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Small changes bring big change.


  • 1. Mar 2010
  • 2. What is Positive Thinking? It is that thinking which gives you enough power to confront your weaknesses & overcome them. It is that thinking which helps you to give your best so that you can succeed even when all odds are against you. It is that thinking which transforms you into an ACTOR rather than a RE-ACTOR. It is that thinking which helps you to LIVE your life rather than be LIVED.
  • 3. 2% of body Size 1 Kg weight Our Brain Uses 25% of Oxygen and energy Never sleeps Painless 100 Billion cells each with 10K Connections (1000 Crore cells)
  • 4. Thoughts & Brain waves Tense: 50-60 Thoughts/min Average: 25-30 Thoughts/min Yoga:5-10 Thoughts/min 90% thoughts are repeat of previous day
  • 5. Whole Brain Thinking RIGHT LEFT EMOTIONAL LOGICAL Pictures Words Wholes Parts Relationships Specifics Synthesis AnalysisSimultaneous thinking Sequential thinking Tire free Tire bound CHARACTER COMPETENCE
  • 6. Nick Vujicic 25 yearsMotivational SpeakerReal-estate Investor Dual Degrees
  • 7. Positive Lifestyle is attained throughSelf Transformation
  • 8. Manage Your Self-TalkIf you think you Can, or you think you CantYOURE RIGHT! Henry FordThis is going to be This is going to a wonderful day! be a bad day! THINKING THINKING
  • 9. The Choice is YOURS With a Bad attitude you can never have a positive dayWith a Positive attitude you can never have a bad day
  • 10. Messages from WaterExperiments with water crystals
  • 11. The photo on the left is of a frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara Dam, in Japan.As you can see, the waters structure is dark and amorphous, with no crystalline formations.
  • 12. The Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hourprayer practice beside the dam. After that, new water samples were taken, frozenand photographed. As you can see (at right), the change is stunning--the ugly blobof the former sample has become a clear, bright-white hexagonal crystal-within-a-crystal.
  • 13. Simple distilled water
  • 14. Thank You !
  • 15. Adolf Hitler
  • 16. You Fool or Heavy Metal Music
  • 17. the words "you make me sick. I will kill you"
  • 18. "Love / Appreciation"
  • 19. Prayer to Seven Benzaiten: Goddess of Fortune
  • 20. Understanding the self is the Key
  • 21. Q&AThank You By: Brahma Kumaris, Bangalore www.brahmakumaris.com


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