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2. Action/Thriller/Sci-Fi 3. I am Number Four (2011) Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Thriller Director: D.J. Caruso Producer: Michael Bay Distributer: Touchstone Pictures Release date: 18/2/11 Budget: $50 Million Box Office: $145,982797Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalacticbounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, andNumber Four is next on the list. This is his story.Four Main Things That Drawn me: Special Effects http://youtube/g5djHG3hPu0 Attractive Female Good narrative Action 4. Predator (1987) Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Thriller Director: John Mctiernan Producer: Lawrence Gordan Distributer: 20th Century Fox Release Date: June 12, 1987 Budget: $15,000,000 Box Office: $98,267,558A team of commandos, on a mission in a CentralAmerican jungle, find themselves hunted by anextra-terrestrial warriorFour Main Things That Drawn me: Special Action Constant Thrill Dominant Predator 5. Knowing (2009) Genre: Action/Sci-fi/Mystery Director: Alex Proyas Producer: Todd Black Distributer: SummitEntertainment Release Date: 20/3/09 Budget: $50 Million Box Office: $187,858,642A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at hissons elementary school; in it are some chilling predictions --some that have already occurred and others that are about tohappen -- that lead him to believe his family plays a role in theevents that are about to unfold.Four Main Things That Drawn meMysterious Narrative EventsMain characterInteresting relation to conspiracy theories 6. Codes and ConventionsI like this type of movie because after setting the scene the film involves Villains Heroes Big explosions Guns Threatening situations Fights Chase scenes Challenging SituationsThis type of film keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. 7. AttractionPeople are drawn to watch this type of film because of: Cinema trailers Media literacy and television hype Social Networking such as Twitter and Facebook YouTube Websites Preferred reading in related books Fandom brings together like minds at conventions Word of MouthA good movie featuring intertexuality and framework of interpretation creates its own publicity. 8. Genre Analysis of Men in Black 3Area of Analysis Example Technical featureConforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/N (Camera/sound/mise en If yes, how? scene/ editing) Black suits Wide angle shots ofYNCodes and conventionsFuturistic Guns attacking space ships AliensLaser noises Black CarsRealistic Alien Custumes Normal Time and effects Current Day USA New York City Streets andYNSettingUrban Skyline, Kennedy Space CityCentre Florida AliensSerious men in black suits YNCharacterHumansAlien costumes and MIB Agentsrealistic effects Destruction of EarthFast action shotsYNThemes Humans in dangerhighlighting danger Double NarrativeTwo stories at onceYNNarrativedeveloping through the film Intelligent aliensHumour YNIconographyMore Intelligent humans Everyday life Never give upYNIdeological message 9. Men in Black 3 (Barry Sonnenfeld, 2012) Star Theory The film was successful because it cast stars such Will Smithand Tommy Lee Jones. Reception Theory The film was a sequel to a sequel both had been verysuccessful to the audience. Intertextuality The film was a success it contained the character propsand location that we have grown familiar with. 10. Genre Analysis of Face OffArea of AnalysisExampleTechnical featureConforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/N (Camera/sound/mise en If yes, how? scene/ editing)DetectiveWide shots of explosions YNCodes and conventions VillainFast editing during actionGuns scenesExplosionsBloodCurrent Day USADull surroundingsYNSetting UrbanPolice sirensCityGangster Close up shots of facesYY, swaps identity with evilCharacter Police villains bodyFamilyLove Fast action shotsYNThemesHate highlighting dangerRevengeEmotion musicDouble Narrative Two stories at onceYNNarrativedeveloping through the filmJustice over Super villain Strong hatred between 2YNIconographymain charactersGood will overcome evil-YNIdeological message 11. Face Off (John Woo, 1997) Star Theory The film was successful because it cast stars such NicholasCage and John Travolta. Reception Theory The film was a typical action/thriller/sci-fi which wastargeted at the general cinema going audience. Intertextuality The film was a success because it showed the hard hittingbattle of good vs evil. 12. Conclusion In conclusion I think these films are similar because both good and evil in the films eventuallybecomes quite personal and they both star actors who share equal amount of fame althoughI think that in terms of box office, the gross amount is totally different and MIB 3 has anunfair advantage because of this as it is a sequel movie to the previous so people havealready experienced an MIB movie before. As for face off it was its only film and it was quiteunique for its genre and this may of seemed like a gamble at the time the film was beingproduced and also the films are a different certificate which means that as MIB was a PGduring cinema showing, it means a lot more wider range of audience could attend whereasface off was certificated 18 when it was first shown in cinemas. MIB was made 12 years after face off was made as well meaning that another unfairadvantage of it being better quality, neater editing and effects due to the advancing intechnology.