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Lifestyle Sponsorship and Player Lifestyle Breach: Opportunity, Not Loss? A surprisingly controversial look at the market opportunities that arise from a sports personality breaching the terms and conditions of a lifestyle orientated sponsorship. In Australia, sports teams have been sponsored by roadsafety, health and safety and other social change message campaigns. When the inevitable breach occurs, this paper suggests capitalising on the opportunity presented by the publicity, and the chance to have a credible spokesperson for the campaign arise from the player's lifestyle breach. Full paper: Reference: Dann, S & Dann, S (2005) "Lifestyle Sponsorship and Player Lifestyle Breach: Opportunity, Not Loss?" Second Australasian Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference, Melbourne, 25 September 2005.


  • 1.Lifestyle Sponsorship and Player Lifestyle Breach: Opportunity, Not Loss? Dr Stephen Dann (QUT) Dr Susan Dann (National Seniors)

2. My other scandal was sponsored by a Mercedes

  • AFL star fined for driving on tram tracks
    • January 12, 2006
    • The 26-year-old Collingwood midfielder was driving his BMW
  • Cousins quizzed over booze bus incident
    • February 17, 2006
    • West Australian police spoke to the footballer today after officers chased two men who fled from Cousins' luxury Mercedes Benz
  • Ben bolted in `fit of panic
    • February 17, 2006
    • Westpoint Star Mercedes dealership manager Jason Novatsis confirmed he leased a four-wheel-drive to Cousins.

3. Sensing a pattern anyone?

  • BUT there are all the adjunct activities which go with the football season. Let's face it, during the cricket season if we didn't have Shane Warne we'd have nothing in the way of txting scandals. But in the football season we can count on, at least fortnightly, some of the lads from some team or other disgracing themselves in the txting stakes.
  • NO doubt, to keep us interested, there will also be numerous scandals involving pool tables, casinos, swimming pools, riotous parties, grand pianos and suspected use of mood-enhancing drugs. Not to mention conspiracies, violent episodes, racist outbursts and even, if we're lucky, some kind of Hopoate-related incidents.
    • Banquet of biffo begins
      • 11 March 2006, Townsville Bulletin

4. Lifestyle Sponsorshipsand Player Breaches 5. Frameworks

  • Primary Frameworks
    • Sponsorship
    • Lifestyle Sponsorship
  • Academic Pedigree
    • Social Marketing
      • Lifestyle change campaigns
    • Advertising
      • Image transference
      • Sponsorship
      • Brand awareness
      • Brand personality

6. Frameworks

  • Sponsorship
    • the provision of assistance either financial or in-kind to an activity by a commercial organisation for the purpose of achieving commercial objectives (Meenaghan, 1983).
  • The act of sponsorship is seen as two parts:
    • (1) an exchange between a sponsor and a sponsee whereby the latter receives a fee and the former receives rights to associate itself with the activity sponsored, and
    • (2) the marketing of the association by the sponsor

7. Table 1: Sponsorship Expectations and Purposes D'Astous and Blitz 1995; Otker and Hayes 1987 sponsor image Madrigal 2001; McDaniel 1999 purchase intentions Bennett 1999; Hansen and Scotwin 1995; Nicholls, Roslow, and Dublish 1999 influence consumer recall Bennett 1999; Bloxham 1998; Pham and Joliar 2001 awareness of sponsors McDaniel 1999; Speed and Thompson 2000; Stipp 1998 attitude toward the sponsor Authors Influence 8. Lifestyle Sponsorship

  • Lifestyle sponsorships
    • the provision of financial assistance, or in-kind assistance to an activity by an organisation for the purpose of promoting lifestyle or behavioural change objectives
  • core identifier of a lifestyle sponsorship is the product being promoted by the sponsorship
    • is not a commercial product or service
    • is a behaviour, lifestyle change or attitude change

9. Features of Lifestyle sponsorships

  • Lifestyle sponsorships
    • are targeted where a problem exists to be solved, rather than where a demand exists to be fulfilled or expanded.
    • What constitutes "functional similarity" for lifestyle sponsorship under Gwinner's (1997) model of sponsorship relevance?

10. Gwinner (1997) framework

  • Sponsorship relevance
    • direct relevance
      • functional based similarity
      • occurs where the sponsors products are used in the event
    • Indirect relevance
      • image-based similarity
      • match between the core values of the consumer and the values represented by the sponsors and sponsorship event

11. Figure 1: Relevance of Lifestyle SponsorshipEvent Non Event Relevance Functional Similarity ImageSimilarity ? Event Image / Team Image Celebrity Association Sponsee's personal life 12. Problems with Lifestyle Sponsorships

  • Lifestyle sponsorships
    • sponsorship arrangement may carry the expectation that the lifestyle message be adopted and enforced in private activities
    • restricted by the nature of the sponsor product
      • can only offer education sessions for players,
      • cannot provide compliance for the team.
      • Related problems arise for other physical goods based lifestyle sponsorships
  • sponsees are required to behave in a restricted manner, they are not guaranteed an outcome from this behaviour.

13. Assumptions underpinning the lifestyle sponsorship

  • Role model theory
  • Assumption of image transference
  • Assumption that we Want to be like Mike

14. Role Model Theory

  • MontlyLetter from MichaelChong Fountain Pen,Canada- 14 Mar 2006 ...we do well at multi- sportevents like...high-performance athletes provide arole modelfor Canadians and healthier lifestyles, especially ourchildren ....
  • YONG SCOT.. THE FINAL 33 Glasgow Sunday Mail,UK- 12 Mar 2006 ...He is a fantasticrole model ."....and determination, has achieved extraordinary results in the field ofsport ....To thechildrenaged 5-12, Wayne is a local hero....
  • Volunteer spirit Daily News Journal (subscription),TN- 12 Mar 2006 ...Alonna's firstsportwas softball and she was also coached by...So she strives to be a positiverole modelto young...One of the keys to keepingchildrenout of...
  • North senior dances her way to a scholarship Crawfordsville Journal Review,IN- 5 Mar 2006 ...Shannon has trained to be a dancer and, like asport , a person has to train. For the youngchildren , she is a greatrole model ....

15. Are sports stars automatic role models?

  • If they are
    • Why do we have a childhood obesity problem?
    • Richard Caborn, Minister for Sport, said: "Sport and physical activity should be a natural part of every kid's daily life. We are making a major contribution towards children's health through our investment of over 1.5 billion in creating a sustainable structure for school sport."
    • But sports stars are role models that are automatically copied by children. Right?

16. Relevance of Sportspeople for Sport Event Non Event Relevance Functional Similarity ImageSimilarity Sport Sport team Sports team membership Sports training 17. Assume for a moment

  • We want to get a sports star to endorse a scandal inducing behaviour
    • direct relevance
      • functional based similarity (ie phone txt / drink driving)
      • occurs where the sponsors products are used in the event
        • Wed need to hold a scandal night.
    • Indirect relevance
      • image-based similarity
        • Use your imagination
      • match between thecore values of the consumerand thevalues represented by the sponsorsandsponsorship event

18. Relevance of Sports People For Sex / Alcohol / Any other Scandal in a standard work environment Sports Event Non Event Relevance Functional Similarity ImageSimilarity NONE NONE Celebrity Association Sponsee's personal scandal 19. The TAC Case Study Lifestyle in Breach 20. Lifestyle in Breach

  • Core of the lifestyle sponsorship proposal is the assumption that society, as it stands, has a current problem which requires addressing.
  • Consequently, in theory, sponsorship would continue until the social goals of the campaign have been met

21. TAC Sponsorship

  • assumption that drink driving was a social problem, and that this problem could be addressed through raising awareness and profile with the associated sponsorship.
    • Richmond player committed the lifestyle breach it was demonstrable proof that