Exploring and Preparing for YOUR Future

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1. Exploring andpreparing forYOUR futureVerne Wheelwright, PHD 2. THREE steps 3. ONE: Understand your life 4. TWO:Explore Alternate Futures 5. THREE: Create a Vision, Strategies and Plans 6. Free PDF Workbook www.personalfutures.net 7. STEP ONE:Understand your life This is your foundation. Everything else depends on whatyou learn here. 8. Ten STAGES of life10 time frames10 images of the future10 important changes in life 9. Stakeholders inyour future 10. Six PERSONAL DomainsContain the driving forces andtrends in your life 11. These forces are in your life (and in everyones life) from birth to death 12. Plot your life up to now 13. Putting boundaries on the future 14. External (STEEP) forces Social change Technological change Ecological change Economic change Political change 15. ANTICIPATEEvents that may occur in your life 16. PERSONAL valuesYour guide to your strategies andactions 17. STEP TWO:Explore YOUR alternative futures 18. First scenario: Extending thePresent Into the Future 19. Second scenarioA Positive Scenario 20. Third scenarioA Negative Scenario 21. Fourth scenario a transformational orawild card scenariotransformationalorwild cardscenario low probability, high impact change 22. Writing ScenariosYes, write your scenarios as a story to show the forces at work. 23. STEP THREE:VISION, STRATEGIES and PLANSfor your future (personal strategic planning) 24. Start with a VISIONof your next ten years 25. A vision is a destination 26. STRATEGIES 27. to achieve YOUR vision ofYOUR future 28. Create an Action PlanFor each strategy,identify a sequence of actions over the next ten years 29. LiveYour Plan 30. JudgedMost Important Futures Work 2012(Association of Professional Futurists)Available in paperback or eBook at Amazon.com, iTunes andmost on-line bookstores or atwww.personal futures.net Available in several languages 31. Thank you! www.personalfutures.net