’ts. Preparing for your future…. Multiple. Page Layout. Word Choice. Employer Needs. Multiple Resumes. Showcase your abilities, skills and educational background Provide specific measurable examples Provide work experience by month and year Use standard bullets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

OverviewMultiple ResumesShowcase your abilities, skills and educational backgroundProvide specific measurable examplesProvide work experience by month and yearUse standard bulletsFont 10- 12 sizeCustomize resume to the job

43212Less is morePersonal information: name, contact information, and emailPosition you wish to obtainSkills or positions that support your abilityEducationCompanies prefer to see schools for which you have obtained a degreeWork historySupport your skillsThats my story and Im sticking to it..Page Layout

43213Do actions speak louder than words?Check spelling, grammar, and verb tenseUse action verbsRemove business jargonWord Choice

43214Employer needs and wants.Look at words used on posting:PreferredRequiredOptionalMinimum.What are your wants? Needs? Wishlist?continue

43215Cover lettersAdd key words to your cover letterFocus on specific qualifications and achievements

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