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PR7 Me & My MoviesDate set: 16/03/2015Submission Date: 31/03/2015

Task 1: Presentation

1.Choose ONE genre and at least 3 examples of films from that genre. In your article give the film title, director, year of production and a brief synopsis. comedy fantasy horror thriller action CrimeSci fi

2.Consider what it is that attracts you to your chosen genre.

Why do you like the genre? List at least three factors, e.g. Stars, story, special effects

IntertextualityIs there any intertextuality with other films, of the same genre or other genres?

Does intertextuality encourage you to watch a film? How?

Star Wars, 1977High Noon, 1952Star TheoryDo you watch a film because of who is in it? What makes you want to see a particular star in a particular role? Do you watch a film due the genre of film that a particular star is known for appearing in?

Frameworks of interpretation: 3. Choose 3 film trailers from your chosen genre.

Use Laceys Repertoire of Elements to analyse codes and conventions, narrative setting etc.

Add these notes to your article and illustrate with examples.

Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

Laceys Repertoire of Elements

CharacterNarrativeIconographySettingTechnical and Audio codes

Media literacy:

How do you find out about films. Where do you get your information?Social networkingWeb appsBlogsMagazines

Think about the main methods you use to which you can call yourself media literateWrite these up into your article, with examples

Reception Theory (Stuart Hall):

This theory defines how we react to films based upon our:

age gender ethnicity social class, culture/personal history, political outlook circumstances of exhibition (e.g. home/cinema/film studies class)

Use the notes from the class activity to help you with this

Active SpectatorshipActive spectatorship theory suggests each viewer is different and many people in the audience will question the film and react to it in different ways to others, not just blindly accepting the messages. Active spectatorship also relates to the idea of FANDOM where the audience for a particular film adopts it as their own e.g Star Wars

Active spectatorship also takes into account pre and post viewing experiences, for example the brilliant marketing campaign for Prometheus (Trailers/viral marketing) attracted the film a wide audience, but the film failed to live up to expectations

Active Spectatorship & FandomIn your final paragraphs(s), state what forms of FANDOM, i.e.FanclubsConventionsFacebook groups/pagesSocieties

There are for your chosen genre and describe themFinally, in terms of active spectatorship describe whenever the marketing campaign for an actual film either hasnt met, or exceeded your expectations

(hint: A Walk Amongst The Tombstones??)